Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor Auction Catalog #115 [Closing August 9th, 2010]

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Monteux/CSO. [Mohr; Layton] [Half-speed remastering ("Point 5" Series) of LSC-2514: TAS 29:122; 30:128; 90:136-7; German Teldec pressing] A- to A(c/c) 15.00

752.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2129: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Reiner/CSO. FS 20.00

753.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2135: PROKOFIEV - Cinderella (exc). Rignold/ROHCG. [This was never issued in stereo until its release on Victrola; startling to see the original cover, now bearing the "Living Stereo" logo across the top!] A- to A 24.00

754.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2225: WITCHES BREW - ARNOLD: Tam O'Shanter Overture. MUSSORGSKY: Night on Bald Mountain; Gnomus from Pictures at an Exhibition. LISZT: Mephisto Waltz. SAINT-SAENS: Danse Macabre. HUMPERDINCK: Witch's Ride from Hansel & Gretel. Gibson/New Sym Orch of London. [Kingsway Hall; TAS re original issue: 73:146; 75/76:70] A- to A 25.00

755.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2298: BORODIN - Symphony #2. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole; March from Tsar Saltan. Martinon/LSO. [TAS re the original issue: 58:137; that original was only in print 1/60 - 8/62; this early pressing of the reissue bears serial #1-2785] A- to A 15.00

756.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2323: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Capriccio Espagnole. Kondrashin/RCA Sym. [Mohr; Layton; TAS re original issue: 83/84:242] A- to A 15.00

757.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2326: CLAIR DE LUNE - Faure Pavane; Elgar Dream Children; Meditation from Thais; Wachet Auf; Dance of Blessed Spirits; Andante Cantabile; and Clair de Lune too, natch! Agoult/London Proms Sym. FS 16.00

758.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2430: RACHMANINOFF - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Reiner/CSO). FALLA - Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Jorda/SF Sym). Rubinstein (in both). [TAS re original issue: 30:139; 65:158L] A- to A 15.00

759.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2435: SIBELIUS - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Hendl/CSO. [Pfeiffer; Layton; TAS re original issue: 30:140] FS 20.00

760.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2449: BIZET - Carmen Suite. GOUNOD - Faust Ballet Music; Funeral March of a Marionette. Gibson/LSO. [One of the most hotly sought-after of the RCA's in its original issue - only in print December 1960 to February 1963; TAS re that original release: 75/76:72] FS 20.00

761.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2450: SCHUMANN - Carnaval. MEYERBEER - Les Patineurs. Rignold/ROHCG. [the original is very scarce: issued 1960; deleted 1963] FS 20.00

762.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2471: SMETANA - The Moldau; Bartered Bride Overture. ENESCO - Roumanian Rhapsody #1. LISZT - Hungarian Rhapsody #2. Stokowski/RCA Orch. [Dellheim; Simpson; TAS re RCA original issue: 65:180-2; 73:150L; this early pressing of the 1994 reissue bears Serial #1-3347. A- to A 20.00

763.*CLASSIC RECORDS LSC-2603: BRUCH - Scottish Fantasy. VIEUXTEMPS - Violin Concerto #5. Heifetz; Sargent/New Sym, London. [Smith; Wilkinson] FS 20.00


Continuing to explore this remarkable collection of mono RCA recordings, I am delighted to be able to offer a very large selection of RCA's rather obscure and short-lived classical Bluebird catalog. The series was initiated in November of 1952, when RCA ran an advertisement in the Schwann catalog (and doubtless elsewhere as well) introducing the series with a generous selection of about thirty new releases. As things transpired, the entire series ran to fewer than 100 issues, all of them deleted no later than February of 1957. So the longest that any of these issues lasted in print was about four and a half years, and many had much shorter life-spans.

The classical Bluebirds were an early example of what we eventually came to call a "mid-priced" series. They had a retail price of $2.98 - nestled neatly in between the budget-label Camdens at $1.98 and the full-priced Red Seals at $3.98 (as of the mid-50's).

As you will see from the listings on the following pages, they comprised a fascinating mixed bag of:

(1) material licensed from EMI (the most famous EMI artists - Furtwangler, Menuhin, etc. - were consigned to the premium-price LHMV series; the Bluebirds became the province of musicians RCA apparently judged to be of less interest in the USA: Malko, Dobrowen, Sargent, Harry Blech, etc.; also - rather surpisingly I would have thought - Barbirolli);

(2) Reissues of Red Seal 78-rpm releases which for some reason they chose not to release on Camden (Stock, Defauw, Dorati, Sevitzky, Golschmann, etc.);

(3) Brand new domestic recordings which RCA elected not to issue on full-price Red Seal (Leinsdorf/Robin Hood Dell; Dorfmann; very early Janis; American Art Quartet).
As it has happened, some of the artists which RCA judged to be of lesser interest at the time now have very dedicated followings (Morini, Cherkassky, Moiseiwitsch, Celibidache, Haendel, etc.) and these short-lived recordings are often the most sought-after of their domestic issues.. There are also some delightful oddities which are true collector's items - off-the-beaten-path projects which RCA must have thought were worth the risk, but not at full price: a violin recital by Norman Carol; a choral collection by the Augustana College Choir; a vocal recital by Carol Smith; a piano disc shared by Nicolai Medtner and Halina Stefanska. I hope you will enjoy browsing this unusual collection as much as I have!
764. LBC-1001: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Leinsdorf/Robin Hood Dell Orchestra of Philadelphia. [strong performance] B+(jacket has rather ugly tape repair on spines) 10.00

765. LBC-1002: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #6. Malko/PO. B++(occ tks) 18.00

766. LBC-1003: BEETHOVEN - Violin Concerto. Ida Haendel; Kubelik/PO. [Due to its rarity, I have graded this copy VERY conservatively. Most plays very well (B++ to A-), but light ticks from small blemishes intrude occasionally and there are six loud ticks at the start of side 2 (before the violin enters). There is what appears to be an autograph in magic marker on the back cover; it is clearly not Kubelik's, but it does not look like Haendel either.] B(but see preceding comments) 45.00

767. LBC-1004: BRAHMS - Symphony #1. Leinsdorf/Robin Hood Dell Orchestra. [obscure, scarce Leinsdorf] A-(lovely copy; later jacket w/Brahms drawing) 20.00

768. LBC-1005: DVORAK - Symphony #9. Malko/Danish National Orch. A- 20.00

769. LBC-1006: RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF - Dorati/LPO. [recorded January, 1938; scarce Dorati, and scarcer still with this cover!] B to B+(later jacket w/tinted photos of dancer) 20.00

770. LBC-1007: TCHAIKOVSKY - Romeo & Juliet (jacket identifies this as Constant Lambert/Symphony Orchestra; Walter Legge discography identifies it as City of Birmingham Symphony, recorded 2-24-1941); Sleeping Beauty Ballet Suite (The jacket identifies this as Malko/PO, which, according to notes by the previous owner, is correct. This copy has 10S/4S stampers; apparently on copies with 2S stampers, the Sleeping Beauty suite was actually an earlier recording with Lambert/Sadler's Wells.] B/B+(1/8-inch scratch in Romeo) 20.00

771. LBC-1008: STRAUSS - Voices of Spring; Blue Danube; Pizzicato & Tritsch-Tratsch Polkas (Szell/VPO); Roses from the South; Morning Papers; Music of the Spheres (Bohm/VPO). B++(moderate ticks much of Spheres) 18.00

772. LBC-1009: PROKOFIEV - Classical Symphony (Celibidache/BPO). RAVEL - Mother Goose Suite (Previtali/LSO). A- 25.00

773. LBC-1010: BRAHMS - Haydn Variations (Markevitch/PO). TCHAIKOVSKY - Francesca da Rimini (Dobrowen/PO). A-(brief tks in Francesca) 20.00

