Northern Studies / English 620 Images of the North

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Northern Studies / English 620

Images of the North

Conflating Myth and History

James Ruppert Spring 2006

Gruening 846

Office # 474-6605
Interdisciplinary approaches to the variety of images about the people and environment of the circumpolar North. The course will analyze conceptualizations of the North as expressed in a number of media such as film, art, literature, travel journals, and oral tradition employing methodologies from many disciplines.
Catherine Attla, K'etetaalkkaanee: the One who Paddled Among the People and Animals.
Emily Ivanoff Brown, The Longest Story Ever Told,
Magnus Magnusson, trans. The Vinland Sagas
Reading packet available in bookstore.

One oral report on a research topic which enhances the course material. One research paper of significant quality.

The course will embrace an interdisciplinary approach to create a juxtaposition which emphasizes cultural and humanistic visions of the North. Such a juxtaposition will develop critical analysis of the concepts of self, wilderness, community, harmony. reciprocity, and cultural identity. The instruction will take advantage of the analyses recently developed in cultural studies, history, philosophy, and literature.
a. To encourage the student to explore the richness of individual cultures and nations of the North.
b. To develop an appreciation of the similarities between Northern peoples and nations.
c. To elaborate humanistic methodologies appropriate to an emerging field of cross-cultural research.
d. To explore the manner in which expression of the image of the North reflects creative response to the environment.
e. To stimulate the student's creative and cultural expression of his/her images of the North


1-24 Introduction
1-31 Mythic structures - Longest Story Ever Told, Reading #1
2/7 Mythic structures --– Longest Story, K'etetaalkkaanee, Reading #2,
2/14 Mythic structures -- K'etetaalkkaanee, Reading #3
2/21 Contact Narratives -- Readings #4
2/28 Vinland Sagas
3/7 Contact Narratives -- Readings #5, #6, & #18
3/14 Spring Break
3/21 Contact Narratives -- Readings #7, #10
3/28 Contact Narratives -- Reading #8 & #9
4/4 SE historical accounts -- Reading #11 & #12
4/11 Travel and Exploration -- Readings #13 & #14
4/18 Myth and History, #15 & #16
4/25 Reading #17 and Conclusions
5/2 Research presentations


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