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No. 433


ADOPTED September 11, 2003
REVISED: May 10, 2012


1. Authority

Continuing professional study and in-service training for professional employees are prerequisites for professional development and enhanced ability to complete responsibilities and maintaining certification.

SC 517, 1205.1,


The Board encourages and approves requests for all professional employees to further their professional and personal advancement through graduate study, in-service training, conference attendance, and professional development activities.

2. Guidelines

Graduate/Special Courses

Only courses of study that are preapproved shall be eligible for reimbursement by the district or a change in compensation.

Reimbursement for credits for approved graduate study or special courses shall be made in accordance with terms of the administrative compensation plan or an individual contract, collective bargaining when approved by the Superintendent.

All eligible employees shall submit to the Superintendent annually by June 30th a record and description of the attainment of approved credits.
Documentary evidence of satisfactory completion of all study programs shall be required.

Induction Plan

Title 22

Sec. 4.13, 49.16

Pol. 100

SC 1205.5, 1217

The district shall comply with Department of Education regulations when developing and maintaining an induction plan for the first-year teachers and teachers new to the district.

Induction Program for School System Leaders
School system leaders complete an induction program which is consistent with the Pennsylvania school Leadership Standards within five (5) years of serving as a school system leader in Pennsylvania for the first time.

Professional Education Plan

SC 1205.1

Title 22

Sec. 4.13, 49.17

Pol. 100

The Board shall appoint to the professional education committee parents/guardians and representatives of the community and local businesses. Representatives of administrators, teachers and educational specialists on the professional education committee shall be selected by their respective members.

SC 1205.1

The Board shall approve a professional education plan that is designed to meet the educational needs of the district and its employees; specifies approved courses, programs, activities and learning experiences; and identifies approved providers. The Board shall approve the plan prior to submission for approval by the Department of Education.

SC 1205.1

The Board shall ensure an annual review of the district's professional education plan by the professional education committee to determine if the plan continues to meet the needs of the district, the Strategic Plan, and the employees, students and community. The professional education committee may recommend amendments to the plan, subject to approval by the Board and the Department of Education.

SC 1205.2

The Board may approve, on a case-by-case basis, specific professional education activities not stated within the district's professional education plan. Board approval is not required for credits or hours required for administrator certification, earned through activities conducted by providers approved by the Department of Education or the Department itself, or related to the area of assignment or certification.

SC 1205.2

If the district assumes all costs of credits or hours, the Board may disapprove any course, program, activity or learning experience that is inconsistent with the goals of the professional education plan.

SC 1205.1,

Title 22

Sec. 49.17

Professional education plans associated with the federal requirements of Title I and Title II funding shall be developed by the professional education committee and forwarded to the Board for approval prior to submission for approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 517, 1144, 1151, 1205.1, 1205.2, 1205.5, 1217
Induction Plans – Title 22 Sec. 49.16
Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training – 24 P.S. Sec. 1205.6
State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.13, 49.16, 49.17
Board Policy – 100, 806

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