774. LBC-1011: KODALY - Dances from Galanta (Cameron/LPO). DELIBES - Coppelia Suite (Irving/ROHCG). CHOPIN - Les Sylphides (Sargent/LPO). A--(1st half sd 2 is B - Coppelia) 18.00

775. LBC-1012: BEETHOVEN - Piano Concerto #3. Moiseiwitsch; Sargent/PO. B(Canadian pressing) 12.00

776. LBC-1014: TCHAIKOVSKY - Capriccio Italien; 1812 Overture. Malko conducts Danish National Orchestra (in Capriccio) and PO (in 1812). A- 20.00

777. LBC-1015: PROKOFIEV - Peter & the Wolf (Wilfred Pickles, narrator. TCHAIKOVSKY - Nutcracker Suite. Markevitch/PO. [first copy I've ever seen - very obscure Markevitch!!] B+ 25.00

778. LBC-1016: GOUNOD - Faust Ballet Music (Fourestier/Paris Opera Orch). TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake (excerpts) (Rignold/ROHCG). A-/B+(occ tks in Faust) 15.00

779. LBC-1017: GRIEG - Peer Gynt Suite #1 (Barbirolli/Halle Orch) and #2 (Irving/LSO). STRAUSS - Rosenkavalier Suite (Barbirolli/Halle). A--(occ tks from few lgt blem in Peer Gynt) 18.00

780. LBC-1018: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #5 (Barbirolli/Halle Orch). MOZART - Symphony #41 (Bohm/VPO). A-(#5)/B(#41: most fine but some short scrs) 18.00

781. LBC-1019: IPPOLITOV-IVANOV - Caucasian Sketches (Malko/PO). DEBUSSY - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun; SAINT-SAENS - Danse Macabre (Danish National Orchestra). [late cover with drawing of faun & nymph] B+/A-(scarce - first copy I've seen!) 24.00

782. LBC-1020: TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Concerto Ciccolini; Cluytens/PCO. B(Canadian pressing) 9.00

LP’s: RCA’s , continued
783. LBC-1021: TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenade for Strings (Dobrowen/Philharmonia String Orchestra). GLINKA: Valse-Fantasie (Malko/PO). A--(superficial marks cause little or no sound) 18.00

784. LBC-1024: BORODIN - Symphony #2. TCHAIKOVSKY - Suite #3, Theme & Variations. Malko/PO. A-(lovely copy!) 25.00

785. LBC-1025: SCHUMANN - Carnaval Ballet Suite (Irving/PO). DELIBES - Sylvia Ballet Music (Fourestier/Paris Opera Orch). A-(very fine!) 20.00

786. LBC-1026: MUSIC OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA. Flight of the Bumblebee & Russian Sailors' Dance (Malko/PO); Introduction & Dance from Snow Maiden (Collingwood/PO); Polovetski March (Dobrowen/PO); Waltz & Polonaise from Eugen Onegin (Ludwig/Berlin State Orch); Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings Waltz (Malko/Danish National Orchestra). [How's THAT for a bunch of odds and ends?!] A- 25.00

787. LBC-1028: POPULAR ORCHESTRAL FAVORITES. Pomp & Circumstance March #1 (Sargent/Royal Festival Orch: live at opening concert for the hall; May 3, 1951); Invitation to the Dance (Markevitch/PO); Fingal's Cave Overture (Ludwig/German State Orch); Jewels of the Madonna Intermezzi, Acts 2 & 3 (Bellezza/LSO). [obscure collection!] A-(with later jacket) 25.00

788. LBC-1029: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #8 & #14. Ania Dorfmann. [with later jacket - moon orbit illustration] B+(four bad grooves at start of Moonlight) 16.00

789. LBC-1030: BYRON JANIS: STRAUSS - ON THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE & OTHER FAVORITES. BRAHMS - Waltzes (3); CHOPIN - Waltzes (2), Ballade #1 & Etude #8; LISZT - Liebestraum #3 & Hungarian Rhapsody #6. [very early Janis!] A-/B+(later jacket with castle photo) 24.00

790. LBC-1031: BEETHOVEN - Appassionata Sonata (Nicolai Medtner, piano). CHOPIN - Fantaisie-Impromptu; Three Mazurkas; Polonaise; Nocturne (Halina Stefanska, piano). [apparently the only LP issue of Medtner's only recording of music by another composer] A--/B++(very conservative grade: A- w/a few lgt tks) 40.00

791. LBC-1038: CHOPIN - Scherzi #1, #2 & #4; Preludes #11 - #24. Benno Moiseiwitsch, piano. B 20.00

792. LBC-1039: ORCHESTRAL MUSIC FROM GRAND OPERA: Italiana in Algeri Overture; William Tell Act I Excerpts (Serafin/ASCR); Barber of Seville Overture; Bacchanale from Samson & Delilah (Serafin/Florence Festival Orch); La Vestale Overture (Previtali/LSO). B 12.00

793. LBC-1041: LISZT - Piano Concerto #1 (Fistoulari/PO); Don Juan Fantasy; Consolation #3. Shura Cherkassky, piano. A-(fine copy!) 32.00

794. LBC-1042: BRAHMS - Symphony #3. Barbirolli/Halle Orchestra. A-(later jacket, w/photo of grape cluster) 24.00

795. LBC-1043: MENDELSSOHN (#1) & GRIEG PIANO CONCERTI. Dorfmann; Leinsdorf/Robin Hood Dell Orch (Phila). B+ 16.00

796. LBC-1044: YULETIDE HYMNS & CAROLS. Sargent/Royal Choral Society; Arnold Grier, organ. [obscure issue - first copy I've seen!] B 18.00

797. LBC-1045: GERSHWIN - Rhapsody in Blue. (Byron Janis). GROFE - Grand Canyon Suite. Hugo Winterhalter/His Orch (in both). A- 20.00

798. LBC-1047: SCHUBERT - Rosamunde Overture. BIZET - L'Arlesienne Excerpts. Barbirolli/Halle Orch (in both). SCHUBERT - Symphony #8. Rudolf Schwarz/PO. A-(lovely!) 25.00

799. LBC-1048: SIX GREAT OVERTURES: Meistersinger (Dobrowen/PO). Hansel & Gretel; Fledermaus (Bohm/Saxon State Orch). Leonore #3; Egmont (Malko/Danish National Orch). Flying Dutchman (Malko/PO). A- 24.00

800. LBC-1049: MENDELSSOHN - Violin Concerto Concerto. Siegfried Borries; Celibidache/BPO (Borries was BPO concertmaster). MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #4. Barbirolli/Halle Orch. A-(symphony is B+) 25.00

801. LBC-1050: CHOPIN - Waltzes (complete). Ania Dorfmann. A- 18.00

802. LBC-1051: BRAHMS - Violin Concerto. Ida Haendel; Celibidache/LSO. [startlingly fine copy of this scarce and much-sought-after disc; only occasional light ticks keep side two from grading A-; the cover is superb too!] A/A--(see preceding comments) 75.00

803. LBC-1052: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4. Malko/PO. A-(minor, neat spine tape repair; fine copy!) 24.00

804. LBC-1054: FIRESIDE FAVORITES - Seven songs by Foster, Dykes, Nevin(2), Bohm, del Riego & Rasbach (Braithwaite/LSO). BELOVED HYMNS - Seven hymns with organ accompaniment (Conrad Forsberg; organ of 4th Presbyterian Church, NYC). Blanche Thebom, mezzo-soprano (in all). [Very scarce item: only in print from December 1953 until March, 1956] B+ 25.00

