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Chapter Management Handbook
Updated June, 2015

NC Department of Public Instruction
June St. Clair Atkinson

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

JoAnn Honeycutt

Director, Career and Technical Education

Carol Short

Curriculum Interim Section Chief

Mary Jane Thomas

North Carolina FBLA State Advisor

Linda Lay

Consultant, Business Finance Information Technology Staff

Kimberly MacDonald

Consultant, Business Finance Information Technology Staff


Consultant, Business Finance Information Technology Staff

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3

Calendar of Activities 4

Membership 5

Membership Classifications 5

Career Clusters (click on the link for Career Clusters: Business, Finance and Information Technology ONLY) 5

Partnering Opportunities 5

Membership Dues 6

State/National Membership Registration 6

Dues Deadlines 7

Evaluating FBLA Chapter Officers 8

State Information 9

2015-2016 THEME 9

State Officers & Regional Advisors 9

Board Eligibility 9

Nomination for Board of Directors 11

Resource Materials 12

State Fund-Raising Projects 13

Regional Information: 14 14

Regional Conferences 14

Regional Fall Leadership Conferences (RFLC) 14

Permission Form/Code of Conduct 14

Regional Competitive Events Conferences 14

List of Regional Competitive Events 15

Competitive Event Eligibility 15

About Competitive Event Entry Forms 15

Registration Procedures for Regional Competitive Events 15

Home Site Testing 16



Business Person of the Year 20

National Information 21

National Leadership Conference (NLC) 21

National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) 21

Local Chapter News 21

National Partnerships 21

Fund-Raising Programs 22

Educational Programs 22

Conference Participants 22

Conference Registration 22

Competitive Events 23

Competitive Event Entry Forms 23

Home Site Testing 24

Competitive Events with Eligibility Restrictions 25

Voting Delegates 25

James L. White Scholarship Contributions 25

Advisor of the Year 25

State Officer Candidates 26

Hotel Reservations 26



Adviser Responsibilities 28

Voting Delegate Responsibilities 28


James L. White Scholarship Fund - Local Chapter Contribution 30

Membership Award Application 31

100% Class Participation Award 32

State Leadership Conference Conduct Rules 33

SLC Delegates Form for Signatures 34

Dress Code for State, Regional and National Leadership Conferences 35

Eligibility to Compete at the National Leadership Conference 36

Professional Division 36

Membership Application 37

Professional Division 2015-2016 Officer Team 38

CTE Business & Information Technology Education Staff 38

Calendar of Activities

The calendar of activities is constantly being updated. It has been omitted from this manual to avoid any references to an outdated calendar. Please refer to the North Carolina FBLA website for the current calendar ( ).


Membership Classifications

Active membership in FBLA is available for:

  • high school students who are enrolled in at least one business course during the school year or who have already completed at least two business courses

  • middle school students who are enrolled in a business course during the school year or have completed one business course.

If your school has semester courses, an active member may be enrolled in a business course either first or second semester. Professional membership is automatic for local chapter advisers. We also have partnering opportunities that count as business courses.
Associate membership is available for those students who are not taking a business course this school year and have not completed two business courses, but who want to participate in FBLA activities by paying both state and national dues. Associate members may participate in committee work, school, and community/service projects. Associate members cannot participate in competitive events or hold office.

Career Clusters (click on the link for Career Clusters: Business, Finance and Information Technology ONLY)

Business courses approved for NC FBLA membership include Cluster Foundation or Enhancement courses located ONLY on pp. 5, 7 and 12 of the following document for Career Clusters in Business, Finance or Information Technology.

Partnering Opportunities

There are several programs (such as the National Academy Foundation or NAF) program that we list as "partnering opportunities" in our standard course of study.  We do not provide the curriculum, but we recognize those courses as contributing significantly to our standard course of study, and we allow students taking those courses to be active FBLA members.  Those partnering opportunities are listed on page 38 of the Standard Course of Study.
The following are external nationally recognized programs. The participants must be members of schools of these organizations and follow the curriculum requirements of these partnerships. NCDPI will not provide any curriculum materials for these programs.

• International Baccalaureate (IB) Business Management

• International Baccalaureate (IB) Information Technology

• National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy of Finance

• National Academy Foundation (NAF) Academy of Information Technology

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