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2 Introduction
3 Foray Records 2010
3 Rough Hill Wood Nature Reserve 25.04.10
3 Moreton Morrell 08.05.10
4 Sutton Park (Banners Gate) 04.07.10
4 Whichford Wood 22.08.10
6 Hay Wood 05.09.10
7 Oversley Wood 19.09.10
9 Pooley Fields Country Park 03.10.10
9 Wappenbury Wood Nature Reserve 17.10.10
10 Old Nun Wood Nature Reserve 17.10.10
11 Oakley Wood 31.10.10
13 Bentley Park Wood 07.11.10
15 Deans Green Nature Reserve 21.11.10
15 Clowes Wood Nature Reserve 05.12.10
16 Non-Foray Records 2010
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This newsletter covers the activities of the Warwickshire Fungus Survey during 2010 as recorded by the group members and although its primary purpose is to present the mycological records, other articles and contributions would be welcome. The records generally concern the foray programme but non-foray records from individuals and other groups have also been included where they represent a new site record or an unusual / interesting occurrence. Where available, habitat and substrate information has been noted and observers are urged to record this important data whenever possible.
Reminder: Would forayers submitting dried specimens for the herbarium please ensure that they are accompanied by notes, particularly of characters that cannot be checked from dried material. These include, for agarics, fresh colour and any colour changes with age, handling or bruising and changes to the flesh colour when the fruit body is longitudinally sectioned; is the cap and or stem viscid, sticky?; peelability of the cap (Russula), milk colour and changes on drying (Lactarius); smell; taste. Also please provide a spore print and details of the literature consulted in arriving at a determination.
Species names have generally been taken from the Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota (N. W. Legon, A Henrici et al) and the British Mycological Society’s computerised dictionary of fungus names (GBCHKLST, 27.03.04). Where this name differs from older names and is not yet in common usage, the older name is indicated in brackets for the first mention. In certain cases where species have been ‘lumped’ the original name is listed for future clarity. Note that updates 1 to 4 to the above checklist are now available at website References to the Flora relate to A Fungus Flora of Warwickshire (M. C. Clark) 1980.

* indicates new to site. Up-to-date lists are not available for all sites.

** indicates new to vice-county 38.
The following recorders have been identified by their initials and are shown in sequence collector/determiner/confirmer (where different):

DJA David Antrobus

JA Janet Antrobus

ASB Alan Bean

AWB Bert Brand

GMB Gill Brand

DC Dave Champion

DG Dinah Griffin

JRR John and Val Roberts

SR Sibyl Ruth

RJS Jane Sells

JDS John Sells

GT Graham Thompson

JW John Williams

The WFS website may be accessed by address

Foray Records 2010

At last a good year! The warm, dry weather in June and July followed by rain in August provided the right conditions for high numbers of fruit bodies with many interesting species.

Rough Hill Wood Nature Reserve 25.04.10

Early rain had cleared and eight met for the first foray of the year at this Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) reserve near Redditch. In the small pond at the top of the hill we were surprised to see a Mallard with twelve recently hatched ducklings.

** Peronospora myosotidis (A) Myosotis sylvatica, shoot,

waste ground beside car park GMB

Plasmopara pygmaea (A) Anemone nemorosa, leaf GMB


Chlorociboria aeruginascens fallen branch DG


Armillaria sp. bootlaces JDS


Daedaleopsis confragosa Salix ASB

Piptoporus betulinus JDS

Schizopora paradoxa fallen branch Quercus DG

Trametes versicolor on Quercus JDS

Kuehneola uredinis (II) Rubus fruticosus agg. leaf GMB

Puccinia caricina var. ribesii-pendulae (II) Carex pendula, leaf RJS/GMB

Tranzschelia anemones (III) Anemone nemorosa, leaf GMB


Entyloma ficariae (A) Ficaria verna, leaf GMB

Urocystis anemones (T) Anemone nemorosa, leaf AWB

Moreton Morrell 08.05.10

All records (except Coprinellus) from shrubbery, sports field margin and adjacent woodland fringe