805. LBC-1055: A VIOLIN RECITAL BY NORMAN CAROL - Works of Tartini(2), Chopin(2), Fiocco, Sarasate, Kreisler(5). Julius Levine, piano. [Later famous as the concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra for decades (after occupying the same position in New Orleans and Minneapolis), Carol at the time of this issue was an up-and-coming 20-something, not long out of Curtis, where he has studied with Zimbalist. A very scarce recording of a later legend!] A-(superb copy) 50.00

806. LBC-1056: CHAUSSON - Symphony in B-flat. Stock/CSO. [Stock adds organ very effectively at end of symphony] FRANCK - Le Chasseur Maudit; Psyche. Defauw/CSO. [deleted March, 1956] A--(nearly A-: finest copy I've ever had) 45.00

807. LBC-1057: PROKOFIEV - Scythian Suite (Defauw/CSO) [first recording of the work; March 16, 1945]. RESPIGHI - Pines of Rome (Goossens/Cincinnati Sym). B(slight cover flaws) 18.00

808. LBC-1058: SCHUMANN - Symphony #3. Mitropoulos/Mpls. [recorded January 20, 1947; robust performance!] A-(lovely copy - by far the nicest I've seen) 30.00

809. LBC-1059: GERSHWIN - Porgy & Bess Symphonic Picture. GRIEG - Symphonic Dances. Sevitzky/Indianapolis Symphony. [first-class copy of a very scarce recording] A- 30.00

810. LBC-1061: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Erica Morini; Defauw/CSO. [recorded December 12, 1945; scarce and much sought-after; issued December 1953; deleted February 1957; by far the finest copy of this celebrated rarity that I have had to offer] A-(light rub sd 1 does not snd; minor cov crease) 75.00

811. LBC-1062: GLAZOUNOFF - From the Middle Ages Suite. HAYDN - Symphony #73. Sevitzky/Indianapolis Sympphony. [a lovely copy of another very obscure and scarce Indianapolis Symphony LP] A-(superb!!) 32.00

812. LBC-1064: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake (excerpts). Irving/PO. A-(lgt tks 1/4-inch late side 1) 16.00

813. LBC-1065: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. Susskind/ROHCG. STRAUSS WALTZES: Emperor; Du und Du. Seidler-Winkler/Concert Orchetra. B/B+(looks scuffy but plays quite well) 10.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
814. LBC-1066: RACHMANINOV - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Menges/LSO). CHOPIN FAVORITES - Nocturne in e; Mazurka in D; Fantaisie in f. Shura Cherkassky, piano, in all. A--(light to moderate tks 1/8-inch in Fantaisie) 24.00

815. LBC-1067: SIBELIUS - Symphony #7. MOZART - Symphony #38. Golschmann/St. Louis Symphony. B+(Mozart is B with quite noisy 1st half-inch) 12.00

816. LBC-1069: MOZART - Symphonies #35 & #40. Harry Blech/London Mozart Players. B+ 15.00

817. LBC-1070: LISZT - Les Preludes; Hungarian Rhapsodies #1, #2, #3 & #6. Rudolf Schwarz/PO. A- 16.00

818. LBC-1071: A SCHUBERT-BRAHMS RECITAL - Seven songs of Schubert and nine of Brahms. Carol Smith, contralto; Renato Cellini, piano. [VERY scarce collection - issued in late 1954 or early 1955, it was deleted in March of 1956. Smith is probably best known as the contralto who was paired with de los Angeles on the Munch/BSO recording of Debussy's Damoiselle Elue, recorded about the same time] A-- 35.00

819. LBC-1072: MARCHES - Works of Alford, Holst, Stanley, Starke, Holtzmann, Russell(2), Sousa(2), Martell, Dunn(4). Col. Vivian Dunn/The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines (Portsmouth). B 15.00

820. LBC-1073: BEETHOVEN - "Harp" Quartet. HAYDN - "Lark" Quartet. American Art Quartet (Eudice Shapiro; Robert Sushel; Virginia Majewski; Victor Gottlieb). A--(tks off/on 1/2-inch in Harp; occ elsewhere) 12.00

821. LBC-1075: SACRED AND SECULAR CHORAL WORKS - Ten selections by Brahms, Bach(3), Wagner, H. Walford Davis, Katherine Davis, Kodaly, Dvorak, Traditional. Henry Veld/The Augustana Choir. [Another scarce collection - this was only in print from January 1955 until February 1957.] A- 25.00

822. LBC-1076: BRAHMS - Variations on a Theme of Paganini; Variations on an Original Theme, Op.21; Capriccio in b, Op.76, #2. Jan Smeterlin, piano. [Very rare: only in print from late 1954 or early 1955 until August 1956; this is Polyphony's first copy] A-(brief lgt tks sd 2; otherwise superb!) 45.00

823. LBC-1078: MALCOLM ARNOLD - English Dances. Irving/PO. CHOPIN - Les Sylphides. (Irving/ROHCG). RCA LBC-1078. B to B+(marks are less serious than they appear) 10.00

824. LBC-1081: SCHUMANN - Piano Concerto (Ackermann/PO); Fantasiestucke. Benno Moiseiwitsch (in both). A--/B+(1st band side 2 is ticky) 25.00

825. LBC-1082: MUSSORGSKY - Excerpts from Boris Godounoff. Kipnis; Tamarin; Berezowsky/RCA Sym; Shaw Cho. A- 12.00

826. LBC-1083: ROSSINI - Excerpts from Barber of Seville. Reggiani; Browning; Landi; Engelman; Alvary; Bamboschek/RCA Sym & Cho. B+/B 10.00

827. LBC-1084: SIBELIUS - Symphony #2. Barbirolli/Halle Orch. A- 24.00

828. LBC-1085: SCHUBERT - Symphony #9. Barbirolli/Halle Orch. A- 24.00

829. LBC-1086: STRING QUARTET MELODIES: Movements from works of Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Turina, Grainger, Bridge, Faure, Wolf & Shostakovich. American Art Quartet (Shapiro; Sushel; Majewski; Gottlieb). A-(intermittent ticks in Wolf, Faure & Bridge) 16.00

830. LBC-1087: HAYDN - Symphony #92 (Malko/Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen). BEETHOVEN OVERTURES - Leonore #3; Coriolan; Prometheus (Malko/PO). A-(lovely!) 32.00

831. LBC-1088: ELGAR - Symphony #2. Barbirolli/Halle Orch. A-(few lgt tks in finale) 20.00

832. LBC-1089: MENDELSSOHN - Symphony #3. Goossens/ABC Sydney Symphony. A- 25.00

833. LBC-1090: DOHNANYI - Suite in f#. TCHAIKOVSKY - Hamlet. Irving/PO. [only in print September 1955 - February 1957] A--(brief tks, couple flaws each sd; mostly A-) 18.00

834. LBC-1091: SCHUBERT - Symphonies #4 & #5. Harry Blech/London Mozart Players. [only in print from September 1955 to February 1957] A-(lovely copy) 24.00

835. LBC-1092: ROSSINI - William Tell Overture & Ballet Music. OPERA OVERTURES - La Forza del Destino; Oberon; Secret of Suzanne. Previtali/LSO. [only in print from September 1955 to February 1957] A- 16.00

836. LBC-1093: TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony #5. Sir Ernest MacMillan/Toronto Sym. [strong performance!] B+ 12.00

837. LBC-6100(3): HANDEL - Messiah (complete). Lois Marshall; Mary Palmateer; Jon Vickers (at probably about age 25); James Milligan; Sir Ernest MacMillan/Toronto Symphony & Mendelssohn Choir. A--(occasional light ticks, but mostly excellent) 40.00

