Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor Auction Catalog #115 [Closing August 9th, 2010]

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LP's: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label
1027.*BELL LABS BTL-7901: "Early Hi-Fi," Vol. 1. Experimental recordings with Leopold Stokowski/Philadelphia Orchestra by Bell Labs in 1931 & 1932, including some in true stereo. Most, if not all, recorded in concert. In mono: Roman Carnival Overture; Invitation to the Dance; Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream; Tristan Prelude & Liebestod. In mono/stereo (sections vary): 2 excerpts from Scriabin Poem of Fire; 6 excerpts from Moussorgsky-Ravel (!) Pictures at an Exhibition. [fold-open album] Bell Labs BTL-7901. A- 65.00

1028.*CAPITOL SP-8371: CHOPIN BY STARLIGHT - Orchestrations of piano pieces (10). Dragon/Hollywood Bowl. A- 9.00

1029.*CAPITOL SP-8503: KHACHATURIAN - Gayne & Masquerade Suites. KABALEVSKY - Comedians Suite. Newman/Hollywood Bowl Sym. [TAS 38:188-9] A- 9.00

1030.*CAPITOL SP-8663: SULLIVAN-MACKERRAS Pineapple Poll. Mackerras/RPO. [fr EMI ESD-7028; TAS 65:160] A- 9.00

1031.*CAPITOL SPBO-8700(2): SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony #11. Stokowski/Houston Symphony. [from SPBR-8448; TAS 73:149L] A- 25.00

1032.*COLUMBIA MS-6488: BRAHMS - Alto Rhapsody; Song of Destiny. MAHLER - Songs of a Wayfarer. Miller; Walter/Col Sym. [TAS 73:147L] A- 16.00

1033.*COMMAND CC-11004: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien. Dervaux/Colonne Orch. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. Vandernoot/PCO. [Bob Fine, recording chief] A--(c/c) 9.00

1034.*COMMAND CC-11005: RAVEL - Daphnis & Chloe, Suite #2; La Valse; Alborada del Gracioso. Dervaux/L'Orchestre des Concerts Colonne. [Light; Fine; 35mm film recording] A--(c/c) 9.00

1035.*COMMAND CC-11007: RAVEL - Rapsodie Espagnole; Bolero. Dervaux/L'Orchestre des Concerts Colonne. [Fine, engineer; 35mm film recording] A- 10.00

1036.*COMMAND CC-11020: WAGNER - Overtures: Rienzi, Meistersinger, Faust, Dutchman; Lohengrin Act 3 Prelude. Steinberg/Pittsburgh. [Light; Fine; Piros; 35mm film] A--(c/c) 9.00

1037.*CROSSROADS 22 16 0160: D'INDY - Istar Variations; La Mort de Wallenstein. BERLIOZ - Benvenuto Cellini & Corsair Overtures. Fekete/Prague Sym. FS 9.00

1038.*CRYSTAL CLEAR CCS-7006: PROKOFIEV - Love For Three Oranges Suite. RAVEL - La Valse. FALLA - Dance from La Vida Breve. Susskind/LPO. [Wodenjak; Whyte; direct-to-disc; TAS 15:366] A- 20.00

1039.*DENON OX-7078: DVORAK & TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenades for Strings. Kasandjiev/Sofia Ch Orch. [VERY early digital: recorded in Japan in March, 1976!] A- to A 12.00

1040.*EMI ASD--521: ENGLISH STRING MUSIC: ELGAR - Introduction & Allegro; Serenade in e. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Tallis & Greensleeves Fantasias. Barbirolli/Sinfonia of London; Allegri Quartet. A- 20.00

1041.*EMI ASD-2259: ELGAR - Violin Concerto. Menuhin; Boult/NPO. A- 16.00

1042.*EMI ASD-2496: MANY HAPPY RETURNS, SIR JOHN! Arrangements by Sir John Barbirolli of works by Purcell, Corelli, Bach & Marcello, and Barbirolli's Elizabethan Suite (from works of Byrd, Farnaby & Bull). Barbirolli conducts misc British orchestras. [A tribute on Barbirolli's 70th birthday in 1969; sadly & ironically, he passed away only a few months later] A- 25.00

1043.*EMI ASD-2750: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - English Folk Song Suite; Fantasia on Greensleeves. ELGAR - Enigma Variations. Boult/LSO. [Bishop; Gray] A- to A 20.00

1044.*EMI ASD-3135: TCHAIKOVSKY - Suite #3. Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Gooch; quad] A- 16.00

1045.*EMI ASD-3158: MOZART - Symphony #35 & #41. Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker; quad] A- 18.00

1046.*EMI ED-27 0150 1: ALBERIC MAGNARD - Symphony #4; Chant Funebre. Plasson/Orch du Capitole, Toulouse. [Macleod; Ducourtieux; DMM; dig] A- to A 10.00

1047.*EMI ODEON ASD-2759: MALCOLM WILLIAMSON - Violin Concerto. LENNOX BERKELEY - Violin Concerto. Menuhin; Boult/LPO(Williamson) & Menuhin Festival Orch(Berkeley). A- 20.00

1048.*EMI ODEON ASD-3013: RACHMANINOV (orch Respighi) - Five Etudes Tableaux. TCHAIKOVSKY - The Voyevode; The Storm. Krasnapolsky/NPO. [Willan; Eltham] [TAS 73:148L] A-- 35.00

1049.*EMI SLS--976(3): ELGAR - The Apostles. Armstrong; Watts; Tear; Luxon; Grand; Case; Boult/LPO & Cho; Downe House School Cho. [On side #6, Boult discusses the Apostles, The Kingdom and other Elgar works with illustrations from his recordings (and Barbirolli's of Dream of Gerontius)] [Bishop; Parker] A- to A 17.00

1050.*EMI SLS-788(9): BEETHOVEN - The Nine Symphonies; Incidental Music to Egmont (Nilsson, soprano); Overtures: King Stephen, Leonore #1-#3, Consecration of the House, Coriolan, Prometheus & Fidelio. Lovberg; Ludwig; Kmentt; Hotter; PO Cho (in #9); Klemperer/PO. A- 68.00

