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State Fund-Raising Projects

Listed below are several state endorsed fund-raising projects for NC-FBLA chapters. This means that if your local chapter chooses to sell these products, the state chapter will receive a percentage of your gross sales. This amount is in addition to the profit earned by the local chapter. The rebate earned for the state chapter will not have any effect on local chapter profits.

For the last several years, these rebate funds have been used to offset the cost of sending the State Leadership Conference winners to the National Leadership Conference. Please consider these fund-raising projects when planning your local chapter program of work.

Company Product
Champion's Challenge/Nestle-Beich Candy

P O Box 2914

Bloomington, IL 67102-9979


Tom-Wat, Inc. Gifts/Household Items

333 State Street

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Ozark Delight Lollipops

#1 Lollipop Lane

Prairie Grove, AR 72753


Regional Information:

Regional Conferences

Regional Fall Leadership Conferences (RFLC)

NC FBLA Fall Leadership Conferences are held to offer development workshops to FBLA members and to introduce other students to FBLA and what it has to offer. Most regions, though not all, have these conferences each year.

To see the schedule of RFLC for the year, reference the online calendar at

Permission Form/Code of Conduct

A sample permission form has been included on page 17 for local chapter use. This form is designed for use with FBLA conferences and related activities.

Also included on pages 18 is the DELEGATE CODE OF CONDUCT. This document is found in the online registration site. For State Leadership Conferences it should be printed from the online registration, signed by all students and advisers attending regional and state conferences. For Regional Conferences it can be printed from this manual and must be signed by all students and advisers attending.

Regional Competitive Events Conferences

A Competitive Events Conference is scheduled for each FBLA region. Each local chapter will receive registration information/materials from the Vice President of your region. Conference dates are listed in the Calendar of Activities. Please check the state calendar to see what the deadline is for your region. Refer to the calendar link: or to download a Word document go to:

Local chapter advisers who have not received conference registration materials at least five weeks prior to the scheduled conference date should contact their regional adviser. Email addresses for regional advisers are listed under the ‘Contact’ tab at
Much of the success of the regional meetings depends upon everyone's cooperation. It is possible that a chapter will be disqualified from participation if they fail to meet the deadline date for submitting registration materials and entry forms. The Registration Form should be returned to the regional adviser by the receipt deadline noted in the Calendar of Activities. Your NC FBLA Executive Board and regional advisers’ contact information is located under the ‘Contact’ tab at

List of Regional Competitive Events

Refer to the NC FBLA Competitive Events Program –

Competitive Event Eligibility

Student members participating in regional and state competition must be ACTIVE FBLA members. Active membership means that a high school student is enrolled in a business course during the school year (or has already completed at least two business courses) and has paid both state and national dues; or that a middle school member is actively enrolled in a business course or has completed one business course. State dues must have been postmarked by November 1 for students to be eligible for regional competition.

About Competitive Event Entry Forms

All information should be keyed on the competitive event entry forms emailed to you by the regional adviser/regional board member and the forms must be emailed/mailed to the regional board member by the date selected per the regional adviser/regional board member (please refer to calendar:

Regional competitive events will be conducted according to the event guidelines in the NC FBLA Competitive Events Program. Students who do not adhere to the guidelines will be disqualified. If you need a copy of the guidelines check the website
The first, second, third and fourth-place (high school events with only an online component) winners from each region will advance to competition at the State Leadership Conference. The winners of the NCBEA Outstanding Student Service Award and Regional Businessperson of the Year will be recognized at the Regional Competitive Events and the State Leadership Conference.

Registration Procedures for Regional Competitive Events

You will receive detailed information regarding the competitive events from your respective regional vice president and regional adviser. Please return the registration information and required fees to your regional officer/adviser by the stipulated deadline.

Local chapter advisers who have not received conference registration materials at least five weeks prior to the scheduled conference date should contact their regional adviser.

Home Site Testing

NC FBLA uses home site testing to administer Word Processing, Database Design & Application, Spreadsheet Application (HS) and Computer Applications. Local chapters are permitted to conduct the production portion of these events at the student's home school. This allows students a better opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on familiar equipment and eliminates the difficulty schools have in bringing equipment to conferences. Students participating in home site events must be registered for the Regional Competitive Events Conference in their region by the designated deadline.