Peronospora trifoliorum (A) Trifolium repens, leaf, grassland GMB


Leptosphaeria acuta Urtica dioica, dead stem base,

shrubbery AWB

Bolbitius titubans (= vitellinus) longer mown grass, sports field DC

Conocybe aporos wood chips DG

Coprinellus domesticus worked wood on ground, garden AWB

Tubaria furfuracea clustered around base of

dead planted Acer GMB/AWB


Auricularia auricula-judae Sambucus, dead attached wood AWB


Gymnosporangium (III) cf confusum Juniperus prostrate garden, shrubbery stem

-on base of overhanging Crataegus GMB

Phragmidium bulbosum (III) Rubus fruticosus agg., overwintered leaf,

shrubbery GMB

Puccinia cnici (II) Cirsium vulgare, leaf, grassland GMB

Uromyces muscari (III) Hyacinthoides non-scripta, leaf,

woodland GMB


Entyloma ficariae (A+T) Ficaria verna, leaf, woodland GMB


Ramularia geranii Geranium molle, leaf, shrubbery GMB

** Spermosporina aricola Arum maculatum, leaf, shrubbery GMB

Sutton Park (Banners Gate) 04.07.10

This foray was scheduled to capitalise on the regular wet periods in recent years during June; naturally this year was exceptionally dry. Two couples attended and rather than make a pointless search for fungi decided to explore the marshy areas north-west of Longmoor Pool for interesting flora. Among the plants noted were Round-leaved Sundew and Common Butterwort at their only site in Warwickshire, Bogbean, Marsh Cinquefoil, Marsh Valerian, Bog Pimpernel, Monkey Flower, Southern Marsh Orchid, Bottle Sedge and Narrow Buckler Fern.

Whichford Wood 22.08.10

Ten of us arrived for another earlier than usual autumn foray and this time met with some success as the recent rains had encouraged a crop of fungi to appear, notably a large number of Chanterelles. A superb specimen of the Oak Bracket was found. Several interesting boletes were found by DC and DG who continued the foray later.

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa DG

Didymium nigripes on fallen Castanea leaf DG//B. Ing

Lycogala terrestre DG


Chlorociboria aeruginascens DG

Trochila ilicina JRR


Daldinia concentrica DG

Amanita rubescens DG

Boletus cisalpinus broad-leaved woodland JRR/JDS

Boletus pulverulentus DC

Cantharellus cibarius broad-leaved woodland JRR

Clitocybe gibba broad-leaved woodland JRR/JDS

Clitocybe odora DG

Collybia dryophila JDS

Collybia fusipes DG

Crepidotus variabilis fallen wood AWB & DG

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca DG

Hypholoma fasciculare JRR

Inocybe asterospora DG

Laccaria amethystina DG

Laccaria laccata GMB

Lactarius pyrogalus under Corylus AWB/JDS

Lactarius tabidus JDS

Macrolepiota mastoidea DG/Alick Henrici

Marasmiellus ramealis on twig JRR

Marasmius rotula on twig JRR/JDS

Mycena adonis var. coccinea DG

Mycena pura JDS

Paxillus involutus JDS

Phylloporus pelletieri DC

Pluteus chrysophaeus on log DC/JDS/AWB

Pluteus nanus DC/JDS/DJA

Pluteus salicinus DC/AWB

Porphyrellus porphyrosporus DC

Psathyrella candolleana JDS

Psathyrella piluliformis on stump JDS

Russula atropurpurea JRR/JDS

Russula cyanoxantha DG

Russula ochroleuca DG

Suillus grevillei DC

Suillus luteus DC

Tricholomopsis rutilans DG

Xerula radicata JDS


Clavulina coralloides (= cristata) DC

Daedalea quercina on log JDS

Daedaleopsis confragosa DG

Dichomitus campestris thin hardwood branch DC/AWB

Inonotus dryadeus on Quercus JRR/JDS

Peniophora limitata Fraxinus DG/Alick Henrici

Piptoporus betulinus DG

Polyporus durus DG/Martyn Ainsworth

Polyporus leptocephalus DC

Stereum gausapatum on Castanea JDS

Stereum subtomentosum on fallen branch JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS

Trichaptum abietinum on Pinus fallen branch AWB


Lycoperdon perlatum DG

Phallus impudicus JRR

Scleroderma citrinum JRR

Auricularia auricula-judae DG

Calocera pallidospathula DG

Calocera viscosa DG

Dacrymyces stillatus DG

Exidia glandulosa DG

Tremella mesenterica DG

Puccinia behenis (II) Silene dioica GMB

Puccinia circaeae (III) Circaea lutetiana GMB

Puccinia hieracii (II III) Taraxacum officinale agg. GMB


Cercospora mercurialis Mercurialis perennis GMB

Hay Wood 05.09.10

The forecast was for showers but it rained persistently for the two hours of the foray and then the sun came out. There were an impressive sixteen attendees and a good variety of fungi were discovered in this mixed woodland. The highlight was the first county record of Boletus legaliae, an excellent specimen found in the roadside verge before we entered the wood.