1051.*EMI SLS-922(2): BEETHIOVEN - Missa Solemnis. Soderstrom; Hoffgen; Kmentt; Talvela; Klemperer/NPO & Cho. [pretty impressive Kingsway Hall chorus-and-orchestra sonority in the Gloria!] A- 20.00

1052.*EMI SXLP-30139: WALTON - Film Music: Suites from Henry V & Richard III; Hamlet Funeral March; Spitfire Prelude & Fugue. Composer/PO. A- 12.00

1053.*LYRITA SRCS--53: BAX - Symphony #1. Fredman/LPO. A- 13.00

1054.*MOBILE FIDELITY MFSL 1-507: RESPIGHI - Pines of Rome; Feste Romane. Maazel/CO. [Woolcock; Wilkinson; 1/2-speed remastering of London original (TAS 12:534L); Japanese pressing] A- to A(c/c) 14.00

1055.*MOBILE FIDELITY MFSL 1-524: MOERAN - Symphony in g. Dilkes/English Sinfonia Orch. [Half-speed mastered from EMI ASD-2913 (TAS 5:75); superb Japanese pressing] A- to A 14.00

1056.*MOBILE FIDELITY MFSL 2-501: ELGAR - Falstaff; Sanguine Fan Ballet. BACH-ELGAR - Fantasia & Fugue in c (Bach orch. Elgar). Boult/LPO. [Bishop; Parker Eltham; Half-Speed Remastering of EMI ASD-2970; silky Japanese pressing; the brief, dynamic Bach, spread out over a whole side, is quite something just to look at!] [see TAS 6:184; 65:154L] A- to A 25.00

1057.*PHILIPS 835 474: LISZT - Piano Concerti #1 & 2. Richter; Kondrashin/KSO. [Old Mercury team on one of only two or three discs they made for Philips (and the only one acknowledged on an album cover) - Cozart, Lawrence, Fine & Piros; 35mm film recording] Philips 835 474. A- to A 24.00

1058.*READER'S DIGEST RD4-A-074(8): POPS PARTY - Fun With Fiedler and the Boston Pops. Eight-record collection of RCA material; each disc with its own jacket and notes, then all in a nice slipcase. A- 25.00

1059.*SHURE TTR-101: AUDIO OBSTACLE COURSE - Trackability Test Record. [1967 - associated with their V-15 Type II cartridge] A- 12.00

LP’s: Miscellaneous Audiophile & Special Label, continued
1061.*UNICORN UNS-209: RAFF - Symphony #5. Herrmann/LPO. [Barratt; Auger; Barking Assembly Hall, 1970] A- 12.00

1062.*UNICORN UNS-237: BERHARD HERRMANN - The Devil & Daniel Webster; Welles Raises Kane. Composer/LPO. [Auger; TAS 42:154] A- 12.00

1063. WESTMINSTER W-LAB 7003: LISZT - Hungarian Rhapsodies #1, #2 & #5. Scherchen/PSOL. A- to B++(missing notes booklet) 21.00

1064.*WESTMINSTER WST-14067: HOLST- The Planets. Boult/VSOO. [early labels] A-- 16.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire
1065.*ALFVEN: Symphony #4. Soderstrom; Winbergh; Westerberg/Stockholm Phil. Turn TV-34778. A- 9.00

1066.*ANTILL: (John): Corroboree Suite (Composer/Sydney Symphony). GRAINGER: Green Bushes (Hopkins/Melbourne Sym). MICHAEL HURST: Traditional Overture; Swagman's Holiday. TRAD, ARR.KENNY: Waltzing Matilda. [Last three with Thomas/South Australian Sym (and Cho in Matilda] EMI OASD-7554. A- 50.00

1067.*ATTERBERG: Suite #3 for Violin, Viola & Strings. GUNNAR de FRUMERIE: Pastoral Suite for Flute, Harp & Strings. DAG WIREN: Sinfonietta. Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33167. A- 12.00

1068. BACH: (C.P.E.): Piano Concerto in a (Holletschek); Sinfonias in D and C. Swoboda/Vienna Sym. West WL-5040. B+ 10.00

1069.*BACH: Sinfonias from Cantatas (13). Winschermann/Deutsche Bachsolisten. Philips 802 920. A- to A 9.00

1070. BARANOVICH: (Kreshimir; b.1894): The Gingerbread Heart (ballet suite). Composer/Belgrade Philharmonic. FRAN LHOTKA (1883-1962): Devil in the Village (ballet suite). Composer/Zagreb Opera Orch. London LL-1235. A-(s/s) 25.00

1071.*BAYER: The Fairy Doll (ballet). Gregor/Prague Sym. Supraphon SUAST-50806. A- 9.00

1072.*BEACH: (Mrs. H.H.A.): Piano Concerto, Op.45. DANIEL GREGORY MASON: Prelude & Fugue for Piano & Orchestra. Boehm; Landau/Westphalian Sym. Turn QTVS-34665. A- 9.00

1073.*BEETHOVEN: (arr. Brott): The Young Prometheus. Brott/CBC Festival Orch. [Orchestral arrangements of some obscure early pieces] Radio Canada CC-15,038. FS 12.00

1074.*BEETHOVEN: Rondos (4) & Bagatelles (22; including Op.33, Op.119 & Op.126). Esteban Sanchez, piano. MHS 1246/47(2). A- 9.00

1075. BEETHOVEN: Triple Concerto; Leonore Overture #3. Corigliano; Rose; Hendl; Walter/NYP. Col ML-5368. A-("6-eyes" labels) 20.00

1076.*BENNETT: (William Sterndale; 1816-75): Piano Concerto #4 (Binns); Symphony in g. Hilary Davan Wetton/Milton Keynes Chamber Orch. [dig; DMM] Music Series MKM-861. A- 12.00