838. LBC-6101(3): BACH - St. Matthew Passion (in English). Milligan; Johnson; Marshall; Stilwell; Brown; Morrison; Lamond; Sir Ernest MacMillan/Toronto Sym & Mendelssohn Choir. C+ to B(varies; scarce; stopgap??) 9.00

839.*LDS-6152(3): STRAUSS - Ariadne auf Naxos. Rysanek; Peters; Jurinac; Peerce; Leinsdorf/VPO. [Deluxe Soria-Series issue with 44-page Mignone libretto/book lavishly illustrated in predominately raspberry-lavender tones][SS; 1S/5S/3S/4S/5S/1S] A-(brief lgt crkl at beg & 12 lgt tks sd 2) 75.00

840.*LDS-6159(3): THE HEIFETZ-PIATIGORSKY CONCERTS. MOZART: Quintet in g. MENDELSSOHN: Octet. SCHUBERT: Quintet in C. FRANCK: Piano Quintet. BRAHMS: Sextet in g. Heifetz; Piatigorsky; Pennario; Primrose; Baker; etc. [Dellheim; Hassinger; 30-page Robinson book] A-(SS; 1S/1S/3S/5S/1S/1S) 65.00

841. LM-1203: MAHLER - Songs of a Wayfarer (Boult/Orch). Wolf - 8 Songs (William Hughes, piano). Blanche Thebom, mezzo, in both. [scarce; deleted March, 1956] [early labels] A--(occ tks & crkl, but very fine copy) 35.00

842. LM-1224: SULLIVAN-MACKERRAS - Pineapple Poll. Irving/LSO. [scarce - my first copy] [early labels] B 12.00

843. LM-1701: MENOTTI - Amahl and the Night Visitors. Allen; Kuhlmann; McKinley; Aiken; Lishner; Monachino; Schippers/Orch & Cho. [Original cast, 1951 premiere; in box] [early labels] B 9.00

844. LM-1703: GREAT COMBINATIONS - Unique pairings of artists specifically for this record: Anderson/Piatigorsky: My Old Kentucky Home; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny. Merrill/Menuhin: Songs of Handel & Rachmaninoff. Peerce/Elman: Songs of Braga & Del Riego. Pinza/Milstein: Songs of Tchaikovsky & Bohm. Stevens/Elman: Songs of Offenbach & Massenet. [early labels] B 35.00

845. LM-1705: 20TH CENTURY MUSIC FOR TWO PIANOS - Works of Ravel, Bartok, Copland, Poulenc, Stravinsky & Bax. Whittemore & Lowe. [scarce!!] [early labels] B+(occ tks) 25.00

846. LM-1707: CHOPIN - Ballades #3 & 4; Etude #3; Impromptu; Nocturne; Scherzo. Horowitz. [SD labels] A-- 12.00

847. LM-1708: BACH - The Well-Tempered Clavier: Book II: Preludes & Fugues #9 - #16. Wanda Landowska, harpsichord. [recorded 1952] [PD labels] A-(with original glassine sleeve) 12.00

848. LM-1710: DONIZETTI - Lucia di Lammermoor (excerpts). Munsel; Peerce; Merrill; Pinza; Votipka; Cellini/RCA Orch; Cho. [early labels] A- 18.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
849. LM-1712: MOZART - Requiem. Ciannella; Okerson; Carringer; Keast; Robert Shaw/His Chorale; RCA Sym. [early labels] A-(brief sur nse at edge, then superb!) 18.00

850. LM-1715: CHOPIN - Four Mazurkas; Sonata #3. William Kapell, piano. [early labels] B 20.00

851. LM-1716: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #21, #22 & #30. Solomon. [early labels] B 12.00

852. LM-1717: MOZART - Piano Concerto #20 (Jose Iturbi); Concerto #10 for Two Pianos (Jose & Amparo Iturbi). Jose conducts RCA Victor Orchestra in both. [early labels] A--(brief tks beg #10; rest very fine) 35.00

853. LM-1719: MUSSORGSKY/RAVEL - Pictures at an Exhibition. Cantelli/NBC Sym. Tchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet. PO. [surprisingly scarce Cantelli, especially in fine condition] [PD labels] A-/A-- 32.00

854. LM-1722: BEETHOVEN - Quartets #9 & #10. Paganini Quartet. [early labels] B 20.00

855. LM-1724: MENDELSSOHN - Midsummer Night's Dream Music. Debussy - Petite Suite. Ravel - Tombeau de Couperin. Reiner/Robin Hood Dell Orch (Mendelssohn); Reiner/NBC Sym (rest). [Unusual Reiner, and very tough to find in excellent condition] [PD labels] A-(lovely copy - finest I've ever seen!) 50.00

856. LM-1726: SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE AND OTHER BALLET SELECTIONS - Excerpts from Rodeo, Fancy Free, Interplay, 3-Cornered Hat, Age of Gold, Gayne, Sebastian & Petrouchka. Fiedler/BPS. [PD labels] B/A-- 12.00

857. LM-1727: ROGER GOEB - Symphony #3. BARTOK - Sonata for Two Pianos & Percussion. Stokowski/His Sym (Goeb); Stokowski/Instrumental Ens (Bartok). [early labels] B 12.00

858. LM-1729: BEETHOVEN - Quartets #1 & #2. Paganini Quartet. [early labels] A--(beg each sd briefly crackly; occ lgt tks) 35.00

859. LM-1730: SCHUBERT - Rosamunde Ballet Suite. WAGNER - Parsifal Prelude & Music from Act III. Stokowski/His Symphony. [early labels] A--(4 loud tks, Schubert/very fine for this issue) 24.00

860. LM-1734: LISZT - Piano Concerto #1. MENDELSSOHN - Piano Concerto #1. Iturbi, piano and conducting RCA Victor Symphony. [PD labels] A-(superficial scr sd 1 causes little or no snd) 18.00

861. LM-1736: BEETHOVEN - Quartet #14. Paganini Quartet. [early labels] B- to B+(each sd improves from edge to middle) 12.00

862. LM-1738: KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD SONG RECITAL - Songs of Schumann (Frauenliebe und Leben), Schubert(2), Brahms(2), Strauss(2), Rogers, Speaks, McArthur & Charles. McArthur, piano. [early labels] B- 10.00

863. LM-1740: BIZET - Highlights from Carmen. Albanese; Stevens; Peerce; Merrill; Reiner/RCA Victor Sym; Robert Shaw Chorale. [SD labels] A- to B+ 10.00

864. LM-1740: MISCHA ELMAN, violin, in works of TCHAIKOVSY (seven; including None but the Lonely Heart & Russian Dance) and WIENIAWSKI (five: three mazurkas, a polonaise and a legend). Joseph Seiger, piano. [VERY rare item, said to be Elman's scarcest RCA; released in August 1954, it was deleted in February 1957; not issued with inner sleeve (at least not in this early label label), so very, very tough to find in the just-short-of-superb condition which characterizes this copy] [early labels] A-(few very brief tks esp sd 1, but great press.) 200.00

865. LM-1741: HONEGGER - Symphony #5. ROUSSEL - Bacchus et Ariane, Suite #2. RAVEL - Pavan. Munch/BSO. [recorded 1952/53] [early labels] A-(outstanding copy - best I've ever seen) 35.00

866. LM-1742: TARTINI - "Devil's Trill" Sonata. VIOLIN ENCORES by Sarasate(3), Ravel, Wieniawski, Dvorak, Novacek, Kreisler, Granados & Bartok. Menuhin; Gerald Moore, pf. [early labels] B(much plays better) 25.00