Local chapters must identify an impartial test administrator (not a business teacher in the department) to administer the test. This form will be provided by the regional adviser/regional board member with other RCEC documents at the time of registration.
The Test Administrator Identification form is to be emailed/mailed to the regional adviser with your Competitive Events Conference registration materials by the indicated deadline date. Upon receipt of the identification form, the regional adviser will send the test, administrator release form, guidelines, script, and return envelope to the test administrator you have identified. Tests are confidential and cannot be mailed until a Home Site Test Administrator Form has been keyed and submitted.
After the test is completed, all materials (test, administrator release form, guidelines, script, data diskette and student's test documents) must be placed in a return envelope and mailed to the regional adviser by the stipulated deadline. This is important as the competitors will be disqualified if the tests are postmarked at a later date. No exceptions will be made. It is suggested that local chapters return test packets by certified mail. FBLA will not be responsible for test materials lost in the mail or not postmarked and/or not received by the deadline. Home site tests are confidential and ARE NOT TO BE COPIED.
Students participating in home site test events will be required to take an objective test at the Regional Competitive Events Conference. Chapters may not substitute competitors in these events. Identification may be required. These tests will contain material related to the specific event. The objective portion of the test will weigh 15% of the final results. Both parts of the tests will be graded at the conference.





Departure (Date/Time):     

Return (Date/Time):     

My son/daughter understands that he/she will be expected to attend all conference activities and to conduct himself/herself in a proper, businesslike manner at all times. Proper manner also includes neither possession of nor use of intoxicating beverages or drugs. My son/daughter and I understand and accept the rules and regulations governing this conference or meeting.

It is also understood that my son/daughter will be chaperoned while attending this event and that normal precautions will be taken in the interest of his/her safety and well being. I grant permission for medical aid should an emergency occur.

Medical Insurance Provider:      #     

Transportation will be one or a combination of those listed below (please check).

 My child has my permission and will be traveling with       (parent, adviser, etc.) to and from the above named activity.

 Airplane  Bus Other (specify     

 Private auto. My child has my permission to drive to and from the above named activity.

 My child has my permission to carry others as passengers in his/her vehicle.

Delegate's Signature__________________________________________________

Parent' Signature_____________________________________________________

Address      Telephone(     )      

Advisers: Reproduce this form and have a signed copy in your possession for each student attending FBLA functions. Take this form with you to each function in case you need it. Also, make sure that students and parents are informed of conference rules and regulations.




One of the goals of FBLA is to facilitate the transition from school to work. Individual conduct and appearance is a part of that training. It is a special privilege to attend an FBLA conference and it is the responsibility of all delegates to conduct themselves in a proper, businesslike manner at all times.

FBLA members have an excellent reputation. Your conduct at all FBLA functions should make a positive contribution to the reputation that has been established. Listed below are conduct rules for regional and state conferences.
All delegates shall behave in a courteous and respectful manner, refraining from language and actions that might bring discredit upon themselves, their school, or FBLA.
Conduct not conducive to an educational conference is prohibited. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, actions disrupting a businesslike atmosphere, association with non-conference individuals or activities which endanger self or others.
Delegates shall keep their advisers informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times. Accidents, injuries or illnesses must be reported to the adviser immediately.
Curfews are listed in the conference programs. Curfew will be enforced by local and state advisers, professional division members and security personnel. Curfew is described as being in your assigned room by the designated hour.
No alcoholic beverages or narcotics of any form shall be in your possession at any time, under any circumstances. Use or possession of such substances may subject the delegate to criminal prosecution.
Conference delegates are guests of the hotel and convention center and must not deface or destroy property. Do not throw ANYTHING out of windows or over balconies, not even water. Any damages to property or furnishings in the hotel or convention center will be paid for by the individual or chapter responsible.
As a delegate to the any of the FBLA Leadership Conferences, permission is

granted to make photographs, videotapes, broadcasts, and/or sound recordings,

separately or in combination, available for reproduction for educational and

promotional purposes by State and National FBLA.

Advisers are responsible for the supervision of delegate conduct. Delegates who disregard the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action and can be sent home at their own expense. Parents will be notified.

I fully understand the Delegate Code of Conduct and agree to comply with these guidelines. Furthermore, I am aware of the consequences that will result from violation of any of the guidelines”



I have read and fully understand the Delegate Code of Conduct and agree to help enforce these guidelines”

Adviser Signature Date

Business Person of the Year



Name of Businessperson




Type of Business


Complete Business Address




Business Telephone


Home Telephone


Name of Nominator







Complete School Address

School Address:      
City, State Zip:      

Adviser’s Signature

Adviser’s School FAX


Adviser’s School Phone


Adviser’s E-mail


Adviser’s Planning Time


Adviser’s Home Phone


Please return this form, the businessperson’s résumé, and supporting materials as outlined under the criteria in the NORTH CAROLINA STATE AWARDS PROGRAM GUIDELINES to your Regional Board Member by December 1.

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