1077.*BERG: Violin Concerto (Zukerman); Three Orchestral Pieces. Boulez/LSO & BBC Sym. [dig] CBS IM-39741. A-(demo copy) 9.00

1078.*BERGMAN: (Erik; b.1911): Aubade. SIBELIUS: Lemminkainen & the Maidens of Saari; Finlandia. Panula/Helsinki Philharmonic. Finlandia FA-314. A- to A 5.00

1079.*BERMAN: (Erik; b.1911): Colori ed Improvisazioni for Orchestra; Noa for Baritone, Mixed Chorus & Orchestra (Lehtinen). Segerstam/Finnish Radio Orch & Ch Cho. Finlandia FA-330. A- to A 9.00

1080.*BERWALD: Symphonies #1 - #4; Piano Concerto (Migdal); Violin Concerto (Tellefsen); Elfenspiel; Serious & Joyful Fancies; Festival of the Bayaderes; Racing; Reminiscences from the Norwegian Mountains; Overtures to Queen of Golconda & Estrella di Soria. Bjorlin/RPO. Seraphim SID-6113(4). A- 18.00

1081.*BLACHER: Orchestra Ornament. MILHAUD: Cortege Funebre. POULENC: Deux Marches et un Intermede. Mester/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LS-685. A- 10.00

1082. BLISS: Discourse for Orchestra. COLIN McPHEE: Symphony #2, Pastoral. Whitney/Louisville Sym. Louisville LOU-592. A-(blank jacket; includes notes) 12.00

1083. BLOCH: Piano Sonata (Richard Cumming); Five Sketches in Sepia; Poems of the Sea (LeRoy Miller, piano). Music Library MLR-7015. A--(blank cover) 10.00

1084.*BLOCH: Symphony in c# (1901). Baker/St.Louis Philharmonic. [DMM][first recording; apparently taken from a live concert in January 1984, which was the work's first performance since Alfred Hertz played it in San Francisco in 1927. Includes extensive notes and eight copies of reviews of the concert and record.] Ernest Bloch Society EBS-001. A- to A 32.00

1085.*BRIQUET: (Marc; 1896-1979): Sonata for Violin & Piano (Jaquerod; Zanlonghi); Poemes for Soprano & Piano (Annen; Zanlonghi). Gallo 30-434. A- to A 9.00

1086.*BRUCKNER: Symphony #8. Karajan/BPO. DGG 2707 085(2). A- to A 16.00

1087.*BULL: (Ole; 1810-80): Polacca Guerriera; Nocturne; Fantasy & Variations on a Theme of Bellini; 4 more pieces. Tellefsen, violin; Andersen/Bergen Sym. Norsk Kulturrads Klassikerserie NKF 30041. A- 12.00

1088. BUSONI: Violin Concerto (Borries; Rother/Berlin Radio). WOLF-FERRARI: String Serenade (Lange/Berlin Radio). Urania URLP-7043. A- 16.00

1089.*CHAUSSON: Symphony; Soir de Fete. Plasson/Orch du Capitole de Toulouse. [nice fold-open album] French EMI 2C069-14086. A- 10.00

1090.*CHIHARA: The Tempest (complete ballet). Jean-Louis LeRoux/Performing Arts Orchestra of San Francisco. MMG 201X(2). FS 16.00

1091.*CHOPIN-FRANCAIX: The Twenty-Four Preludes (orchestrated by Jean Francaix). Rickenbacher/Berlin Radio Orch. [dig; DMM; very interesting, but Stoky outdoes him on #24!] Schwann VMS-1629. A- to A 18.00

1092.*COLGRASS: Concert Masters for Three Violins & Orchestra (Rudie, Yanagita, Oakland, violins; Akiyama/American Symphony). KARL KORTE: Concerto for Piano & Winds (Perry; Lee/University of Texas Wind Ens). Turnabout TVS-34704. A- 12.00

1093.*COPLAND: Saga of the Prairies; An Outdoor Overture. BARBER: Capricorn Concerto. Clark/Pacific Sym. [dig] Andante AD-72406. A- 12.00

1094.*COPLAND: Symphonic Ode; Orchestral Variations; Preamble for Solemn Occasion. Composer/LSO. Col M-31714. A-- 8.00

LP’s: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire, continued
1095.*COWELL: Hymn & Fuguing Tunes #2 & #3; Ballad. ROBERT STARER: Mutabili - Variants for Orchestra. KOECHLIN: Cinque Chorals dans les Modes du Moyen-Age. Mester/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-682. A-(blank jacket; includes notes) 12.00

1096. COWELL: Ongaku for Orchestra. BENJAMIN LEES: Symphony #2. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-595. A- 9.00

1097.*COWELL: Sinfonietta. SURINACH: Melorhythmic Dramas. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-681. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes) 12.00

1098.*CRUMB: Night Music I (Toth, soprano; Composer/Ens). ROBERT ERICKSON (b.1917): Chamber Concerto (Shapey/Hartt Chamber Players). CRI USD-218. A- 12.00

1099.*D'INDY: Wallenstein Trilogy (Wallenstein's Camp; Max & Thecia; Death of Wallenstein); Istar Variations. Dervaux/Orch Philharmonique des Pays de la Loire. [nice fold-open album] EMI 2C069-14043. A- 12.00

1100.*DALLAPICCOLA: Piccola Musica Notturna. GUNTHUR SCHULLER: Five Bagatelles for Orchestra. LEONARDO BALADA (b.1933): Guernica. Mester/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LS-686. A- 12.00

1101. DE CROES: (Henri Jacques; 1705-86): Concerto a Quatre for Strings. JEAN DECADT (b.1914): Ballade on a Tree (Serverius, soprano). [Maes/Belgian Ch Orch in both] GABRIEL VERSCHRAEGEN (b.1919): Concerto for Organ, Orchestra & Percussion (Composer, organ). Alpha DB-91. A- 24.00

