Notice of hearing on petition for exclusion of lands; hearing

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48172348-1723.  Notice of hearing on petition for exclusion of lands; hearing

A.  Upon the filing of the petition and payment of estimated expenses as provided by section 48 1722, the secretary of the board shall cause notice to be given and published once each week for three successive weeks in a newspaper published in the county in which the office of the district is located, giving notice of the filing of the petition, the names of the petitioners, a description of the lands, the request of the petitioners and the time and place of hearing the petition, and requiring any person objecting to allowance of the petition to file such objections in writing in the district office on or before the time fixed for hearing in the notice and appear at such time in support of the objections.

B.  At the time and place designated in the notice, or at such time or times to which the hearing is adjourned, the board of directors shall proceed to hear the petitions and all objections filed thereto in writing by interested persons. 481723

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