Fuligo septica on bark of rotten wood DG//B. Ing

Stemonitis fusca tree stump DG//B. Ing

Rutstroemia echinophila on Castanea DG

Trochila ilicina JRR


Erysiphe trifolii (A+T) Lathyrus pratensis, roadside GMB


Claviceps purpurea Arrhenatherum elatior, roadside GMB

Claviceps purpurea Lolium perenne, trackside GMB

Cymadothea trifolii Trifolium medium, trackside GMB

(A, Polythrincium state)

(Mycosphaerella killiani in Flora)

Amanita excelsa var. spissa soil mixed woodland DJA/DC

Amanita fulva JDS

Amanita muscaria Betula AWB

Amanita rubescens Betula, Quercus AWB

Armillaria ostoyae JDS

Boletus badius JDS

Boletus chrysenteron soil under Fagus DJA

Boletus edulis soil Pinus, Quercus DJA

** Boletus legaliae roadside, under Quercus Val Roberts/DC&AWB

Boletus luridiformis soil Pinus, Quercus DJA

Chalciporus piperatus Betula /AWB

Collybia confluens on broad-leaf litter DJA

Collybia fusipes stump JDS

Hebeloma crustuliniforme JDS

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca under bracken with conifer AWB

Hypholoma fasciculare stump ASB

Inocybe cookei soil Quercus DJA

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lactarius camphoratus JRR/JDS

Lactarius quietus soil mixed woodland DJA

Lactarius rufus JDS

Lactarius tabidus soil mixed woodland DJA

Leccinum scabrum ASB/JDS

Mycena galericulata JDS

Mycena pura DG

Paxillus involutus ASB

Pholiota tuberosa end of small fallen branch AWB

Pluteus cervinus branch fallen AWB

Psilocybe semilanceata amongst grass, woodland ride AWB

Russula atropurpurea mixed conifer and broadleaved ASB/AWB

Russula betularum JDS

Russula cyanoxantha JDS

Russula densifolia JDS

Russula fellea JDS

Russula fragilis mixed conifer and broadleaved JDS&AWB

Russula ionochlora JDS

Russula nigricans soil Quercus DJA

Russula ochroleuca JDS

Russula puellaris soil mixed woodland JRR/DJA

Russula silvestris JDS

Russula vesca JDS

Suillus luteus soil Pinus DJA

Tricholomopsis rutilans stump ASB/JDS


Botryobasidium subcoronatum branch fallen under Pinus GMB

Daedaleopsis confragosa JDS

Fistulina hepatica JRR

Hapalopilus nidulans on fallen branch JDS

Hyphodontia sambuci Sambucus nigra GMB

Physisporinus sanguinolentus twig fallen GMB

Piptoporus betulinus Betula dead standing AWB

Polyporus squamosus Kay Reeve/AWB

Stereum hirsutum JDS


Handkea excipuliformis JDS

Lycoperdon nigrescens JDS

Lycoperdon perlatum ASB

Postia caesia JDS

Scleroderma citrinum JDS

Calocera viscosa JDS


Kuehneola uredinis (III I) Rubus fruticosus agg. GMB

** Milesina blechni (II) Blechnum spicant GMB

Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus agg. GMB

Puccinia arenariae (III) Silene dioica, roadside GMB

Puccinia circaeae (III) Circaea lutetiana GMB

Puccinia cnici (II III) Cirsium vulgare GMB

Puccinia cnici-oleracea (III) Cirsium palustre GMB

Puccinia hieracii var. hieracii (II) Centaurea nigra, roadside GMB

Puccinia obscura (II) Luzula sylvatica GMB

Puccinia punctiformis (II III) Cirsium arvense, trackside GMB

Uromyces pisi-sativi (II) Lathyrus pratensis, roadside GMB

Oversley Wood 19.09.10

Twelve were present on a warm, dry day to explore this Forestry Commission wood where conifers, mainly pines and Western Red Cedars, are gradually being replaced by broad-leaved woodland, currently oak with some Beech. The excellent season continued with variety and good numbers of species.

Fuligo septica ASB/JDS


Helvella lacunosa Poaceae, fallen timber AWB

Otidea bufonia solitary against a stump AWB

Otidea onotica clumps in clearing AWB

Phaeohelotium umbilicatum branch, fallen AWB

Rhytisma acerinum Acer pseudoplatanus leaf, trackside GMB


Venturia maculiformis Epilobium hirsutum leaf, trackside GMB


Hypomyces chrysospermus on Bolete JDS

(A, Sepedonium state)

