Modern U. S. History Mr. Kraft World War II (wwii) u-571 Character Clarification: Captain Dahlgren

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Modern U.S. History

Mr. Kraft
World War II (WWII)

Character Clarification:
Captain Dahlgren (Captain of S-33)Bill Paxson

Lt. Andy Tyler (Executive Officer / 2nd in command)Matthew McConaughey

ChiefHarvey Keitel

EmmettJon Bon Jovi

Major Coonan (Naval Intelligence / CIA)David Keith

HirschJake Weber

Wentz (radio man) Jack Noseworthy

RabbitWill Estes

TriggerThomas Guiry

Eddie (cook) – T.C. Carson

Tank (mechanic)Dave Power

MazzolaErik Palladino

  1. What is the time period in which this movie takes place, and in what battle did this movie take place?

  1. What is a U-boat?

  1. Why doesn’t Lt. Tyler get command of his own submarine?

  1. What is Eddie’s job in the Navy?

  1. Who is the crew is posing as on this mission.

  1. What is the main objective of the mission and why?

  1. Why did the crew need German speaking Americans to be included in the mission?

  1. What tipped the Germans that something was wrong when the crew was attempting to board the U-boat?

  1. Why does Lt. Tyler jump back into the water after the U.S. submarine has torpedoed?

  1. What is the initial problem that the American crew has once they try to operate the German U-boat?

  1. Why does the crew choose not to use radio for help?

  1. What is the advice that Chief offers to Lt. Tyler when they are sitting at the table?

  1. Why does Lt. Tyler punch Mazzola?

  1. What part of the NAZI destroyer does the crew shoot and why do they shoot this part?

  1. Why does the submarine move closer to the NAZI destroyer?

  1. What are the “splashes”?

  1. What was the crew’s purpose behind releasing the debris from the submarine?

  1. Did the crew complete their mission?

  1. In your opinion, was Lt. Tyler a good submarine captain?

  1. In your opinion, what could the crew have done that would have made their mission much easier?

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