1102.*EGGE: Violin Concerto (Wicks; Fjeldstad/Oslo Philharmonic); Piano Sonata #2; Two Fantasies (Baekkelund, piano). Philips PHS-900-210. A- 14.00

1103. EGK: Suite from "Abraxas." HENZE: Wedding Music from "Undine." IRVING FINE: Diversions. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-643. A- 9.00

1104. ELGAR: Images of Elgar: Limited Edition boxed set includes five LP's with the composer conducting Symphonies #1 & #2; Enigma Variations; Falstaff; Violin Concerto (Menuhin); Cello Concerto (Beatrice Harrison) and choral works recorded at 1927 Hereford Festival. Also includes Jerrold Northop Moore's book, ELGAR: A Life in Photographs. EMI RLS-708(5). A- 77.00

1105. ELIZALDE: (Federico; 1907-79): Violin Concerto. Ferras; Poulet/LSO. [10-inch] London LS-564. B+/B(varies) 32.00

1106.*ENESCO: Suite Chatelaine; Voix de la Nature. Remus Georgescu/Banatul Phiharmonic in Timisoara. Electrecord STECE-02240. A- 15.00

1107.*ERB: Prismatic Variations. CHRISTOPHER ROUSE: The Infernal Machine; Ogoun Badagris. JOAN TOWER: Sequoia. Slatkin/St.Louis Sym (Ogoun conducted by Peter Susskind). [dig] Nonesuch 9-79118-1. A- to A(c/c) 12.00

1108.*ESHPAI: (Andrei; b.1925): A Circle (ballet in two acts). Emin Khachaturian/USSR TV/Radio Orch. [notes in Russian only] Melodiya C10-16189-92(2). A-(start of side 2 is B+) 16.00

1109.*FIBICH: Comenius Festival Overture; Toman & the Wood-Nymph; Overture to The Fall of Ancona. Valek/Prague Sym. Supraphon 1110 3913. A- 12.00

1110.*FIBICH: Spring (symphonic poem); The Romance of Spring (cantata; Sormova; Prusa; Cho); A Night at Karlstein Overture; At Twilight. Vajnar/Prague Radio Orch. [dig] Supraphon 1110 3405. A- 9.00

1111.*GADE: Symphony #1 ("On Sjolund's Fair Plains"). Hye-Knudsen/Royal Danish Or. Turn TVS-34052. A- 10.00

1112. GILSON: (Paul): La Mer. Weemaels/Belgian National Orch. LEON JONGEN: Malaisie. Composer/Belgian National Orch. [French-only notes] London TW-91121. A--/A- 20.00

1113. GLANVILLE-HICKS: Gymnopedies #1-#3. DANE RUDHYAR: Sinfonietta. HENRY BRANT: Concerto for Alto Saxophone (Rascher). Johnson/Cincinnati Sym (in Brant); Perlea/RIAS Sym (in rest). Remington R-199-188. B+/B(varies) 12.00

1114.*GLAZOUNOV: Piano Concerto #2 (Alexeyev; Nickolayevsky); Violin Concerto (Snitkowsky). Rozhdestvensky/USSR Radio/TV Large Sym (in both). Melodiya C10-08810. A- 12.00

1115. GLIERE: Symphony #2. Composer/Moscow Radio Orch. Melodiya 03812-13. A- 13.00

1116.*GOOSSENS: (Eugene): Divertissement (Chiarelli/National Phil); Six Songs (Meriel; Dickinson, ms; Peter Dickinson, pf); Islamite Dance, Old Chinese Folk Song, Two Songs (Leon Goossens, oboe; Lloyd, piano); Oboe Concerto (Leon Goossens; Susskind/PO). [the concerto is a mono EMI recording] Unicorn UN1-75005. A-(c/c) 12.00

1117.*GOOSSENS (Sir Eugene; 1893-1962): Symphony #1 (1940). Measham/Adelaide Sym. Unicorn Kanchana KP-8000. A- 18.00

1118.*GRECHANINOV: Suite for Cello & Orchestra. KHACHATURIAN: Cello Concerto. Thomas; Symeonides/Bamberg Sym. Schwann VMS-2114. A- to A 15.00

1119.*GUTCHE: Genghis Khan. HUSA: Music for Prague 1968. PENDERECKI: De Natura Sonoris #2. Mester/Louisville Sym. Louisville LS-722. A- 12.00

1120.*HANNIKAINEN: (Ilmari; 1892-1955): Piano Music: Variations Fantasques, Op.19; Cinq Morceaux pour Piano, Op.20; five more short pieces. Izumi Tateno. [Ilmari was Tauno Hannikainen's brother] Finlandia FA-341. A-(c/c) 10.00

1121.*HILL: (Alfred; 1870-1960): Symphony #4 ("The Pursuit of Happiness"); Symphony #6 ("Celtic"); The Sacred Mountain. Lehmann/Melbourne Symphony. [dig] Marco Polo 6.220345. A- 12.00

1122.*HINDEMITH: Concerti for Cello (de Machula) & Clarinet (Pieterson). Kondrashin/ACO. [Live, 1973 & 1979] Etcetera ETC-1006. A- to A 9.00

1123.*HINDEMITH: Kammermusik #2, Op.36, #1. GOFFREDO PETRASSI: Noche Oscura - Cantata for Mixed Chorus & Orchestra. Mester/Louisville Orchestra; Choruses of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Louisville LS-684. A-(blank cover; includes notes) 12.00

1124.*HIVELY: (Wells; 1902-69): Summer Holiday (Rive Gauche). PAUL CRESTON: Dance Overture. HERBERT HAUFRECHET (b.1909): Square Set. PEDRO SANJUAN (b.1886): La Macumba (Ritual Symphony). Alfredo Antonini/misc orchs. CRI SD-111. A- 12.00

1125.*HOFFMEISTER: (Franz; 1754-1812): Piano Concerto in D, Op.24. GEORG VOGLER: Marlborough Variations. Blumenthal, piano; Zedda/Prague New Ch Orch. Turn TVS-34285. FS 9.00