867. LM-1744: SZYMANOWSKI - Symphonie Concertante (Wallenstein/LAPO). RACHMANINOFF - Paganini Rhapsody (Susskind/PO). Rubinstein, piano. [early labels] A-(very fine/far & away the best copy I've seen) 35.00

868. LM-1745: CHERUBINI - Symphony in D. BEETHOVEN - Septet. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD labels] A- 18.00

869. LM-1751: VERDI & MOZART Arias - Don Carlo, Simon, Ernani, Nabucco, Vespri, Don Giovanni(3), Figaro(2), Flute(2). Ezio Pinza; Leinsdorf; Wallenstein/Orch. [ND labels] A-(c/c) 9.00

870. LM-1758: AN ANIA DORFMANN RECITAL - Works of Schumann, Mendelssohn(2), Chopin, Liszt, Ravel & Menotti. Ania Dorfmann, piano. [very fine copy of very rare disc] [early labels] A--(bit more snd early each sd, but very fine) 32.00

871. LM-1761: PROKOFIEV - Peter & the Wolf (Alec Guinness, narr). SAINT-SAENS - Carnival of the Animals. Fiedler/BPS. [early labels] B to B+ 16.00

872. LM-1764: HIGHLIGHTS FROM BORIS GODOUNOFF. Rossi-Lemeni; Stokowski/San Francisco Sym; San Francisco Opera Chorus. [early labels] A--(with the earlier of the two covers) 18.00

873. LM-1767: ITALIAN BAROQUE MUSIC - Works of Vivaldi, Marcello, Carissimi & Geminiani. Luisa Ribacchi, mezzo-soprano (in the Carissimi and one Vivaldi); Societa Corelli (in all). [early labels] A-(brief bbl thumps sd 1; otherwise outstanding) 18.00

874. LM-1768: RESPIGHI - Pines & Fountains of Rome. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [This copy is in the second jacket RCA used for this issue: green-tinted black-and-white photo of the fountain at St. Peters (the similarly-tinted photo on the original fold-open album issue is of the Trevi Fountain] [early labels] B to B+ 10.00

875. LM-1769: ADLAI STEVENSON SPEAKS - Documentary devoted to excerpts of speeches Stevenson gave during the 1952 presidential campaign, edited and narrated by NBC Television's James Fleming. [First copy I've had of this record!] [early labels] B 25.00

876. LM-1771: JUSSI BJOERLING IN SONG - Wors of Schubert (5), Brahms, Liszt, Wolf, Grieg(2), Strauss, Sibelius, Sjoeberg, Rachmaninoff & Tosti. Schauwecker, piano. [SD labels] A-- 12.00

877. LM-1772: LISZT - Mephisto Waltz; Liebestraum #3; Gnomenreigen; Hungarian Rhapsodies #6 & 12; Valse Oubliee #1; Valse-Impromptu; Jeux d'Eaux; Legende #1. Brailowsky. [early labels] A-(superb copy!) 25.00

878. LM-1774: TCHAIKOVSKY - Aurora's Wedding (extended excerpts from Sleeping Beauty); Humoresque; Solitude (both arr. Stokowski). Stokowski/His Sym (clearly NYC pickup group: inc Vacchiano, Lincer & Frank Miller). [This copy has the first of the two covers RCA used for this: an original painting by Domenico Purificato which I believe was also used by RCA in a late-40's 78-rpm issue] [early labels] A-(brief tks in Solitude) 25.00

879. LM-1774: TCHAIKOVSKY - Aurora's Wedding (extended excerpts from Sleeping Beauty); Humoresque; Solitude (both transcribed by Stokowski). Stokowski/His Symphony (clearly NYC pickup group: includes Vacchiano, Lincer & Frank Miller). [This copy has the second of the two covers RCA used for this issue: a painting by Victor Kalin of a dreamy moonlit awakening scene] [PD labels] A- 25.00

880. LM-1776: CORELLI - Concerti Grossi, Opus 6: #1, #2, #7, #8 & #9. Societa Corelli. [early labels] A- 12.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
881. LM-1777: ZINKA MILANOV SINGS - Arias from Forza(3), Gioconda, Aida(2), Cav, Trovatore(2). Roggero; Vichegonov; Cellini/RCA Sym; Shaw/His Chorale. [early labels] B- 9.00

882. LM-1781: STRAUSS - Don Quixote. Piatigorsky; de Pasquale; Burgin; Munch/BSO. [recorded August 17, 1953; this copy is in the first of two jackets used for this issue: green-tinted Dore portrait of the Don in his library] [early labels] A--(very nice - only a few lgt tks) 25.00

883. LM-1781: STRAUSS - Don Quixote. Piatigorsky; de Pasquale; Burgin; Munch/BSO. [recorded August 17, 1953; this copy is in the second of two jackets used for this issue: an odd collage-photo by Ben Rose] [PD labels] A-/A--(cluster scr tks off/on 30 sec side 2) 18.00

884. LM-1786: ROBERTA PETERS - Youngest Member of a Great Tradition. Arias from Lucia, Puritani(2), Sonnambula(2), Linda di Chamounix. Cellini/RCA Sym. And from older members of the tradition: arias by Tetrazzini (Mignon); Galli-Curci (Barber); Pons (Lakme). [Recorded in September, 1953; mono only; released early 1954; deleted 10/58] [early labels] A-- 35.00

885. LM-1787: BRAHMS - Six Intermezzi; Three Rhapsodies; Capriccio, Op.76, #2. Artur Rubinstein, piano. [in fold-open jacket] [early labels] A-- 16.00

886. LM-1790: "FIEDLER'S 25TH." Anniversary disc (1954) with music of Elgar, Gillet, J. Strauss, Pierne, Bosc, Serradell, Paganini, Herbert, Schramml, Steffe. Boston Pops. [PD labels] A- 16.00

887. LM-1791: WILLIAM KAPELL IN MEMORIAM. BACH - Partita #4 (recording not completed at the time of Kapell's death; thus final gigue is missing). SCHUBERT - Seven Landler. LISZT - Mephisto Waltz; Hungarian Rhapsody #11. [early labels] B+ to B 18.00

888. LM-1792: PROKOFIEV - Sonata for Cello & Piano. BACH - Sonata #2. Piatigorsky, cello; Ralph Berkowitz, piano. [Recorded at Tanglewood; August, 1953] [early labels] A-(small blems in Bach cause little or no snd) 35.00

889. LM-1798: GILBERT & SULLIVAN OVERTURES - Mikado, Pirates, HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe. Musical Comedy Medleys - South Pacific; Annie, Get Your Gun; Kiss Me, Kate; Brigadoon. Fiedler/BPS. [PD labels] A- 15.00

890. LM-1800: ROBERT SHAW CHORALE: "Sweet and Low" (songs of Brahms, Barnby, Tchaikovsky, etc.; Emmons, soprano; Keast, bar; Viola, piano). SCHUBERT: Songs (5) for Male Chorus (Glazer, piano). [early labels] B 8.00

891. LM-1801: ARIAS SUNG AND ACTED. Arias from Aida, Butterfly, Boheme, Pag(2), Traviata(2) & Rigoletto; Vocalists are Bjoerling, Albanese, Warren & Merrill; Actors & Actresses are Deborah Kerr, Joseph Cotten & Dennis King. [early labels] C+ 5.00

892. LM-1802: AN ADVENTURE IN HIGH FIDELITY. Robert Russell Bennett/NBC members play title piece (by Bennett) and an arrangement of Nutcracker Suite for solo instruments; 2nd side is misc RCA artists. In box with 22-page booklet introducing RCA's "New Orthophonic" sound, c.1954. [TAS 49:47] [PD labels] B+/B 16.00

