Nbaf complete bibliography Please note that the list of publications for 2016 will be completed early 2017

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NBAF Complete bibliography

Please note that the list of publications for 2016 will be completed early 2017.

(*= papers arising from R&D)


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  1. Wenzel MA, Douglas A, James MC, Redpath SM, Piertney SB (2016) The role of parasite-driven selection in shaping landscape genomic structure in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica). Molecular Ecology 25, 324-341. (10.1111/mec.13473) [NBAF-E/S]


  1. Davidson RL, Weber RJM, Liu H, Sharma-Oates A, Viant MR (2016) Galaxy-M: A galaxy workflow for processing and analysing direct infusion and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data. GigaScience, (accepted).

  2. Edison AS, Hall RD, Junot C, Karp PD, Kurland IJ, Mistrik R, Reed LK, Saito K, Salek RM, Steinbeck C, Sumner LW, Viant MR (2016) The time is right to focus on model organism metabolomes. Metabolites, accepted.

  3. Hao J, Liebeke M, Sommer U, Viant MR, Bundy JG, Ebbels TMD (2016) Statistical correlations between NMR spectroscopy and direct infusion FT-ICR mass spectrometry aid annotation of unknowns in metabolomics. Anal Chem, accepted.


  1. Giron D, Huguet E, Stone GN, Body M (2016) Insect-induced effects on plants and possible effectors used by galling and leaf-mining insects to manipulate their host-plant. Journal of Insect Physiology 84, 70–89. (10.1016/j.jinsphys.2015.12.009)

  2. Kazama Y, Ishii K, Aonuma W, Ikeda T, Kawamoto H, Koizumi A, Filatov DA, Chibalina M, Bergero R, Charlesworth D, Abe T, Kawano S (2016) A new physical mapping approach refines the sex-determining gene positions on the Silene latifolia Y-chromosome. Scientific Reports 6, 18917. (10.1038/srep18917)

  3. Kim K-W, Griffith S, Burke T (2016) Linkage mapping of a polymorphic plumage locus associated with intermorph incompatibility in the Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae). Heredity (10.1038/hdy.2015.114) (in press)

  4. Küpper C, Stocks M, Risse JE, dos Remedios N, Farrell LL, McRae SB, Morgan TC, Karlionova N, Pinchuk P, Verkuil YI, Kitaysky AS, Wingfield JC, Piersma T, Zeng K, Slate J, Blaxter M, Lank DB, Burke T (2016) A supergene determines highly divergent male reproductive morphs in the ruff. Nature Genetics 48, 79-83. (10.1038/ng.3443)

  5. Nürnberger B, Lohse K, Fijarczyk A, Szymura JM, Blaxter M (2016) Para-allopatry in hybridizing fire-bellied toads (Bombina bombina and B. variegata): inference from transcriptome-wide coalescence analyses. bioRxiv (10.1101/030056)

  6. Lohse K, Chmelik M, Frantz L, Barton NH (2016) Efficient strategies for calculating likelihoods under the coalescent. Genetics 202 (2) 775-786. (10.1534/genetics.115.183814)

  7. Qiu S, Bergero R, Guirao-Rico S, Campos JL, Cezard T, Gharbi K, Charlesworth D (2016) RAD-mapping reveals an evolving, polymorphic and fuzzy boundary of a plant pseudoautosomal region. Molecular Ecology 25, 414–430. (10.1111/mec.13297)

  8. Truebano M, Tills O, Spicer JI (2016) embryonic transcriptome of the brackishwater amphipod Gammarus chevreuxi. Marine Genomics (10.1016/j.margen.2016.02.002)

  9. Wallbank RWR, Baxter SW, Pardo-Diaz C, Hanly JJ, Martin SH, Mallet J, Dasmahapatra KK, Salazar C, Joron M, Nadeau N, McMillan WO, Jiggins CD (2016) Evolutionary Novelty in a Butterfly Wing Pattern through Enhancer Shuffling. PLoS Biology 14, e1002353. (10.1371/journal.pbio.1002353)


  1. Hiscox J, Savoury M, Johnston SR, Parfitt D, Müller CT, Rogers HJ, Boddy L (2016) Location, location, location: priority effects in wood decay communities may vary between sites. Environmental Microbiology (10.1111/1462-2920.13141)

  2. King KC, Brockhurst MA, Vasieva O, Paterson S, Betts A, Ford S, Frost CL, Horsburgh MJ, Haldenby S, Hurst GDD (in press) Rapid evolution of microbe-mediated protection against pathogens in a worm host. ISME Journal

  3. Newsham KK, Hopkins DW, Carvalhais LC, Fretwell PT, Rushton SP, O’Donell AG, Dennis PG (2016) Relationship between soil fungal diversity and temperature in the maritime Antarctic. Nature Climate Change. (10.1038/nclimate2806)

  4. Strittmatter M, Grenville-Briggs LJ, Breithut L, van West P, Gachon CMM, Küpper FC (2016) Infection of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus by the oomycete Eurychasma dicksonii induces oxidative stress and halogen metabolism. Plant, Cell & Environment 39, 259-271. (10.1111/pce.12533)
  5. Vico Oton E, Quince C, Nicol GW, Prosser JI, Gubry-Rangin C (2016) Ecological coherence and phylogenetic congruence in Thaumarchaeota. ISME Journal 10, 85-96.

  6. Wang W, Ma L, Becher H, Garcia S, Kovarikova A, Leitch IJ, Leitch AR, Kovarik A (2015) Astonishing 35S rDNA diversity in the gymnosperm species Cycas revoluta Thunb. Chromosoma (in press) (10.1007/s00412-015-0556-3)


  1. *Engler JO, Secondi J, Dawson DA, Elle O, Hochkirch A (2016) Range expansion and retraction along a moving contact zone has no effect on the genetic diversity of two passerine birds. Ecography 38, 1-10. (10.1111/ecog.01520)

  2. Field J, Leadbeater E (2016) Cooperation between non-relatives in a primitively eusocial paper wasp, Polistes dominula. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B. 371, 20150093. (10.1098/rstb.2015.0093)

  3. Levy HJ, Clucas GV, Rogers AD, Leaché AD, Ciborowski K, Polito MJ, Lynch HJ, Dunn M, Hart T (2016) Population structure and phylogeography of the Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua) across the Scotia Arc. Ecology and Evolution, in press.

  4. Wright DJ, Brouwer L, Mannarelli ME, Burke T, Komdeur J, Richardson DS (2016) Social pairing of Seychelles warblers under reduced constraints: MHC, neutral heterozygosity, and age. Behavioral Ecology 27, 295-303(10.1093/beheco/arv150)

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