Mon, Apr 24 2011 Print word to stay for long: vc lecture on “book tomorrow: future of written word” at ku

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Mon, Apr 24 2011
Print word to stay for long: VC

Lecture on “book tomorrow: future of written word” at KU

Srinagar, Apr 23: On the world book and copyright day, Allama Iqbal library, university of Kashmir today organized  a lecture  on the “The book  tomorrow: future of written word”  and a book and poster exhibition  at the Ibn-Khaldun auditorium of the university.
The function was organized with the aim to emphasize the role of books in different aspects of human life like preserving our culture besides  understanding  man life.
In his presidential address Vice chancellor Kashmir University, Professor Riyaz Punjabi highlighted the importance of the books. He said reading books  besides empowering us with knowledge makes us patient in the sense   that “we learn to disagree patiently “.VC asked the young scholars present on the occasion  to inculcate reading habits in them .,” Books give you  knowledge and knowledgeable is real empowerment in the present age.  Deliberating on the importance of printed word VC said print word is there going to day despite technological influences and despite internet and digital books “Printed word still has the reliability and authenticity.” He added in defense of the print word.
A key note address on “The book tomorrow: future of written word” was delivered by the chief guest Dr, Ravinder Kumar Chada, joint secretary parliament of India. In his lecture chada, spoke about the changing trends in the areas of publishing, subscribing and information seeking. He said, “today libraries are ranked according to the access they provide. He  also  stressed upon the need of creating institutional repositories  in which the research out put of the university can be collected and then published by the university itself .  Earlier in his welcome address Chief Liberian Riyaz  Rufai spoke about the importance of the event. Saying that such events are important in the sense that they make us aware about the  importance of books in our lives.” “ print word said chief librarian is still  seen as a preferred media, and perhaps it will continue to so for may times.
Registrar University of Kashmir professor S Fayaz appreciated the efforts of the library in maintaining and preserving knowledge. “we are living in the age of knowledge, knowledge has become power and only those societies can survive who can generate and preserve knowledge.”
In the function prizes were distributed among the frequent users of the library and for best posters. The three prizes for frequent users of the library were bagged by sajad Ahmad department of Islamic studies, Uzma Yousuf shah, department of business studies and shaik umair rasool of biotechnology department.
Best prizes for poster exhibition were bagged by Sama Mushtaq, department of library sciences, Urba iqbal, department of political science and Rayees Haq Skinder student of islamia college.
In the post lunch session two educational films “origin and evolution of books” and “copyright” were also screened. An orientation programme for new users of the library and a presentation by Elsevier USA on SCOPUS, a bibliographic data base was also presented.
Earlier Vice chancellor Kashmir Unieversity inaugurated a day long  book exhibition on hundred rare books  which  included books from fyzee collection, Usmania collection, Pakistani publications, books donated by British council library publications and UNESCO publications.

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