1126.*HOVHANESS: St. Vartan Symphony. Composer/National Philharmonic. Unicorn RHS-317. A- 12.00

LP’s: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire, continued
1127.*HURLEBUSCH: (Konrad; 1696-1765): Concerto in a. TELEMANN: Concerto Grosso in D; Ouverture in a. Muller-Brull/Capella Clementina. Philips 9502 064. FS 9.00

1128.*HUSA: (Karel): Two Sonnets from Michelangelo. MATHIAS BAMERT: Septuria Lunaris. Mester/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-725. A- 12.00

1129.*IBERT: Diane de Poitiers (Suite #1) (Albin/Strasbourg Radio Orch). HENRI BARRAUD: Une Saison en Enfer (Girard/ORTF). Inedits 995 017. A- 15.00

1130.*IVES: Three Places in New England (Ormandy/Phila); Washington's Birthday (Bernstein/NYP); Robert Browning Overture (Stokowski/American Sym). Col MS-7015. A-(early "2-eyes" labels; s/s) 12.00

1131.*JOLIVET: Cello Concerto #2 (Rostropovich); Five Ritual Dances. Composer/ORTF. MHS 1371. A- 15.00

1132. JOLIVET: Suite Transoceane. JOHN VINCENT - Symphony in D. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-572. A-(in blank jacket; includes notes) 12.00

1133.*JONGEN: (Joseph): Fantaisie aus Deux Noels Populaires Wallons (Defossez/Belgian National Orch); Troisieme Suite pour Orchestre (P.Strauss/Liege Sym). Musica Magna MAG-60 005. A-(small cov stain) 15.00

1134. JONGEN: (Joseph; 1872-1953): Preludes & Toccata for Piano (de Clercq). VICTOR LEGLEY (b.1915): Sonata for Clarinet & Piano. RAYMOND CHEVREUILLE (b.1901): Recitative & Gay Melody for Clarinet & Piano. Ancion, clar; Jooris-Lechat, pf. Alpha DB-88. A- 24.00

1135. JONGEN: (Joseph; 1872-1953): Saxophone Quartet. MARCEL POOT: Concertino. [Belgian Saxophone Quartet in both] Short Piano Works by RAYMOND BAERVOETS, PIERRE FROIDEBISE, PHILIPPE BOESMANS & CAMILLE SCHMIT (Robert Leuridan, piano). Alpha DB-90. A- 24.00

1136. KARAYEV: (1918-82): Seven Beauties Ballet. Grikurov/Leningrad Maly Theatre Orch. West XWN-18145. A- 20.00

1137.*KHRENNIKOV: Suite from the ballet "Husarenballade." Fedoseyev/USSR Radio Orch. [dig; German-only notes] Eurodisc 206-406-425. A- 12.00

1138.*KORNGOLD: Piano Sonata #2; Fairy Pictures, Op. 3. Kubalek, piano. [program notes include essay by Glenn Gould] Genesis GS-1055. A- 9.00

1139.*KUBELIK: Quattro Forme per Archi. DVORAK: String Serenade. Kubelik/ECO. DGG 139 443. A- to A 12.00

1140.*LILBURN: (1915-2001): Symphony #3 (1961); Aotearoa Overture (Hopkins/New Zealand Broadcasting Corp Orch). DAVID FARQUHAR (b.1928): Symphony (1959). Matteucci/NZBC. Oryx 1900. A- 15.00

1141.*LISZT: Tarantella; Spozalizio; Il Pensiero (all from Annees de Pelerinage); Hungarian Rhapsodies #5 & #12. [Orchestrations by Muller-Berghaus; Kazanly; Doppler] Cherkasov/USSR Radio Orchestra. Melodiya C10-18355 007. A- 12.00

1142. LYSENKO: (Mykola; 1842-1912): Elegie, Rhapsodie #2, Capriccio Elegiaque, Fantasia, 3 more pieces (all for violin & piano). Toccata, Trois Esquisse, 2 more pieces. Francois d'Albert, violin; Catherine Saurer Smith, piano. IKAR OAM-0013. FS 15.00

1143. MACHAVARIANI: (Alexie; b.1913): Violin Concerto (Vaiman; Dmitriadi/USSR Radio Orch). MECHISLAV KARLOVICH (1876-1909): Violin Concerto (Barinova; Kondrashin/USSR Sym). West XWN-18535. B++ 14.00

1144.*MADETOJA: (Leevi): Symphony #3; Comedy Overture. Panula/Helsinki Philharmonic. Finnlevy SFX-20. A- 12.00

1145.*MAHLER: Symphony # 2. Marton; Norman; Maazel/VPO; VSO Cho. [dig] [demo copy] CBS I2M-38667(2). A- to A 16.00

1146.*MAHLER: Symphony # 8. Harper; Popp; Minton; Watts; Auger; Kollo; Talvela; Shirley-Quirk; Solti/CSO; VSO Cho, etc. [TAS 44:169; 47:148] London OSA-1295(2). A- 14.00

1147.*MARAIS: La Sonnerie de Sainte Genevieve du Mont de Paris. Plus "other baroque treasures" by Telemann(3), Pachelbel, Vivaldi(2), Bach(2) & Couperin. Redel/Munich Pro Arte Orch. Peters PLE-044. FS 9.00

1148. MARQUIS DE CUEVAS: Musiques des Ballets, Vol 1 - L'Aigrette; L'Oiseau Bleu. Cloez/Grand Orch du Marquis de Cuevas (Saison de Paris, 1953-54). [French-only notes] London TWV-91048. A--(bit of minor crackle outside grooves) 16.00

1149. MARQUIS DE CUEVAS: Musiques des Ballets, Vol 2 - Dona Ines de Castro; L'Ange Gris (Suite Bergamasque). Cloez/Grand Orchestre du Marquis de Cuevas (Saison de Paris, 1953-54). [French-only notes] London TWV-91049. B 10.00

