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Competitive Event Entry Forms

Generic entry forms have been designed for some individual, team, and chapter projects. They are also available for recognition events. Entry forms are located on the NC FBLA web site and must accompany all projects or recognition events that indicate in the guidelines that they are needed.

Regional winners MUST RE-REGISTER for State Competition. Since all registration is completed on line, only the local advisor can register a student. The regional board member will submit a list of regional winners to the NC FBLA State Office for verification.

Home Site Testing

NC FBLA uses home site testing to administer:

  • Computer Applications

  • Database Design & Application

  • Keyboarding Applications II—Middle Level

  • Keyboarding Applications I—Middle Level

  • Spreadsheet—Middle Level

  • Spreadsheet Application

  • Word Processing

All local chapters are permitted to conduct the production portion of the competition (Home Site test) at the student's home school. This allows students a better opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on familiar equipment and eliminates the difficulty schools have in bringing equipment to conferences.

Students competing in Computer Applications and Word Processing at the NC FBLA State Leadership Conference must be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place regional winners. All home site testing event competitors must be registered for the SLC by the designated deadline.
Local chapters must identify an impartial test administrator (not a business teacher in the department) to administer the home site test and submit a Test Administrator Identification Form. This person will be required to sign and date a release form indicating that the test has been administered according to regulations and will be emailed along with other specific testing items.
Tests will not be emailed until the test administrator/proctor has been identified and the adviser has registered his/her students for SLC and submitted the correct email address on the online registration site.
After the test is completed, the test will be uploaded by the student per email instructions. All other documents required for the test will be destroyed by the proctor.

Students participating in home site testing events will also be required to take an objective test for SLC except for Keyboarding I & II (No substitutions can be made for competitors in these events. The student taking the objective test must be the same student who performed the home-site test. Identification may be required.) These objective tests will contain material related to the specific event. The objective portion of the test will weigh 15% of the final results.

Competitive Events with Eligibility Restrictions

Please refer to the NC FBLA Competitive Events Program to see eligibility for each event.

Voting Delegates

Each active local chapter is entitled to send voting delegates from its active membership to the State Leadership Conference. The number of voting delegates allocated is based on the number of members in your chapter:

Under 50 members - 2 voting delegates

50 - 100 members - 3 voting delegates

Over 100 members - 4 voting delegates
Local chapter voting delegates must be listed on the Voting Delegates Form on page 31. This form must be submitted to the state office when sending conference registration materials.

James L. White Scholarship Contributions

We encourage local chapters to contribute to the James L. White Scholarship Program. Your chapter will earn points toward eligibility for a Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit and the Helen Ragan Chapter of the Year. Please continue to support this worthwhile scholarship for outstanding business students. Chapters contributing $25 or more will have their chapter listed in the conference program and will wear a James L. White ribbon. The deadline for submitting your contribution and receiving points for Gold Seal is listed in the calendar of activities. A form for scholarship contributions is included on page 32.

Advisor of the Year

Nominations for Adviser of the Year may come from local chapter advisers, FBLA members and local school administrators. After receiving completed nomination forms for this event, the state office will contact nominees requesting additional information to be used by an impartial selection committee. Refer to the Calendar of Activities for the receipt deadline.

The form for Advisor of the Year is in the NC FBLA Competitive Events Program.
The portfolio for Adviser of the Year nominees must be received by the deadline listed in the Calendar of Activities. Chapters nominating an adviser for this award should submit the Entry Form to the state office by the deadline listed in the Calendar of Activities.

State Officer Candidates

Local chapter advisers who observe leadership qualities and commitment in a chapter member should discuss with the member the possibility of applying to become a candidate for a state office position. Advisers should make students aware of the duties and responsibilities involved in serving as a state officer. The duties of each state officer are listed in the NC FBLA Bylaws and in the NC FBLA State Officer Candidate Guide.

A state office is not just a title to be held and enjoyed; but rather, it is a serious and time-consuming task requiring much sacrifice. There are also many rewards. Leadership development activities in which officers are involved may include: State Officer Training, Broyhill Leadership Conference, Institute for Leaders, National Leadership Conference, National Fall Leadership Conference, CTE Summer Conference, NC CTSO Leadership Summit for President and Parliamentarian, NC FBLA Regional Conferences, and the State Leadership Conference.
An application and screening information are available in the Officer Candidate Guide, available on the NC FBLA website, The postmark deadline for submitting officer application materials: (See calendar for activities).

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