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Najwa Khuri-Bulos


Phone:   5353444

Fax Number: 5353388

Academic Rank: Professor

Year Rank Obtained: 1989

Specialization :   Pediatric, Pediatric Infectious Disease Infection control

Research   interests: Poliomyelitis, measles, brucellosis, health care related infections, health care safety, vaccine preventable diseases, viral respiratory infections

Bachelor :   American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 1964 with High Distinction

MD :   American University Of Beirut, Lebanon, 1968 with Distinction

Board certification :  
American Board of Pediatrics American Board of Infectious Diseases Certification Board of Infection Control
Awards: Abdul Hamid Schuman Prize for Young Arab Scientists

The Jordan University Academic Achievement Award for Women in Academia

The Jordan Medical Association Achievement Award for Academic excellence

  1. Extramural International activities Member of the scientific committee of the Abdul Hamid Shuman Prize

  2. Chairman of the Infectious Disease Committee of the Jordan Medical Board

  3. Member of the Standing committee of the International Pediatric Association

  4. Co Chairman of the Immunization Program of the International Pediatric Association

  5. Member of the Standing Committee of Network for support and education in immunization (NESI)

  6. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Brighton Collaboration


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