1150.*MARTINU: Concerto for Two Pianos (Lejskova; Lejsek; Waldhans/Brno State Philharmonic); Piano Concerto #5 ("Fantasia Concertante;" Bilek; Rohan/Prague Sym). ProArte PAL-1034. A- 9.00

1151. MARTINU: Estampes. NICOLAI LOPATNIKOFF: Music for Orchestra. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-596. A- 12.00

1152. MARTINU: Piano Concerto #3 (Palenicek; Ancerl/CPO); Violin Concerto (Belcik; Neumann/Prague Sym). [rousing performance of the piano concerto!!] Artia ALP-205. A- 12.00

1153.*MARTINU: Symphony #2 & #6. Neumann/CPO. ProArte PAL-1019. A- 8.00

1154.*MASSENET: Piano Concerto. SAINT-SAENS: Piano Fantasy, "Africa." GOUNOD: Piano Fantasy on the Russian National Hymn. Dosse; Landau/Westphalian Sym. [quad] Candide QCE-31088. A- 10.00

1155.*MAYAZUMI: (Toshiro): Bacchanale; Phonologie Symphonique. YASUSHI AKUTAGAWA: Music for Symphony Orchestra; Triptique for String Orchestra. Mori/Tokyo Symphony. [blue labels] Angel S-36577. A- 15.00

1156.*MESSIAEN: Oiseaux Exotiques; La Bouscarle; Reveil des Oiseaux. Loriod, piano; Neumann/CPO. [Messiaen credited as "artistic leader," which I expect means he supervised the sessions] Candide CE-31002. A- 10.00

1157. MESSIAEN: Visions de l'Amen. Composer; Loriod, pianos. Dial 8. C(disappointing, but very scarce; stopgap?) 8.00

1158.*MIGNONE: (Francisco; 1897-1986): Valsas Brasileiras (25; complete?). Maria Josephina, piano. [notes in Portuguese only] Apoio Cultural BNDES 992 544(2). A- 16.00

1159.*MILHAUD: Le Carnaval de Londres. V.RIETI: Barabau - Suite from the Ballet. Fedotov/Leningrad Philharmonic Chamber Orch. Melodiya C-01473-74. A- 12.00

1160.*MOMPOU: Piano Music: Preludes #5, #6, #8 & #9; Suburbios; Escenas de Ninos; Impresiones Intimas. Rosa Sabater, piano. [notes in Spanish only] Colombian Decca SXL-29035. A-(with FFSS labels!!) 16.00

LP’s: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire, continued
1161.*MONTERO: (Joaquin): Four Sonatas; Ten Minuets. Ruiz-Pipo, piano. [Spanish-only notes] Etnos 02-A-XXXI. A- to A 9.00

1162. MOROSS: (Jerome): Symphony #1. BERNARD HERMANN: Welles Raises Kane. Artists not indicated; these are both from radio broadcasts, November 19, 1944 and July 3, 1949, respectively. Premiere PR-1202. A--(rather noisy original sources) 12.00

1163.*MOSCHELES: La Tenerezza; Gigue; Sonata Melancholique; La Petite Babillarde; Three Etudes; La Leggerezza. Philip Challis, piano. Revolution RCF-004. FS 9.00

1164. MOULAERT: (Raymond; 1875-1962): Andante, Fugue & Finale for Four Saxophones. MAURICE SCHOEMAKER (b.1890): Suite Champetre for String Trio. GERARD BERTOUILLE (b.1898): Prelude & Fugue for Four Saxophones. MARCEL QUINET (b.1915): Wind Quintet. Misc Belgian Ens. Alpha DB-42. A-(bad tear though English notes on back cov) 15.00

1165.*MOZART: Music for Piano Four-Hands (complete). Demus; Badura-Skoda. MHS 1293/96(4). A- 20.00

1166.*MOZART: Symphony in F, K.19a. KARL JOSEPH TOESCHI (1731-1778): Symphony in D. ROCHUS DEDLER (1779-1822): Symphony in D. Keller/Convivium Musicum Munchen. [first recordings of all works] Bavaria MB-80 702. A- 12.00

1167.*MUFFAT: (Georg; 1653-1704): Three Suites: Gratitudo, Impatientia & Constantia; Concerti Grossi in G and e. Sulyok/Budapest Philharmonic Ch Orch. Qualiton SLPX-11324. A- 9.00

1168.*NEDBAL: (Oscar; 1874-1930): From Tale to Tale (scenes from the ballet); The Simple Johnny (ballet suite). Trhlik/Ostrava Philharmonic. Supraphon 1 10 0835. A- 12.00

1169. NIELSEN: Pan & Syrinx; Flute Concerto (Birkelund); At the Bier of a Young Artist; Hymnus Amoris. Thomas Jensen/Danish Radio Orch (with Guldbaek; Moller; chorus in "Hymnus;" all from live concerts, 1958/59] Danacord DACO-155. A- to A 9.00

1170. NIELSEN: Symphony #2 (Jensen; 1947); Symphony #4 (Grondahl; 1951); Symphony #5 (Tuxen; 1950; all these with Danish Radio Orch); Clarinet Concerto (Cahuzac; Frandsen/Copenhagen Opera Orch; 1947). [transfers by Keith Hardwick] EMI EM-29 0444 3(2). A- 25.00

1171. NIELSEN: Symphony #4. Grondahl/Danish Radio Orch. [only in print 8/52 - 3/56] RCA LHMV-1006. B to B+(surface marks are mostly superficial) 8.00

1172.*NIELSEN: The Six Symphonies; Concerti for Clarinet (Stevennson), Violin (Tellefsen) & Flute (Lemsser). Blomstedt/Danish Radio Orch. EMI SLS-5027(8). A- 40.00

1173. NORDOFF: (Paul; b.1909): Winter Symphony. PAUL MULLER-ZURICH (b.1898): Cello Concerto (Grace Whitney, cello). Robert Whitney/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LOU-571. A-(black jacket; includes notes) 12.00

