Mathematics 1312 Business Math II course Objectives Gain factual knowledge

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Mathematics 1312

Business Math II
Course Objectives

  1. Gain factual knowledge. Learn the vocabulary and basic definitions related to set theory, counting techniques, probability, statistics, derivatives and integration.

  2. Learn fundamental principles. Become familiar with the properties associated with probability models and probability experiments as well as the relationships between probability and statistics; normal probability distributions; the formulas and concepts underlying descriptive statistics; limits, derivatives and integrals.

  3. Learn to apply the course material. Use the facts, formulas and techniques learned in this course to analyze data in various ways; apply probability models to business problems; maximize and minimize profit and loss respectively using derivatives; explore the relationships between integration and probability.

  4. Develop specific skills. Acquire a level of proficiency in the following areas: use counting and various techniques (such as Bayes' formula and the formulas associated to binomial experiments) to solve probability problems; use normal curves to answer statistical questions; use the formulas for mean, median, mode, range and sample standard deviation to analyze data sets; use the derivative formulas to take derivatives; apply integration techniques; be proficient enough to successfully complete courses requiring math 1312 as a prerequisite.

Course Content
Textbook: Mathematical Applications, 6th edition, by Harshbarger and Reynolds. The following chapters including the particular sections listed are covered.
0. Sets. unions, intersections, complements, universal set

  1. Introduction to Probability. odds; union and intersection of events; conditional probability; Bayes' formula; permutations and combinations; applications to business.

  2. Further Topics in Probability; Statistics. binomial experiments; binomial distributions; descriptive statistics; normal probability distributions.

  3. Derivatives. limits; continuous functions; the derivative; derivative formulas; applications of the derivative in business and economics.

  4. Applications of Derivatives. maxima and minima; optimization in business.

  1. Indefinite Integrals. the power rule; integrals involving logarithmic and exponential functions.

  2. Definite Integrals. area under a curve; the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Math 1312.020 and 1312.040 – Business Math II

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