List 3 Experiments – Who conducted them? When? Why is it Important? Source?

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Lexy Antoni

Senior Seminar: Technology Experiment

  1. What is the area of interest? Are pop-up windows truly effective?

  2. List 3 Experiments – Who conducted them? When? Why is it Important? Source?

    1. Ethan Rapp is the Director of Research for DoubleClick, the leading Internet advertising company. He conducted a survey on the efficaciousness of pop-up windows. Many companies will design advertisements or surveys in the form of pop-up windows. There are loud complaints from certain market sectors, but this data has found that “Industry-wide market research shows less than half of 1% of users mind pop-ups enough to complain.” His experiment was for surveys, not advertisements, but the conclusions that pop-up windows are really effective provides marketers with a tool to reach consumers. No date found. Article title: “The Catch-22 of Online Survey Research” by Ethan Rapp. Intelligex Online Magazine.

    2. Bob Chamber’s article and survey reference coincide with Ethan Rapp’s opinion that pop-up windows yield results. He sites the fact that companies have reported a tripling in responses due to the little website add-on. Far from annoying, the pop-up windows bring customers in to a company’s website, and Bob recommends the use of them (Without inundating the reader, of course). “Increase the Effectiveness of your Website in One Easy Step” by Bob Chambers. QuestFinder News Online January 3, 2001.

    3. Contrary to the first two reseearchers, this author found that “Almost 49% of people surveyed by market analysis firm Jupiter Research found online adverts to be the most irritating of all the commercial come-ons they are subjected to each day.” This news is discouraging because it directly contradicts the first two researchers’ information. The article ffurther states that ” A quarter of people that the survey reached said that pop-ups annoyed them so much that they would avoid sites that used them altogether.” Following this logic, companies woul dbe committing website suicide by placing an pop-up windows on their site. “Pop Go the Adverst.” BBC News. (Based out of the UK) Monday, 26 November 2001.

  3. Describe an Experiment To Conduct: Conduct a survey on the GUI and overall outlook of the new Windows XP.

  4. Plan of Objectives:

    1. Create a survey (paper or email) concerning the Layout and Color scheme utilized in the new XP. Compare XP with previous operating systems (Maybe have a rating sections – “pick your favorites, labelling them in order 1 through 3”.)

    2. Give the survey out to students

    3. Poll results and present.

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