1174.*NOVAK: Slovak Suite; Marysa Overture. Sejna/Brno Philharmonic. Supraphon 1 10 0648. A- 10.00

1175.*NYSTROEM: (Gosta): Sinfonia del Mare. Soderstrom; Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish Society Discofil SLT-33207. A- 12.00

1176.*ORDONEZ: (Carlos; 1734-86): Three Sinfonias. Blazquez/Nova Schola Pratensis. [Spanish-only notes] Etnos 02-A-XVI. A- to A 9.00

1177.*PADEREWSKI: Piano Concerto. LUDOMIR ROZYCKI (1884-1953): Ballade for Piano & Orch. Hesse-Bukowska; Krenz/Polish Radio Orch. Muza SX-196. A-- 12.00

1178.*PARRY: Violin Sonata in D; Fantasie Sonata in B; Twelve Short Pieces. Gruenberg, violin; Vignoles, piano. [DMM] Hyperion A-66157. A- to A 12.00

1179.*PETTERSON: Concerto #1 for String Orch. INGVAR LIDHOLM (b.1921): Nausicaa Alone. Soderstrom, soprano & Swedish Radio Cho (in Lidholm); Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch (in both). Caprice CAP-1110. A- to A 9.00

1180.*PFITZNER: Symphony in C, Op.46 (Leitner/BPO). WAGNER: Symphony in C (Gerdes/Bamberg Sym). DGG 2543 817. A- to A 12.00

1181.*POOT: (Marcel): Piano Concerto (Anschutz; Sternefeld/Belgian National Orch). LODEWIJK MORTELMANS (1886-1952): Mythe du Printemps (Gras/Antwerp Philharmonic). Brussels Ministry of Culture Cultura 5069-1. A- 45.00

1182.*PROKOFIEV: Symphony #2. Kosler/CPO. ProArte PAL-1055. A- 8.00

1183.*REGER: Hiller Variations; Ballet Suite. Davis/BVRS. [dig; DMM] Orfeo S-090 841. A- to A 9.00

1184.*REZNICEK: Symphony in D; Violin Concerto in e (Michael Davis). Gordon Wright/Philharmonic Hungarica. [dig; DMM] Schwann VMS-2095. A- to A 12.00

1185.*RIISAGER: (Knudage): Qarrtsiluni; Suite from Etude (ballet) (Semkow). GADE: Echoes of Ossian Overture (Hye-Knudsen). NIELSEN: Helios Overture (Semkow); Saga-Dreaam (Markevitch). Royal Danish Orch. [neat collection; my favorite "Helios"] Turnabout TVS-34085. A- 15.00

1186. RIVIER: Symphony #3 & #5. Tzipine/ORTF. [French-only notes] French EMI 2C053-10827. A- 20.00

1187. ROREM: Design for Orchestra. BERNARD REICHEL (b.1901): Suite Symphonique. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Louisville LOU-575. A- 12.00

1188.*ROUSSEL: Bacchus et Ariane (complete ballet). Martinon/ORTF. MHS 1244. A- 9.00

1189.*ROUSSEL: Symphony #2; Pour une Fete de Printemps. Martinon/ORTF. MHS 1201. A- 8.00

1190. ROZSA: Concert Overture; Three Hungarian Sketches; Theme, Variations & Finale. Composer/Frankenland Sym. [mono-only recording, 1957] Varese Sarabande VC-81058. A- 11.00

1191.*ROZSA: Film Music from from Knight Without Armour; Tribute to a Badman; Asphalt Jungle; Moonfleet; Double Indemnity; Lust for Life; Men of the Fighting Lady. Composer/RPO. Polydor 2383 384. A-(British pressing) 12.00

1192.*ROZSA: Overtures to "The World," the Flesh and the Devil," and "Because of Him;" Spellbound Concerto (version for two pianos); New England Concerto. Pierce & Jonas, duo pianists; Millar, Ondes Martinot; Elmer Bernstein/Utah Symphony. [dig] Varese Sarabande 704.260. A- 12.00

1193.*ROZSA: The Vintner's Daughter (Thomas, narr); Hungarian Serenade. Composer/Nuremberg Symphony. Citadel CT-6001. A- 16.00

1194.*ROZSA: Fedora - music from the motion picture. Composer/Graunke Symphony Orchestra. Varese Sarabande STV-81108. A- 12.00

LP’s: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire, continued
1195.*RUBBRA: Violin Concerto (Carl Pini). JOHN IRELAND: Piano Concerto (Tozer). Measham/Melbourne Symphony (in both). [dig] Unicorn Kanchana DKP-9056. A- 12.00

1196.*RUBINSTEIN: Piano Concerto #4 (Maga/Philharmonia Hungarica); seven solo piano pieces. Ponti. Candide CE-31023. A- 8.00

1197.*SAGAYEV: (Dimiter): Symphony #3 ("Khan Asparouh.") Misc vocal soloists & narr; Stefanov/Bulgarian Radio Orch. Balkanton BCA-1300/437. A- 10.00

1198.*SAINT-SAENS: Phaeton; Le Jeunesse d'Hercule; Le Rouet d'Omphale; Danse Macabre. Dervaux; Paris Orchestra. [nice fold-open album; notes in French only] French EMI 2C069-12045. A- 12.00

1199. SAINT-SAENS: Symphony #2 (Goehr/Netherlands Phil); Cello Concerto (Tortelier; Goehr/Zurich Tonhalle Orch). Concert Hall CHS-1180. B- 7.00

1200.*SCHUMAN: (Wm) Symphony #7. ROREM: Symphony #3. Abravanel/Utah Sym. Turn TVS-34447. A- 9.00

1201.*SCHUMAN: (Wm): Prayer in Time of War. JOHN BECKER: Symphony #3 ("Symphonia Brevis"). FELIX LABUNSKI: Canto di Aspirazione (Song of Aspiration). Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-721. A- 12.00

1202.*SCRIABIN: Piano Concerto (Drewanz/Hamburg Sym); Sonata #5; Poeme Satanique; Waltz; Prelude & Nocturne. Ponti, piano. Candide CE-31040. A- 8.00

