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News from

Our Nursery at the Garden

Thank you for all the good wishes we received for our 5th birthday. We still have some of our specials left over, especially our fantastic offer of 20l Kiggelaria Africana (Wild peach) for R100. A variety of groundcovers are still available at 10 for R120, which can be 10 of one species or a mix of 10. (Aptenia cordifolia, Aristae ecklonii, Cotyledon orbiculata, Delosperma cooperii, Dietes grandiflora, Tulbaghia violacea, Crassula multicava, Drimiopsis maculata etc,)

I often wonder how many people realize that we have a wide selection of interesting, scarce, endangered and difficult to find plants. Some of these are Burkea Africana, Ochna pulchra, Adansonia digitata, Aloe verecunda, Aloe peglerae, Combretum zeyheri, C. mossambicenze, C. imberbe, C. hereroense, C. padoides, C.bractesum, Sclerocarya birrea, Strelitzia juncea, S. Mandela’s Gold, Talbotia elegans, Rhodohypoxis bauerii, Crinum boophanoides ,Olea capensis, Terminalia sericea, T.phanerophloebia, Oncoba spinosa, Mimosps zeyheri, Rhus batophylla, Baphia racemosa, Craibia zimmermannii, Erythrophysa transvaalensis and many more.

With the Christmas season coming up, exiting and different ideas for gifts can be found at Our Nursery at the Garden. A variety of pots, with or without plants, suitable for bonsai, indoor and patio plants as well as succulents make wonderful gifts for young and old. We just received wrought iron accessories to hang small pots against walls. They can also be used to hold candles for outdoor entertainment. Rain meter stands, plain and decorated with arums, hanging baskets to create your own hanging garden (or we will do it for you) and obelisks for creepers to wind around are other items in the range.

Also available is a unique range of indigenous seeds called ‘Starter Packs’ to grow restios, fynbos, proteas, healing plants, bulbs and water wise plants. As usual our personalized gift vouchers with photographs of plants taken in the Botanical Garden are still available.
Announcement: Our Nursery at the Garden has a brand new website! is still under construction, but you are most welcome to visit us there.

Contact us at 0823309751, email

See you At the Garden from Suzette and the Team

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