Mechanical diaphragm metering pump

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A. Chemical metering pumps shall be Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm, positive displacement, motor driven, metering pump.

  1. Chemical metering pump shall be driven by a microprocessor controlled brushless DC motor with a minimum of 800:1 turndown ratio. The DC motor is to be direct coupled to a planetary gear assembly which drives the diaphragm through an internal belt drive assembly. The diaphragm is to be PTFE construction. The drive assembly shall be a maintenance free design.

  1. The pump shall operate at 100% stroke length throughout the pumps entire capacity range. Stroke length adjustment shall not be necessary to achieve 800:1 turndown.

  1. Solenoid-driven pumps, hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps and those with a lost motion spring return will not be accepted.

  1. The liquid end & valve design shall provide for ease of maintenance. Ball checks shall be cartridge type design.

  1. Each pump shall have a maximum capacity of [15.87 GPH at 145 PSI] [39.6 GPH at 58 PSI].

  1. Each pump shall be Grundfos DDI-222 Series digital dosing pumps.

2.01 Enclosure

  1. Drive mechanism and microprocessor shall be housed in a corrosion resistant, plastic UV stabilized enclosure. The enclosure shall include integral body fins for heat dissipation and strength.

  1. The pump design shall include provisions for optional positioning of the control interface/display, for side and front mounting.

  1. Pump enclosure rating shall be to IP65 standards.

    1. DRIVE

  1. The pump’s stroke length will always be 100%. No adjustment to the stroke length, to regulate flow, or for other reasons, is acceptable.

  1. An integral variable speed brushless DC motor/gear arrangement - shall be used to ensure the pump discharge phase extends through out the full period between suction intervals.

  1. Variable frequency drives shall not be accepted.

  1. The motor shall be integral, supplied with power cord and plug.

  1. The drive mechanism shall not require regular field service or external lubrication. Gear and motor components shall be permanently lubricated. Oiler lubrication, oil bath or oil mist systems are not acceptable.


    1. User interface/display shall be backlit LCD with selectable positioning for either side or front mounting.

    1. The interface shall provide a selection of metered output to be displayed in Gal/hr or L/hr. Pumps displaying percent (%) of output only will not be accepted.

    1. The interface shall include a lock function to protect against unauthorized changes.

    1. A built in counter shall be included to provide a running total of, accumulated flow and cumulative hours of operation.

    1. A system of red and green LED lights shall indicate pump status and alarm conditions.

A. The process diaphragm shall be PTFE with PTFE coated insert.

  1. Head and valves body material shall be (PVC), (PVDF), (316 Stainless Steel) (Polypropylene), with (Ceramic) (Stainless Steel) (Glass) (PTFE) ball material.

  1. Wetted gasket material shall be (Viton), (EPDM) (PTFE).

  1. Suction and discharge valves are to be cartridge design. Spring-loaded valves shall be available as an option. Direction of flow shall be clearly marked on each check valve to ensure correct installation.

  1. A back-plate with separation chamber shall have a safety lip seal and drain hole.

  1. Pump head shall include NPT or Tube fitting connectors for suction and discharge connections.


  1. Repeatable metering accuracy shall be ±1.5% at constant hydraulic conditions throughout the entire output range of 0.125% to 100%.

  1. The pump shall be equipped with an anti-cavitation function for use with viscous liquids or those with off gassing tendencies. The anti-cavitation function shall be a configurable operating parameter which permits the suction speed to be reduced in two slow setting modes to ensure optimal priming and pumping reliability.

  1. The pump shall be equipped with a calibration function which when initiated operates the pump for a set number of strokes and displays the anticipated pumped volume. The calibration process allows adjustment of the pump to set the calibration relative to the drawdown volume.

  1. The pump shall be equipped with provisions for selectable mode NO/NC external pump enable/disable interface.

  1. The pump shall be equipped with input connections for dual level control and alarm outputs for low-level and empty tank warnings.

    1. CONTROL

  1. The pump shall come equipped with 5 menu selectable control modes; Manual, analog, pulse, timer or batch. Optionally, the pump shall also be Profibus compatible.

1. Manual Control

  1. Output of pump is displayed in gal or liters per hour. Pump output adjustment is performed with increase/decrease buttons on the interface. Adjustment knobs are not acceptable.

  1. Pumping rate changes are to be achieved through precise speed control with fixed full stroke length.

  1. Pump output is to comply with prescribed menu maximum capacity value.

2. Automatic Control

  1. Analog: Pump shall include direct interface provisions for analog control. Both direct and reverse acting 0/4-20ma input configurations are to be acceptable inputs. The menu configuration shall permit pump maximum output scaling. The pump shall include a local alarm for loss of input signal.

  1. Pulse: The pump shall include direct interface provisions for pulse output devices. In pulse control mode, the pump shall be configured to deliver a volume of product per incoming pulse. Pump shall be operable by either reed contact pulse signal.

  1. Batch: In batch mode the pump shall respond to deliver a menu configurable quantity of liquid after receiving a remotely provided contact input.

  1. Timer: The pump shall be equipped with an internal timer. The configuration menu shall permit the user to prescribe timed sequence start point and the time between each successive timed delivery cycle.

  1. Optional Control via Profibus (Fieldbus) connection

A. The equipment shall be installed per the contract documents and manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. The equipment/system warranty, unless otherwise stated, shall be warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation, but not more than 30 months from the date of manufacture.


A. Optional accessories shall include:

    1. Level control inputs and cables

    2. Leak sensor probe and direct connection to the pump

    3. Back pressure, and relief valves

    4. Foot valves and Injection valves

    5. Analog/Pulse control cables

    6. Alarm Relay cable


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