1203.*SHCHEDRIN: Humpbacked Horse Suite. Zuraitis/Bolshoi Orch. Mel-Angel SR-40106. FS 12.00

1204.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Suite from the Incidental Music to "Hamlet." LEON KIRCHNER: Toccata for Sgtrings, Solo Winds & Percussion. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-683. A(in blank cover; includes notes) 12.00

1205.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 6; Age of Gold Suite. Stokowski/CSO. RCA LSC-3133. A- 14.00

1206.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 9; Suite from Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District; Festive Overture. Jarvi/Scottish National Orch. [dig] Chandos ABRD-1279. A- to A 9.00

1207. SIBELIUS: Piano Works, Vol 2: Twenty-one short works. Cyril Szalkiewicz. [rec 1956-67] Finlandia FA-804. A-(c/c) 12.00

1208. SIBELIUS: Symphony #5. Jussi Jalas/RIAS Sym. [Very obscure recording, c.1953; Jalas was Sibelius' son-in-law] Remington R-199-201. A- 25.00

1209.*SOWANDE: (Fela; b.1905): Music from African Suite. GEORGE WALKER (b.1922): Lyric for Strings. WILLIAM GRANT STILL (b.1895): Sahdji. Freeman/LSO. [Black Composers Series, Vol.7] Col M-33433. A-(c/c; cover demo sticker) 9.00

1210.*STERNEFELD: (Daniel): Symphony. Composer/Belgian Ntnl Orch. Brussels Ministry of Culture Cultura 5067-5. A- 25.00

1211.*STRAVINSKY: Short Pieces - Circus Polka, Greeting Prelude, 8 Miniatures, 4 Etudes, Suites #1 & #2, Dumbarton Oaks. Composer/Misc ens. Col M-31729. A- 9.00

1212.*SVETLANOV: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra (Composer, piano; Verbitsky/USSR Sym). BALAKIREV: Tamara (Svetlanov/USSR Sym). [Live, 1976+77] Melodiya C10-21879 008. A- 16.00

1213.*TAKEMITSU: Textures. MIYOSHI (b.1933): Concerto for Orchestra. MAYAZUMI (b.1929): Mandala Symphony. Iwaki/NHK Sym. Odyssey 32 16 0152. A- 12.00

1214. THOMSON: (Virgil): Filling Station. HERSHEY KAY: Western Symphony. Barzin/NY City Ballet Orch. [scarce recording of American ballet scores; this copy is in far and away the finest condition I've ever seen!] Vox PL-9050. A- 35.00

1215.*THORNE: (Francis; b.1922): Six Set Pices for Thirteen Players. ALLAN SCHINDLER (b.1944): String Sextet in Six Sections. Shapey/University of Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players. Owl Records ORLP-20. B 12.00

1216.*TIPPETT: Symphony #3. Harper; Davis/LSO. Philips 6500 662. A- to A 9.00

1217.*TISHCHENKO: (Boris; b.1939): Yaroslavna (ballet in three acts). Dmitriev/Orch & Cho of Malyi Theatre, Leningrad. Melodiya C10-07823-6(2). A-(brief lgt tks, sds 2 & 3) 20.00

1218.*TURINA: Sinf Sevillana; Rapsodia Sinfonica; Danzas Fantasticas. Batiz/LPO. [dig] Angel DS-37950. A- 9.00

1219. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Concerto for Two Pianos. Whittemore & Lowe; Golschmann/Robin Hood Dell Orch. [10-inch] RCA LM-135. B 10.00

1220.*VILLA-LOBOS: Concerto for Piano #1. Moreira-Lima; Fedoseyev/Moscow Radio. Melodiya 33C10-08167-68. A- 9.00

1221.*WAGNER: American Centennial March; Huldigungsmarsch; Kaisermarsch; Overtures to Die Feen & Das Liebesverbot. Janowski/LSO. Angel S-36879. A- 10.00

1222.*WALDTEUFEL: Waltzes - Vision; Gouttes de Rosee; Dans tes Yeux; Fleurs et Baisers. LELER-BELA: Rakoczy Overture. Nash/Concerti Allegri of London. Rare Recorded Editions SRRE-172. A- 10.00

1223. WARD: Robert; b.1917): Symphony #3. LEON STEIN (b.1910): Three Hassidic Dances. Johnson/Cincinnati Sym. Remington R-199-185. A-/A--(a few tks mvt 2, Stein) 18.00

1224.*WEINER: (Leo): Czongor and Tunde Suite; Hungarian Folk Dance Suite. Bretner/Hungarian Radio Orch; Budapest Phil. Hungaroton SLPX-11526. A-(c/c) 10.00

1225.*WIKLUND: (Adolf; 1879-1950): 1st Piano Concerto (Edgren); Summer Night & Sunrise, Symphonic Poem. Panula/Gothenburg Symphony. Caprice CAP-1228. A- 9.00

1226.*WOLF: Penthesilea (Gerdes/Vienna Sym). PFITZNER: Three Preludes from Palestrina (Leitner/BPO). DGG 2543 822. A- to A(back cover writing) 10.00

1227.*WU: Little Sisters of the Grassland (Concerto for Pipa & Orchestra; Ten-Hai, pipa). LISZT: Piano Concerto #1 (Shih-Kun). SOUSA - Stars & Stripes. Ozawa/BSO. Philips 9500 692. A- to A(demo) 9.00

1228.*YARDUMIAN: Symphony #1; Armenian Suite; Cantus Animae et Cordis. Brusilow/Bournemouth sym. HNH 4043. A- to A 9.00

1229.*YSAYE: (Eugene): Extase: Poem #5 for Violin & Orchestra. JEAN ABSIL: Romanian Rhapsody for Violin & Orchestra. VICTOR LEGLEY: Violin Concerto #2. Gertler; Huybrechts/Belgian National Orch. Brussels Ministry of Culture Cultura 5069-10. A- 25.00

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