893. LM-1803: PROKOFIEV - Peter & the Wolf (Richard Hale, narr). DUKAS - Sorcerer's Apprentice. SAINT-SAENS & GERMAN - Henry VIII Dances. Fiedler/BPS. [WD; 12S/13S] B 9.00

894. LM-1806: STRAUSS - Also Sprach Zarathustra; Salome - Dance of the 7 Veils. Reiner/CSO. [See TAS 75/76:78. The first Reiner/CSO sessions were held on March 6, 1954 and included Ein Heldenleben & Salome's Dance. The Zarathustra, though taped 2 days later, is often thought of as their first recording since it took the lower catalog number (LM-1806, as opposed to Heldenleben's LM-1807), and it probably remains Reiner's most famous recording. The stereo issue (LSC-1806), which came much later and is incredibly scarce, did not include the Dance, which didn't show up on stereo LP until the VICS era. This copy of the original issue, is AUTOGRAPHED BY REINER in black ink inside the deluxe fold-open album, which includes extensive notes by R.D.Darrell and several session photos (in one, Mohr and Layton are visible in the background)] [PD; 5S/5S] A-(brief, lgt edge crackle; otherwise superb) 175.00

895. LM-1807: STRAUSS - Ein Heldenleben. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Pulley & Layton; the first Reiner/CSO recording, 3-6-54 (wrong date given in notes!) The later stereo issues of this preserve the warm, spacious Orchestra Hall sound better, but compare dynamics at the end of the piece and the mono punch reveals how much the separate stereo taping team (Pfeiffer/Chase) yanked down the limiters as the CSO roars!] [PD; 7S/4S] A- 35.00

896. LM-1809: STRAUSS - "Mr. Strauss Comes to Boston." Ten pieces, mostly unusual, from the June 1872 visit of the title. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [recorded in June, 1954; nice fold-open album] [PD; 1S/1S] B(most plays much better, but some scrs) 12.00

897. LM-1810: CHOPIN - Piano Concerto #1. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/LAPO. [rec December 12, 1953] [PD; 7S/8S] A--/B 9.00

898. LM-1812: POET'S GOLD - Poems by Blake, Longfellow, Swinburne, Stevenson, Emerson, Whittier, Holmes, Whitman, Field, Lear, Carroll, Kipling & Coleridge; read by Helen Hayes; Raymond Massey; Thomas Mitchell. Notes by Bennett Cerf. Unusual issue! [PD; 1S/2S] A-- 20.00

899. LM-1813: POET'S GOLD - Second collection of poetry, this time by FitzGerald, Keats, Millay, Poe, Yeats, Browning, Keats, Gray, Southey, Howe & Kipling; read by Helen Hayes; Raymond Massey; Thomas Mitchell. Notes by Bennett Cerf. [ND; 6S/9S] B+ 16.00

900. LM-1814: A TREASURY OF HYMNS - Seventeen works. Virgil Fox, Hammond concert organ, Chapel of the Incarnation, New York City. [PD labels] B+ 12.00

901. LM-1815: WITH LOVE FROM A CHORUS - Sixteen familiar songs. Robert Shaw/Male Chorus of the Robert Shaw Chorale. [PD labels] B+ to B 9.00

902. LM-1816: MUSSORGSKY - Night on Bald Mountain (Stokowski's orchestration); Khovantchina Exc. BORODIN - In the Steppes of Central Asia. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Russian Easter Overture (Moscona, bass, in place of trombone's chant). GLIERE - Russian Sailor's Dance. Stokowski/His Sym. [recorded April, 1953; never in stereo] [PD labels] A-- 18.00

903. LM-1817: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. MEYERBEER - Les Patineurs. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [scarce stereo issue from several years later did not include the Meyerbeer] [PD; 6S/12S] A-- 12.00

904. LM-1818: BACH - Violin Concerti #1 & 2. Heifetz; Wallenstein/LAPO. [recorded December 6, 1953] [PD labels] A--(1/4-inch scratch in a-minor concerto) 9.00

905. LM-1820: BACH - The Well-Tempered Clavier (Volume 6): Book II: Preludes & Fugues #17 - #24. Wanda Landowska. [recorded 1952/54] [PD labels] A-(still has original glassine inner sleeve!) 16.00

906. LM-1821: BEETHOVEN - Piano Sonatas #1 & #3. Solomon. [PD labels] B/C(for completeness sake...) 3.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
907. LM-1822: SCHUMANN - Carnaval. FRANCK - Prelude, Chorale & Fugue. Rubinstein, piano. [PD labels] B/A-(side 1 mostly fine, but a couple of scratches) 9.00

908. LM-1826: ROSSINI - Excerpts from The Barber of Seville. de los Angeles; Monti; Bechi; Rossi-Lemeni; Serafin/Milan Sym. [PD labels] A-(still has its original glassine inner sleeve!) 16.00

909. LM-1827: VERDI - Excerpts from Il Trovatore. Milanov; Barbieri; Bjoerling; Warren; Cellini/RCA Victor Orch; Robert Shaw Chorale. [PD labels] A- 12.00

910. LM-1829: WAGNER - Tristan & Isolde excerpts. Flagstad; Thebom; Suthaus; Furtwangler/PO. [PD labels] B 8.00

911. LM-1830: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #6. Stokowski/NBC Sym Members. [Includes Stokowski's discussion of "Sounds of Nature," comparing examples of natural sounds with Beethoven's music, and playing some together. Lovely copy of a scarce and unusual Stokowski issue!] [PD labels] A- 45.00

912. LM-1831: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #1. Rubinstein; Reiner/CSO. [Recorded April 17, 1954 - the first Reiner/CSO recording after initial Strauss sessions; never in stereo until ARL1-2044, 1978!] [SD labels] B+(most plays well, but occasional ticks) 12.00

913. LM-1832: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto (Heifetz; Susskind/PO). SINDING - Suite in a; RAVEL - Tzigane (Heifetz/Wallenstein/LAPO). [This Heifetz recording of the Tchaikovsky concerto tends to get forgotten, between his 1937 recording with Barbirolli and the 1957 version with Reiner] [SD labels] A-(brief lgt tks, Tchaikovsky mvt. #1) 25.00

914. LM-1833: DEBUSSY - La Mer; Iberia. Toscanini/NBC. [SD labels] A- 18.00

915. LM-1834: TOSCANINI PLAYS YOUR FAVORITES - Egmont, Roman Carnival & Zampa Overtures; Dance of the Hours; Finlandia; Hungarian Dances (four; Brahms). Toscanini/NBC Symphony. [SD labels] A-- 12.00

916. LM-1835: SCHUBERT - Symphony #9. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [Original issue in deluxe early fold-open album with eight-page booklet including an essay by Andre Malrois] [PD; 1S/1S] A- 32.00

917. LM-1835: SCHUBERT - Symphony #9. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [later jacket, w/Alpine mountain scene] [WD; 21S/16S] A- 16.00

918. LM-1836: BRAHMS - Symphony #3. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [PD labels] A- 16.00

919. LM-1838: MUSSORGSKY - Pictures at an Exhibition. FRANCK - Psyche & Eros. Toscanini/NBC. [SD; 31S/28S] A- 18.00

920. LM-1839: LICIA ALBANESE - Highlights fr Madame Butterfly (w/Melton; Browning; Weissman/RCA Sym); Arias: Louise, Boheme, La Wally, Cav, Manon Lescaut, Adriana (Trucco/RCA Sym). [WD labels] A- 15.00