Amanita citrina ASB/JDS

Amanita muscaria ASB

Amanita rubescens JDS

Amanita vaginata soil under Quercus, Corylus DJA

Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (Clitocybe) JW

Armillaria gallica JDS

Boletus badius DC

Boletus chrysenteron under Pinus JDS

Boletus edulis DC

Boletus ferrugineus DC

Boletus radicans Quercus AWB

Clitocybe gibba JDS

Clitocybe odora soil under Betula, Thuja,

Acer pseudoplatanus DJA

Collybia butyracea JDS

Collybia dryophila JDS

Collybia maculata ASB/JDS

Coprinopsis cinerea vegetable debris (+dung?) AWB

Coprinopsis lagopus on leaf litter against dead wood JA/DJA

** Cortinarius (Telamonia) lucorum under Populus tremula, Corylus JW/DJA

Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) purpurascens JDS/DJA

Craterellus cornucopioides DG

Crepidotus variabilis twig small fallen AWB

Hebeloma leucosarx Quercus AWB

Hebeloma sacchariolens soil under Quercus DJA

Hygrocybe conica DC

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca JDS

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca var. pallida DG

Hypholoma fasciculare on rotten stump DJA

Inocybe asterospora Quercus AWB

Inocybe geophylla mixed woodland AWB

Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina JDS

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata JDS

Lactarius blennius under Fagus JDS

Lactarius camphoratus mossy stump JA/DJA

Lactarius pyrogalus under Corylus JDS

Lactarius quietus JDS

Lactarius subdulcis JDS

Lactarius subumbonatus JDS

Lactarius tabidus DG

Lactarius torminosus ASB/JDS

Lactarius turpis DC

** Lepiota felina mixed woodland DG/AWB

(The previous record of this species at Oakley Wood in 2006 was not supported by herbarium material)

Lepista flaccida JDS

Marasmius rotula DG

Megacollybia platyphylla JDS

Mycena pura JDS

Mycena speirea against a fallen deciduous branch DJA

Panaeolus acuminatus Poaceae, trackside AWB

Parasola leiocephala grassy ride AWB

Paxillus involutus soil under Thuja, Betula,

Acer pseudoplatanus DJA

Pholiota gummosa ASB/JDS

Pluteus cervinus Clare Hinchliffe

Psathyrella candolleana JDS

Russula atropurpurea JDS

Russula delica JDS

Russula densifolia JDS

Russula fragilis JDS

Russula heterophylla ASB/JDS

Russula ionochlora soil under Quercus DJA

Russula nigricans JW

Russula ochroleuca ASB

Russula silvestris JDS

Russula velenovskyi AWB/JDS

Russula vesca JDS

Tricholoma saponaceum broad-leaved woodland JDS

Tricholoma sulphureum DC

Tricholomopsis rutilans JDS

Xerula radicata on rotten indeterminate wood DJA


Clavulina cinerea deciduous leaf litter JA/DJA

Clavulina coralloides AWB

Daedaleopsis confragosa JDS

Hapalopilus nidulans fallen branch ASB/JDS

Piptoporus betulinus on dead Betula DJA

Polyporus squamosus JDS

Schizopora paradoxa DG

Stereum subtomentosum on fallen twig GMB

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon nigrescens JDS

Lycoperdon perlatum DG


Calocera cornea DG

Calocera viscosa JDS

Coleosporium tussilaginis Tussilago farfara leaf, trackside GMB

Kuehneola uredinis (III) Rubus fruticosus agg. leaf GMB

Puccinia circaeae (III) Circaea lutetiana leaf, trackside GMB

Pucciniastrum circaeae (II) Circaea lutetiana leaf, trackside GMB

** Chromelosporium carneum Quercus? leaf litter, DG/GMB

** Ramularia heraclei Heracleum sphondylium leaf,

trackside GMB

Pooley Fields 03.10.2010

Early heavy rain meant that this foray was effectively cancelled but DC did attend.

Wappenbury Wood Nature Reserve 17.10.2010


* Bulgaria inquinans JRR

Helvella crispa JRR


Daldinia concentrica JRR

Xylaria hypoxylon JRR

Amanita citrina var. alba JRR

Armillaria mellea JRR

* Armillaria ostoyae JRR

Asterophora parasitica on Russula nigricans JRR

Clitocybe geotropa JRR

Clitocybe gibba JRR

Clitocybe nebularis JRR

Collybia butyracea JRR

Coprinellus micaceus JRR

* Flammulina velutipes JRR

Hebeloma crustuliniforme JRR

Hypholoma fasciculare JRR

Laccaria amethystina JRR

Laccaria laccata JRR

Lactarius tabidus JRR

Lepista nuda JRR

Marasmius ramealis JRR

Mycena arcangeliana JRR

Mycena galericulata JRR

Mycena haematopus JRR

Mycena pura JRR

Paxillus involutus JRR

* Pholiota squarrosa JRR

Russula nigricans JRR

Russula ochroleuca JRR


Chondrostereum purpureum JRR

Clavulinopsis helvola JRR

Clavulina cinerea JRR

Clavulina coralloides JRR

Macrotyphula fistulosa JRR

Macrotyphula juncea JRR

Piptoporus betulinus JRR

Polyporus leptocephalus JRR


Lycoperdon pyriforme JRR

Scleroderma verrucosum JRR

Old Nun Wood Nature Reserve 17.10.2010

This small wood is adjacent to the main Wappenbury Wood and records are often combined but this day it had been possible to separate them.

