Mipro ma705pa and the ma101 Series Batteries

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MIPRO MA705PA and the MA101 Series** Batteries
Mipro MA-705 Battery Installation and Maintenance

Problems with batteries comprise a major portion of the complaints we see regarding the MA-707, MA705 and MA101 portable PA amplifier systems. Strictly speaking, failed batteries do not necessarily qualify as a manufacturing defect under warranty unless the failure occurred due to a defect in the charging system of the amplifier.

The sealed lead-acid battery (SLA) used in these units provides the best available size, weight, power capacity and battery life. However, they do require that the user follow some basic practices to obtain maximum service life. Improper usage can ruin a battery in as little as 24 hours.

Battery Installation in the MA-705: We have seen MA-705s with batteries incorrectly installed by the user. To change the batteries, remove the screws from the metal panel surrounding the AC inlet connector. Two batteries are installed in compartments behind the panel. Before removing the batteries, examine the terminals at the top of each battery. The terminal tabs should be BETWEEN the contacts as shown in the photo below. (It is possible to install the batteries such that the terminals are below the contacts. In this case the unit may not work or fail to charge.) The original batteries have a plastic shimming pad adhered to the bottom of each battery. It is about 1/8th to 3/16th” thick. Remove it from the original batteries and either glue it to the bottom of new batteries or just put it in the bottom of the battery compartments. Slide the new batteries over the shims. This shim is intended to properly align the battery terminals with the battery contacts within the battery compartment. Once the batteries are properly installed, replace the metal cover and screws.


Battery Polarity

As touched on in the second paragraph above, a common mistake is to install batteries that appear to be the correct model, but the battery terminals are reversed from what is required. Most aftermarket batteries available on the internet stores that are similar to the 7AJ002, have the terminals reversed. If the incorrect batteries are installed, damage will occur that will not be covered by warranty. It may trigger your smoke alarm!

The image (Fig. 1) below show’s the 7AJ002 type battery with the proper terminal configuration. When facing the label side/front of battery, the “+”/Red/Positive terminal is on the left.

Note; This battery below, part number is UB2.9-12T. This has the proper terminal orientation. The 2nd image below (Fig. 2) has the same part number, but the terminal orientation is reversed.

Fig. 1
If you install the battery below, (Fig. 2) you will see “Blue Smoke” and an expensive repair!

Fig. 2

Charging and proper maintenance of SLA Batteries
Charging: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries must be recharged as soon as possible after every use. Allowing discharged batteries to stand overnight can cause permanent damage. During charge cycle, the charging indicator red LED should flash on and off. As the battery nears full charge, that LED becomes lit continuously. We recommend continuing to charge the batteries for 30 minutes to an hour after the LED stops flashing to ensure full charge.
If the unit will not be used for more than 2 – 3 weeks, we recommend connecting the unit’s AC power cord to an appliance/lamp timer. Set the timer to switch ON for its minimum time (usually15 minutes) once every 24 hours. This will refresh the battery charge daily and keep it ready for service.

When properly maintained and charged, the batteries normally will not require replacement for two or more years. However, if the unit operates only a short time on battery power or if it does not appear to have power at all, the batteries are the first item to test.

MIPRO MA101, 101A, and 101C

The MA101, MA101A, MA101C, all use the same battery (7AJ002) as the MA705’s. The same charging/maintenance routines apply to the MA101 series. ** The same terminal polarity/orientation rules/problems apply. If you install the wrong type of battery in these models, you will cause the same type of damage. It will cause serious problems and an expensive repair.

**MA101ACT is not included. It does not use a battery.

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