921. LM-1841: JUSSI BJOERLING - Arias from Boheme, Faust, Cav, Pag, Africana, Carmen. ROBERT MERRILL - Arias from Trovatore, Ballo, Rigoletto, Cav, Pag, Otello. [PD labels] A- 12.00

922. LM-1842: BEETHOVEN - Sonatas for Violin & Piano #4 & #7. Heifetz, violin; Bay, piano. [oddly uncommon disc] [PD labels] A- 16.00

923. LM-1845: CHRISTMAS CAROLS ON THE ORGAN - Sixteen works. Virgil Fox, organ (locale not specified). [nice wintry Currier-and-Ives-type cover illustration] [PD labels] B to B+ 12.00

924. LM-1847: TREASURY OF GRAND OPERA IN HIGH FIDELITY. Arias by Berger, Peters, Albanese, de los Angeles, Stevens, Milanov, Warren, Bjoerling, Merrill, Peerce, Shaw Chorale. [PD labels] B 6.00

925. LM-1848: SAINT-SAENS - Excerpts from Samson and Delilah. Stevens; Peerce; Merrill; Stokowski/NBC Sym Members; Shaw Chorale. [SD labels] B 6.00

926. LM-1849: BOITO - Mefistofele Prologue. VERDI - Te Deum. Moscona; Toscanini/NBC Sym; Shaw Chorale. [Spectacular Carnegie Hall sound in Boito!] [SD labels] A- 20.00

927. LM-1850: GLUCK - Orfeo ed Euridice, Act, II. Merriman; Gibson; Toscanini/NBC Sym; Shaw Chorale. [11-22-52, Carnegie Hall] [PD labels] A- 15.00

928. LM-1851: MENDELSSOHN - Symphonies #4 & #5. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD labels] A- 16.00

929. LM-1852: FRANCK - Symphony in d. Cantelli/NBC Sym. [Mono-only original release; taped in stereo in early 1954, but never issued in stereo until the late 1970's; prime candidate for a Classic Records first-LSC issue!] [PD labels] A--(occ lgt tks sd 2) 18.00

930. LM-1853: BRAHMS - Eleven Chorale Preludes (arrangements of Bach Chorales). Virgil Fox, organ at Hammond Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts. [PD labels] A- 15.00

931. LM-1854: SIBELIUS - Symphony #2. Stokowski/NBC Symphony Members. [in original jacket, with Stokowski essay & small woodcut-like illustrations] [PD labels] A-(by far the best copy of this I've ever seen!) 35.00

932. LM-1854: SIBELIUS - Symphony #2. Stokowski/NBC Symphony Members. [with later jacket - which I've never seen before! - an abstract painting of a dark, stormy coastline; Stokowski's essay, which began on the front of original jacket, is now all on the back cover] [PD labels] A-(brief crackle, start side 2) 35.00

933. LM-1856: TCHAIKOVSKY - Album for the Young; The Seasons (5 exc). SCHUMANN - Album for the Young. Dorfmann, piano. [original jacket - in fine condition! - of a little girl on a man's lap] [PD labels] B- to C+ 4.00

934. LM-1856: TCHAIKOVSKY - Album for the Young; The Seasons (5 exc). SCHUMANN - Album for the Young. Ania Dorfmann, piano. [with the later jacket - mother bluebird on branch with six babies] [PD labels] A--(mostly excellent; a few light blemishes) 15.00

935. LM-1857: ITALIAN SONGS - Tosti(2), Donaudy, Buzzi-Peccia, Tirindelli, Santoliquido, Puccini, Bianchini (Savina/Orch); Donaudy(2), Verdi(2), Sibella, Pieraccini (Marzollo, piano). Licia Albanese, soprano (in all). [very scarce Albanese - only in print from August 1955 until February 1957] [PD labels] A- 32.00

936. LM-1858: MORTON GOULD - Dance Variations (Whittemore & Lowe; Stokowski/SF Sym). MENOTTI: Sebastian Suite (Stokowski/NBC Sym members). [The Menotti eventually (c.1978!) was issued in stereo on LP; I don't think the Gould was ever reissued] [PD labels] B+(original jacket with ballet dancer legs) 18.00

937. LM-1858: MORTON GOULD - Dance Variations (Whittemore & Lowe; Stokowski/SF Sym). MENOTTI: Sebastian Suite (Stokowski/NBC Sym members). [The Menotti eventually (c.1978!) was issued in stereo on LP; I don't think the Gould was ever reissued] [PD labels] A--(later cover: weird photo of a guy in fishnet) 25.00

938. LM-1859: THE ART OF RUTH DRAPER - Dramatic Monologues: The Scottish Immigrant; Three Generations in a Court of Domestic Relations. [rec in NY, 1954, a couple of years before her death; deleted July 1957; scarce item] [PD labels] A- 35.00

939. LM-1861: BLOCH - Violin Sonata. HANDEL - Sonata #6. SCHUBERT - Sonatina in g, Op.137, #3. Heifetz; Bay, piano. [PD labels] A-(brief tks sd 2) 20.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
940. LM-1863: MENDELSSOHN - Highlights from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Excerpts from Old Vic production with Moira Shearer, Robert Helpman & Stanley Holloway which incorporated all of Mendelssohn's music. Sargent/BBC Symphony. [PD labels] A--(occ lgt tks) 15.00

941. LM-1864: ARIAS SUNG AND ACTED. Arias from Tosca (Scarpia scene), Traviata, Trovatore, Don Giovanni & Boheme. Rigoletto; Vocalists are Bjoerling, Albanese, Caniglia, Borgioli, Mazziotti, Milanov, Pinza & di Stefano; Actors & Actresses are Judith Anderson, Joan Fontaine, Leif Erickson, Dennis King, John Barrymore, Jr., Karl Weber & Geraldine Brooks. [PD labels] B 12.00

942. LM-1865: CHOPIN - Seventeen Mazurkas. William Kapell, piano. [PD labels] B++ 45.00

943. LM-1866: CHOPIN - Piano Sonatas #2 & #3. Alexander Brailowsky, piano. [strangely scarce - first copy I've had] [PD labels] A- 25.00

944. LM-1868: MENOTTI - Violin Concerto (Tossy Spivakovsky; Munch/BSO). HONEGGER - Symphony #2 (Munch/BSO). [Odd coupling; mono only, never reissued on LP. The Honegger was recorded in March of 1953 and has returned variously on CD, but the lovely Menotti, recorded November 8, 1954, has never come back except briefly on a Japanese CD. This LP was deleted in 1960; scarce (especially in such fine condition) and much in demand.] [PD labels] A- 50.00

945. LM-1869: MENDELSSOHN - Octet for Strings (arranged for string orchestra). SCHUBERT - Symphony #5. Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD labels] A- 20.00

946. LM-1870: KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD - Songs of Strauss(5), Schubert(4), Brahms(3), Tyson, Edwin McArthur, Deems Taylor. McArthur, piano. [PD labels] A- 12.00

947. LM-1871: SAINT-SAENS - Piano Concerto #4. CHOPIN - Concerto #2. Brailowsky; Munch/BSO. [The Saint-Saens is especially strong; recorded November 24 & 29, 1954; never in stereo] [SD labels] A- 25.00

948. LM-1872: GRIEG - Thirteen Piano Pieces. Artur Rubinstein. [in nice fold-open album] [PD labels] B to B+ 8.00

949. LM-1874: SAINT-SAENS - Symphony #3. Crook, organ; Toscanini/NBC Sym. [SD labels] A- 20.00

950. LM-1875: RESTFUL (Good) MUSIC - Very miscellaneous Stokowski collection of pieces by Cesti, Frescobaldi, Lully, Purcell, Bach(3), Beethoven & Bizet. [All of these, I think, come from earlier releases; the strange babe on the cover, however, is unique...] Stokowski/His Symphony. [PD labels] B(mostly A--, but several marks sound a little) 16.00