** Peronospora digitalis (A) Digitalis purpurea living leaf, GMB

woodland clearing

Helvella macropus litter AWB

Rhytisma acerinum Acer pseudoplatanus leaf AWB


Venturia maculiformis Epilobium hirsutum leaf, GMB

Burnthurst Lane ditch


Sawadaea bicornis (A+T) Acer campestre living leaf GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon fallen wood AWB


Clitocybe fragrans litter AWB

Clitocybe phyllophila leaf litter, broad-leaved woodland DJA

Cortinarius (Sericeocybe) anomalus soil, broad-leaved woodland AWB/DJA

Cortinarius (Myxacium) delibutus soil, broad-leaved woodland ASB/DJA

Crepidotus variabilis twig small fallen AWB

Entoloma sericellum soil Quercus, Fraxinus DJA

Lactarius quietus under Quercus AWB

Lactarius subumbonatus AWB

Lepista flaccida soil Corylus, Ilex DJA

Marasmius epiphyllus rotten broad-leaf esp. midrib DJA

Mycena leptocephala AWB

Psathyrella corrugis (= gracilis) soil broad-leaved woodland DJA

Tricholoma fulvum soil Corylus ASB/DJA


Clavulinopsis helvola AWB

Clavulinopsis luteoalba soil, broad-leaved woodland DJA

Radulomyces molaris Quercus (recently) fallen branch GMB


Lycoperdon perlatum AWB

Scleroderma bovista under Quercus, Burnthurst Lane GMB/AWB

Scleroderma verrucosum AWB


Tremella mesenterica dead broad-leaf twig Eve Walpole/DJA


Pucciniastrum epilobii (II) Epilobium living leaf GMB


** Cylindrium elongatum Quercus leaf litter GMB

Ramularia caduca Circaea lutetiana living leaf GMB

Oakley Wood 31.10.2010

The autumn colours were spectacular and the rain held off until we had nearly finished. There were plenty of interesting fungi for the twelve regulars and three visitors to find in the lawns and mixed woodland of the crematorium.

Cudoniella acicularis WTM

Helvella crispa litter AWB & DJA

Helvella lacunosa litter AWB

Otidea bufonia AWB

Otidea onotica AWB


Erysiphe circaeae (T) Circaea lutetiana living leaf GMB


Xylaria hypoxylon stump DJA


Agaricus silvicola ring, broad-leaved woodland ASB

Amanita citrina JDS

Amanita excelsa var. spissa JDS

Amanita muscaria soil with Betula DJA

Amanita rubescens SR/JDS

Asterophora parasitica Russula nigricans GMB/AWB

Boletus badius soil with Pinus sylvestris, Betula DJA

Boletus edulis soil with Betula, Quercus DC

Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Macrolepiota) WTM

Clitocybe fragrans soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Clitocybe metachroa soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Clitocybe nebularis soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Clitocybe odora JDS

Collybia butyracea soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Collybia dryophila JDS

Collybia fusipes JDS

Coprinus comatus JDS

** Cortinarius (Telamonia) conicus soil with Betula, Quercus, Fagus ASB/DJA

Cortinarius (Telamonia) hemitrichus soil with Betula, Pseudotsuga,

Quercus DJA

Cortinarius (Telamonia) umbrinolens JDS

Crepidotus luteolus conifer twig AWB

Cystoderma amianthinum mossy ground, Betula AWB

Hebeloma velutipes soil with Quercus, Betula DJA

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca JDS

Inocybe flocculosa broad-leaved woodland ASB & AWB

Inocybe geophylla SR/JDS

Inocybe sindonia (= eutheles) lawn near Pseudotsuga, Acer DJA & AWB

Laccaria amethystina JDS

Laccaria laccata soil with Betula DJA

Lactarius pubescens lawn near Betula, Quercus DJA

Lactarius quietus JDS

Lactarius tabidus soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Quercus DJA

Lactarius torminosus under Betula ASB/JDS

Lactarius turpis JDS

Lepista flaccida soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Lepista nuda JDS

Leucopaxillus giganteus JDS

Lyophyllum decastes JDS

Mycena inclinata on rotten Betula or Quercus? roots? DJA

Mycena leucogala AWB

Mycena pura soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Fagus, Acer DJA

