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SECTION 10 1443
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This master specification section has been prepared by NightBright USA, for use in the preparation of a project

specification section covering photoluminescent (luminous) egress path markings including ADA and other signs, exit and evacuation maps, and stair, handrail, obstacle, and directional markers.
NightBright USA also offers photoluminescent exit signs; refer to specification Section 26 5313 -

Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

The following should be noted in using this specification:
Hypertext links to specific websites are included after manufacturer names and names of organizations

whose standards are referenced within the text, to assist in product selection and further research.

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Sustainable requirements are included for projects requiring LEED certification, and are included as green text. For additional information on LEED, visit the U.S. Green Building Council website at
For assistance on the use of the products in this section, contact NightBright USA by calling toll-free inside the US 888-987-2336, outside the US 713-596-8085, by email at, or visit their website at
A. Section Includes:

1. Luminous (Photoluminescent) egress path markings:

a. [ADA] [and] [____] signs.

b. [Exit signs] [and] [evacuation maps].

c. [Stair nosings] [stair] markers.

d. [Handrail] [obstacle] [perimeter demarcation] [directional] [and]

[____] markers.

e. [Door handle] [push bar] and [door frame] markers.

Coordinate the following paragraphs with other sections in the project manual.
B. Related Sections:

1. Division 01: Administrative, procedural, and temporary work requirements.

2. Section 26 5213 - Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

3. Section 05 5500 - Photoluminescent (Metal) Stair Treads and Nosings

A. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ( 101 - Life Safety Code.
B. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) ( 1994 - Standard for Luminous Egress Path

C. American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) ( E2072 – Standard

Specification for Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent)

Test Method for Photopic Luminance of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Markings.

A. Provide directional and egress markings in accordance with [NFPA 101.] [Building Code.] [Fire


Limiting submittals to only those actually required helps to minimize liability arising from the review of submittals. Minimize submittals on smaller, less complex projects.
Include the following for submission of shop drawings, product data, and samples for the Architect's review.
A. Submittals for Review:

1. Shop Drawings: Indicate sign locations, content, mounting heights, and attachments.

2. Product Data: Include product description, materials, finishes, and performance characteristics.

3. Samples:

a. [ADA] [and] [____] signs: [Full size sign.] [Minimum [6 x 6] [__ x __] inches.]

b. [Exit signs] [and] [evacuation maps]: [Full size map.] [Minimum [6 x 6] [__ x __]


c. [Stair nosings] [stair] markers:

Minimum [12] [__] inches long.

d. [Handrail] [obstacle] [perimeter demarcation] [directional] [and]

[____] markers: Minimum [12] [ ] inches long.

e. [Door handle] [push bar] and [door frame] markers: [4 x 4] [__ x __] inches.

Include the following for submission of sustainable design submittals.
B. Sustainable Design Submittals:

1. Regional Materials: Certify manufacturing location.

2. Recycled Content: Certify percent recycled content and designate whether pre-consumer

or post-consumer.

A. Store signs and markings in cool, dry location until installed.
A. Provide manufacturer’s limited warranty

1. Signs and markings installed in interior locations: 30 years.

2. Signs and markings installed in exterior locations: 2 years.


A. Contract Documents are based on products by NightBright USA (
Edit the following to indicate whether or not substitutions will be permitted for the products in this section.
B. Substitutions: [Under provisions of Division 01.] [Not permitted.]
A. Photoluminescent (Luminous) Egress Path Markings:

1. Photoluminescent material absorbs and storing energy from ambient light – interior

lighting and sunlight, does not require any external power supply.

2. Non-toxic, non-radioactive.

3. Free from vinyl and polyvinyl chloride compounds.

4. High-visibility illumination.

5. Tested and listed to UL 1994.

6. UL approved for use in interior locations with fluorescent lighting.

7. Stair nosings and markers that can be used on stair nosings are listed to UL1994

8. Tested to meet ASTM E2072

In the following paragraph, select material and luminance:
- NightBright USA aluminum stair nosings and treads, stair markers and guidance strips signs and markers.
- NightBright USA Tamper Resistant Tape, a conformable acrylic film for marking stairs and handrails, obstacles and hazards, perimeter (demarcation lines) of landings and corridors, door frames and push bars.
- NightBright USA Aluminum Strips for marking stairs and handrails, obstacles and hazards, perimeter (demarcation lines) of landings and corridors, door frames and push bars.


High luminance strips and signs meet both UL1994 and ASTM requirements.

10. Source: NightBright USA
B. Frames and Mounting Brackets:

1. Where framed and flag-mounted signs are scheduled, provide extruded aluminum frames with anodized

. finish.
C. Fasteners:

1. Mechanical fasteners and stand-offs for signs or stair nosings are stainless steel chromed as required.

2. Adhesive: use additional construction adhesive as necessary.
D. Refer to Schedule at end of Section for specific components.
A. Clean substrate surfaces of dirt, oil, grease, and loose matter that could impair adhesion.
A. Install markings in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and approved Shop Drawings.
B. Locate markings in accordance with [NFPA 101.] [Building Code.] [Fire Code.]
C. Install markings level, straight, and true to line.
Include the following for a schedule listing the products in this section; edit to suit project requirements.

Coordinate with Part 2 - Products and with drawing designations.


Include the following for a schedule listing the products in this section. Coordinate with Part 2 - Products and with drawing designations.




Landings and Stair Nosings/Steps

[Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip] [90 Degree Angled Aluminum Stair Nosing]

Leading edge of each step and landing within exit enclosures


[Photoluminescent Polyester Tape]

Entire length of each handrail within exit enclosures, located on top surface

Floor Demarcation Lines

[Photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tape]

Continuous demarcation line on floor within exit enclosures

Wall Demarcation Lines

[Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip] [Photoluminescent Polyester Tape]

Continuous guidance line on walls within exit enclosures

Obstacles and Protrusions  

Photoluminescent/Contract Black Obstacle Marking aluminum stripe

Obstacles at or below 6'-6" in height and projecting more than 4 inches into egress path

Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signage

Refer to Drawings for locations

Low Location Sign on Doors from Exit Enclosures

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Symbol “Man Right” or “Man Left”, Aluminum with Adhesive Backing

Exit doors through which occupants within an exit enclosure must pass

Low-Location Exit Door Marking

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Symbols, Aluminum with Adhesive Backing

Exit doors through which occupants within an exit enclosure must pass

Door Push Bars

Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip

Full width of each push bar on exit doors within exit enclosures

Door Frames

[Photoluminescent Aluminum Strip] [Photoluminescent Polyester Tape]

Head and jambs of each exit door within exit enclosures, continuous

Emergency Exit Symbols upon Entry into Exit Enclosure, at Transfer Points, in Basements

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Symbol Aluminum Signs, any suited combination of Man Running + Arrow

Directional signage at transfer levels and where egress direction is not clear

Floor Identification

Photoluminescent Floor Identification/Stairway Identification Signs

Each floor landing within exit enclosures


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