Paxillus involutus Betula AWB

Pholiota gummosa JDS

** Psathyrella frustulenta on mossy very rotten stump

(with Pinus sylvestris) DJA

Psathyrella corrugis soil with Pinus sylvestris, Betula DJA

Psathyrella multipedata lawn DJA

Psathyrella piluliformis JDS

Russula betularum JDS

Russula nigricans Betula, Pinus AWB

Russula ochroleuca soil with Pinus sylvestris, Betula DJA

Stropharia caerulea grass at entrance GMB/AWB

Tricholoma fulvum JDS

Tricholoma scalpturatum JDS


Auriscalpium vulgare SR/JDS

Bjerkandera adusta JDS

Clavulina cinerea JDS

Clavulina coralloides mossy ground, Betula GMB/AWB

Daedaleopsis confragosa ASB

Phlebia radiata Betula bark DJA

Piptoporus betulinus JDS


Lycoperdon pyriforme roots under Pseudotsuga DJA

Phallus impudicus soil with Pinus sylvestris, Betula DJA

Scleroderma verrucosum soil with Pseudotsuga, Betula,

Quercus DJA

Kuehneola uredinis (III) Rubus fruticosus agg. living leaf GMB

Puccinia arenariae (III) Silene dioica living leaf GMB

Puccinia behenis (II) Silene dioica living leaf GMB

Pucciniastrum circaeae (II) Circaea lutetiana living leaf GMB

Bentley Park Wood 07.11.10

It was another pleasant morning with plenty of fungi still present in this mixed woodland of broad-leaved trees and conifer plantations. For the second foray running David Antrobus discovered a new county record for Cortinarius.

Cudoniella acicularis stump DJA

Rhytisma acerinum JDS

Trochila ilicina JRR


Eudarluca caricis (A) Puccinia behenis (II), pathside GMB


Erysiphe biocellata? Glechoma hederacea living leaf GMB

surface mycelium, spores not found


Daldinia concentrica JRR

Xylaria hypoxylon rotten wood DJA


Amanita citrina JDS

Amanita muscaria JRR

Ampulloclitocybe clavipes under Larix JDS

Armillaria gallica WTM

Armillaria ostoyae JDS

Boletus badius DC

Clitocybe fragrans JDS

Clitocybe metachroa soil, mixed woodland AWB

Clitocybe nebularis soil Corylus, Populus, Alnus DJA

Collybia butyracea JDS

Collybia maculata soil Betula, Quercus, Pinus sylvestris DJA

Collybia peronata broadleaf leaf litter AWB

** Cortinarius (Telamonia) alnetorum soil/moss Alnus glutinosa,

Salix cinerea DJA

Entoloma politum soil Alnus glutinosa, Salix cinerea DJA

Galerina marginata tree stump JW

Gymnopilus penetrans rotten wood Pinus sylvestris, Larix,

Pseudotsuga DJA

Hypholoma fasciculare stump DJA

Laccaria laccata soil Betula, Pinus sylvestris DJA

Lactarius hepaticus soil Pinus sylvestris DJA

Lepista flaccida JDS

Lepista nuda JDS

Marasmius quercophilus Quercus leaf petiole JW

Mycena arcangeliana JDS

Mycena cinerella needle litter Pinus sylvestris DJA

needle litter Larix JDS

Mycena galericulata stump DJA

Mycena galopus leaf litter JW

Mycena galopus var. nigra litter mixed AWB

Mycena inclinata root DJA

Mycena polygramma Quercus? fallen branch Jeff Smith/AWB

Mycena speirea dead wood JW

Panellus serotinus wood GT/DJA

Pholiota squarrosa Fraxinus JRR

Psathyrella piluliformis JRR

Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis JW

Rickenella fibula JRR

Russula atropurpurea JDS

Russula fragilis JDS

Russula ochroleuca soil Pinus sylvestris DJA

Tubaria furfuracea JRR


Coniophora puteana Larix fallen trunk GMB

Heterobasidion annosum conifer stump GMB/AWB

Hymenochaete rubiginosa WTM

Macrotyphula juncea JRR

Phlebia radiata WTM

Resinicium bicolor on conifer, very rotten fallen branch GMB/A. Henrici

Schizopora paradoxa fallen branch Jeff Smith/GMB

Stereum gausapatum Quercus small fallen branch AWB

Stereum hirsutum JDS

Trametes versicolor JDS


Lycoperdon nigrescens JDS

Lycoperdon pyriforme JDS

Phallus impudicus soil Pinus sylvestris DJA

Scleroderma citrinum JRR

Scleroderma verrucosum soil DJA/AWB


Auricularia auricula-judae JDS

Calocera pallidospathulata conifer? stump Pinus sylvestris, Larix,

Pseudotsuga DJA

Calocera viscosa JDS

Dacrymyces stillatus JRR

Kuehneola uredinis (II III) Rubus fruticosus agg., leaf GMB

Phragmidium bulbosum (II III) Rubus fruticosus agg., leaf GMB

Puccinia arenariae (III) Silene dioica, leaf JA/GMB

Puccinia behenis (II) Silene dioica, leaf GMB

Ramularia variabilis Digitalis purpurea, leaf GMB

Deans Green Nature Reserve 21.11.10

This was our first visit to the WWT reserve near Henley-in-Arden consisting of two meadows known for their variety of plants which attract many insects. It was very much an exploratory occasion and rather disappointingly few fungi were found. The meadows were very water-logged and the trees in the hedgerows unproductive. An interesting find by Val Roberts was of a Green Woodpecker’s dropping containing the remains of many ants.

Trichia meylanii on rotten wood DG//B. Ing

(T. decipiens var. olivacea)

Ascocoryne sarcoides DC


Xylaria hypoxylon GT/JDS


Clitopilus hobsonii fallen very rotten wood DC/AWB

Crepidotus cesatii Salix fallen twig GMB/AWB

Laccaria laccata DG

Marasmius setosus (= recubans) leaf litter (Salix?) DG/AWB

Mycena arcangeliana on Quercus JRR

Russula atropurpurea DG/JDS


Clavulina coralloides JRR

Coniophora puteana fallen branch (Betula?) GT/GMB

Datronia mollis fallen broadleaved branch GMB

Radulomyces confluens fallen broadleaved branch GMB

Schizopora paradoxa DG

Trametes versicolor on Quercus JRR


Lycoperdon pyriforme GT/JDS


Auricularia auricula-judae on Sambucus DG

Dacrymyces stillatus on fallen branch DC

Tremella mesenterica on twig JRR


Phragmidium violaceum (III) Rubus fruticosus agg. living leaf AWB

Triphragmium ulmariae (III) Filipendula ulmaria living leaf GMB

** Ramularia anthrisci Anthriscus sylvestris (det. JRR) GMB

Clowes Wood Nature Reserve 05.12.10

Owing to the extremely cold weather with snow and hard frosts this foray was cancelled.

Non-Foray Records 2010

Bentley Park Wood (SP289953)

Russula claroflava humus on coppiced Alnus JRR 04.09.10


Lachnella alboviolascens on Senecio greyii GMB 03.04.10

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve SSSI

Helvella crispa many, broad-leaved woodland JDS 22.09.10

Helvella lacunosa many in sandy soil under Betula JDS 15.09.10

Otidea bufonia under Corylus, Quercus JDS 15.09.10

* Sphaerotheca aphanis on Geum urbanum JDS 07.07.10

* Amanita fulva broad-leaved woodland JDS 22.09.10

Calocybe carnea sandy soil JDS 15.09.10

Pluteus romellii fallen branch JDS 15.09.10

** Rhodocybe gemina under hedge, Crataegus, Alnus JDS//AWB 22.09.10

Russula exalbicans many in sandy soil under Betula JDS 15.09.10

Tricholoma cingulatum mossy soil under Salix JDS 30.09.10

** Lichenoconium xanthoriae on Xanthoria parietina, GMB/T. Preece

on Cornus sanguinea 14.02.10

Brandon Wood

* Tazzetta catinus soil, pathside, broad-leaved woodland JDS 21.08.10

Amanita submembranacea under Betula JDS 06.09.10

* Calocybe carnea grassland JDS 03.10.10

* Coprinopsis lagopus on woodchips JDS 17.06.10

* Cortinarius (Dermocybe) croceus under Quercus, Betula JDS 07.10.10

Cortinarius (Telamonia) saniosus damp soil under Salix, Populus JDS 18.09.10

Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) triumphans many, broad-leaved woodland JDS 23.09.10

* Chroogomphus rutilus sandy soil under Pinus JDS 04.09.10

* Dermoloma cuneifolium grass, sandy soil JDS 10.10.10

* Hebeloma radicosum under Betula JDS 24.10.10

* Lactarius fulvissimus hedgerow, Quercus, Corylus JDS 03.10.10

* Leccinum roseofractum sandy soil under Betula JDS 13.11.10

* Lepiota erinacea broad-leaved woodland JDS/AWB 23.09.10

(2nd county record)

Leucopaxillus giganteus broad-leaved woodland JDS 29.10.10

* Marasmius rotula woody debris JDS 10.09.10

Melanoleuca exscissa broad-leaved woodland JDS 06.09.10

* Melanophyllum haematospermum pathside JRR (JDS) 12.09.10

* Pholiota flammans on Pinus stump JDS 09.09.10

* Russula sardonia sandy soil under Pinus JDS 26.09.10

Volvariella gloiocephala on woodchips JDS 24.06.10

* Hapalopilus nidulans on fallen Betula branch JDS 19.08.10

Inonotus radiatus on Alnus incana JDS 29.10.10

Ischnoderma benzoinum on fallen conifer JDS 29.10.10

Phaeolus schweinitzii on trunk of standing dead Larix JDS 06.09.10

* Melampsora populnea (II) on Populus tremula RJS/GMB 00.09.10

Canada Farm (SP104593)

** Ramularia didymarioides Silene dioica GMB 30.09.10

(ref Braun 2, 1998 p134)

Coombe Pool & Country Park

Otidea alutacea pathside, Fagus JDS 20.09.10

* Ampulloclitocybe clavipes pathside, Quercus JDS 20.09.10

* Clitocybe odora broad-leaved woodland JDS 11.10.10

Coprinopsis picacea litter, pathside JDS 11.10.10

* Hygrocybe insipida lawn, Park JDS 04.10.10

Pholiota aurivella on log JDS 20.09.10

* Pleurotus dryinus hole in Acer pseudoplatanus, Park JDS 04.10.10

* Psathyrella piluliformis stump, Park JDS 04.10.10

Russula cessans sandy soil under Pinus, Park JDS 20.09.10

Leratiomyces ceres on wood chips JDS 20.09.10

(Stropharia aurantiaca)

* Handkea excipuliformis pathside JDS 20.09.10

Hay Wood (SP207707)

Sparassis crispa base of Pinus sylvestris JRR 10.10.10

Kenilworth Common (SP296730)

Otidea onotica under deciduous trees JRR 18.09.10

Martineau Gardens, Edgbaston (SP061842)

** Coprinus xanthothrix broadleaved branch, charred B. Perry/AWB 05.10.10

Lactarius pterosporus orchard B. Perry/AWB 22.09.10

New Close Wood

Otidea bufonia pathside, broad-leaved woodland JDS 17.09.10

Asterophora parasitica on Russula nigricans JDS 15.10.10

Cortinarius (Myxacium) delibutus many, broad-leaved woodland JDS 15.10.10

Oakley Crematorium

Boletus edulis Betula, Fagus DC 07.09.10

Boletus ferrugineus Pinus DC 07.09.10

Hapalopilus nidulans fallen branch, Quercus DC 07.09.10

Sparassis crispa Pinus DC 07.09.10

Piles Coppice

Otidea onotica broad-leaved woodland JDS 03.10.10

Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) purpurascens broad-leaved woodland JDS 03.10.10

Tricholoma saponaceum broad-leaved woodland JDS 03.10.10

Pooley Fields

Russula exalbicans many under Betula JDS 11.09.10

Ryton Pool

Otidea bufonia sandy soil under Quercus JDS 13.09.10

Temple Balsall Nature Reserve

Marasmius wynnei leaf litter JDS 25.09.10

Tile Hill Wood Nature Reserve

* Tazzetta catinus soil, pathside JDS 09.10.10

Cortinarius (Myxacium) delibutus under Betula JDS 09.10.10

Hypholoma myosotis sphagnum JDS 09.10.10

Tricholoma imbricatum under Pinus JDS 09.10.10

Scleroderma areolatum soil, pathside JDS 09.10.10

Wappenbury Wood Nature Reserve

Amanita phalloides troop JDS 29.08.10

Clitocybe gibba masses JDS 29.08.10

Clitocybe odora ring JDS 29.08.10

Crepidotus cinnabarinus wet, fallen Alnus wood, JRR 30.08.10

always with Crepidotus mollis

Lactarius chrysorrheus broad-leaved woodland JDS 29.08.10

* Cortinarius (Telamonia) umbrinolens broad-leaved woodland JDS 29.08.10

* Ganoderma australe stump JDS 29.08.10

Hapalopilus nidulans dead wood JRR 30.08.10

Hymenochaete corrugata joining thin Corylus twigs Steve Batt/DC 16.12.10

* Laetiporus sulphureus stump JDS 29.08.10

Whichford Wood

Rhodotus palmatus log, Castanea DC 07.09.10

Wootton Spinnies (SP305693)

Hypomyces chrysospermus covering Boletus chrysenteron JRR 09.09.10

(A, Sepedonium state)


Please can you help with rusts on Red Campion (Silene dioica) in Warwickshire

If you find the brown pustules of a rust fungus growing on living leaves of Red Campion (Silene dioica) please would you keep specimens for me.

In Warwickshire between 1965 and 2001 all records of a rust fungus on S. dioica were of the species Puccinia arenariae. A second species, Puccinia behenis has been recorded occasionally in Britain as early as the 1920s and in 2002 it was found for the first time in Warwickshire. Since then both species have been recorded here, sometimes on the same leaf. It would be useful to establish the current distribution and frequency of the two rust species.
Red Campion is a widespread plant growing mainly in hedges, woods and at roadsides. Both rusts form brown protruding pustules, each 0.25 (up to 1mm) across, usually on the lower side of living green leaves. The pustules are sometimes clustered in concentric circles, at other times scattered. If you spot rust please could you collect several infected leaves, ideally from more than one host plant, lightly press them between dry newspaper, keep details of location and date and tell me. I would like to see them as the two species are decisively distinguished under a microscope (P. arenariae forms only two-celled teliospores and P. behenis usually occurs as single-celled urediniospores). Rust fungi have been recorded on Red Campion in all months of the year (excluding March, when they would probably be present if looked for).
Records from other parts of Britain and of rust fungi on other species of campion (Silene) would also be of interest.
Thank you,
Gill Brand

Tel: 01789 267402

No. 45 March 2011

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