951. LM-1876: FOREVER THE WALTZ - Waltzes by Johann Strauss, Jr.: Blue Danube; Voice of Spring; Wiener Blut; Treasure; Tales from the Vienna Woods; Artist's Life; Du und Du. Fried Walter/Vienna Bohemian Orchestra. [PD labels] A-(lovely copy!) 16.00

952. LM-1877: THE SMILING BACH - Short pieces & movements performed by Koussevitzky/BSO (finale Brandenburg #2), Reiner/RCA (5 movements from Suites), Stokowski/His Sym (Sheep), Landowska (2 preludes, 1 fugue), Shaw/His Chorale (Excerpts from Cantatas & St. John Passion) & Farrell (Aria, Cantata 41). [PD labels] A- 16.00

953. LM-1878: ENESCO - Roumanian Rhapsodies #1 & #2. LISZT - Hungarian Rhapsodies #1 - #3. Stokowski/NBC Sym (Liszt); Stokowski/His Sym (Enesco). [PD labels] B++ 12.00

954. LM-1879: THE FAMILY ALL TOGETHER - Fiedler/Boston Pops in extremely (!) miscellaneous program: A Hunt in the Black Forest (with shouts and yelps, etc!); The Glow Worm Turns; In a Clock Store; abridged versions of Bolero & Porgy & Bess Suite; Warsaw Concerto (Litwin, piano); Clair de Lune; Pop Goes the Weasel; Prelude in c#; Intermezzo (movie theme). [With great 1950's cover of dad smoking his pipe and reading the paper by the fireplace while mom and the kids play!] [PD labels] A-- 20.00

955. LM-1880: 17th & 18th CENTURY ITALIAN MUSIC: BONPORTI - Concerto in D. CORELLI - La Follia. GALUPPI - Concerto a Quattro in D. VIVALDI - Il Riposo. Societa Corelli (playing without conductor). [PD labels] A--(brief snd beg sd 1) 15.00

956. LM-1881: BIZET-HAMMERSTEIN - Carmen Jones (soundtrack to the motion picture). Voices of Marilynn (sic) Horne, Broc (sic) Peters, LaVern Hutcherson, etc. Gilbert/Orch & Cho. [PD labels] C+ 4.00

957. LM-1882: KURT WEILL/IRA GERSHWIN - Lady in the Dark. From 1954 "NBC Spectacular" production starring Ann Sothern. Charles Sanford/Orch. [PD labels] A- 32.00

958. LM-1883: POET'S GOLD - Verses of Today. Poems by Auden, Belloc, Doolittle, Eberhart, Eliot, Gogarty, Jeffers, McGinley, MacLeish, Masters, Nash, Parker, Robinson, Stevens, Dylan Thomas & E. B. White; read by Geraldine Brooks and Norman Rose. Notes by Whit Burnett. [PD labels] B+ 16.00

959. LM-1884: RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN - Suites from Oklahoma & Carousel. Morton Gould/His Orchestra. [Orchestral settings also by Gould] [PD labels] A-(lovely!) 20.00

960. LM-1888: ROLF LIEBERMANN - Concerto for Jazz Band & Symphony Orchestra. STRAUSS - Don Juan. Sauter-Finegan Band (in Concerto); Reiner/CSO (all). [Recorded December 6, 1954; this is first, mono-only issue; never in stereo on LP until VICS for Strauss, AGL for Liebermann, though both were available on 2-track tape] [PD; 1S/1S] A-- 20.00

961. LM-1889: ROSA PONSELL SINGS TODAY (i.e. 1954): Songs of Lully, Persico, Saint-Saens, Chausson, Brahms, Trunk, Schubert, Beethoven, Donaudy, Tosti, Sadero(2), Farley, Trad, del Riego. Chicagov & Ponselle, piano. [Recorded at Ponselle's home, Oct 1954; scarce! - released June 1955; deleted February 1957] [PD labels] A- 35.00

962. LM-1890: TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Concerto #1. Gina Bachauer; Alec Sherman/New London Orch. [very scarce item: issued in 1955; deleted 1958; Sherman was Bachauer's second husband] [PD labels] A- 25.00

963. LM-1891: STRAUSS - Till Eulenspiegel; Death & Transfiguration. Toscanini/NBC. [oddly, while the Till saw reissue on U.S. Victrola, the Death & Transfiguration did not] [PD labels] A-(a couple of ticks in Till) 16.00

964. LM-1892: CHOPIN - Waltzes (complete). Rubinstein. [PD labels] A-/B++ 12.00

965. LM-1893: RAVEL - Daphnis and Chloe (complete). Munch/BSO; New England Conservatory Chorus (at this time, Robert Shaw was director; Lorna Cooke de Varon only associate). [The first (January 1955) of the two Munch/BSO recordings of the complete Daphnis in the deluxe album used only for the initial mono-only release (issued in stereo only much later); bound-in booklet with 16 pages of photos and four early Andy Warhol drawings] [PD labels] B(but the fold-open album is pristine) 15.00

966. LM-1894: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake, Acts I & III. Stokowski/NBC Sym Members. [In deluxe album with 13-page bound-in booklet including photos and 4 early Andy Warhol drawings] [PD labels] B(but the album is superb!) 20.00
LP’s: RCA’s, continued
967. LM-1899: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #3. Reiner/CSO. [Though previous Reiner/CSO sessions included a stereo recording team - as did the session which followed two days later - this recording, from December 4, 1954, was made in mono only. I don't believe there was any reissue at all until the CD era. This copy has the later spine, correctly identifying this as #3; earlier covers identified the work as 'Symphony #5, "Erioca."'] [PD; 4S/6S] A-(very hard to find is such fine condition) 45.00

968. LM-2219: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto #2. Gilels; Reiner/CSO. [SD; 8S/12S] A- 9.00

969. LM-2222: DEBUSSY - Iberia. RAVEL - Valses Nobles et Sentimentales; Alborada del Gracioso. Reiner/CSO. [TAS re stereo: 64:124; only in print September 1958 - September 1961] [SD; 5S/6S] A--(Iberia is B+ from pressing bbls) 9.00

970. LM-2586: GERSHWIN - "I Got Rhythm" Variations; Concerto in F; Cuban Overture. Wild; Fiedler/BPS. [TAS re stereo issue: 35:107; 36:130] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 9.00

971. LM-6053(2): BERLIOZ - L'Enfance du Christ. Kopleff; Souzay; Tozzi; Valletti; Munch/BSO; NEC Cho. [the mono-only original issue; superb copy with original glassine inner sleeves; PD; 4S/1S/1S/3S] A- 25.00

972. LM-9019: DINNER MUSIC - Sigmund Romberg & His Orchestra. Thirteen works including Gold & Silver Waltz, Blossom Time Waltzes, Ballet Music from The Student Prince, Merry Widow Waltzes. [notes by Oscar Hammerstein II] B++(a few tks; earliest labels) 16.00

973.*LSC-1992: BEETHOVEN - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Munch/BSO. [TAS 36:160; 93:139-40] [SD; 20S/20S] A-(3 little tks at start; rest superb) 45.00

974.*LSC-2129: TCHAIKOVSKY - Violin Concerto. Heifetz; Reiner/CSO. [SD; 16S/24S] A-(lovely!) 35.00

975.*LSC-2183: THE REINER SOUND - Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole; Pavan for a Dead Princess. RACHMANINOFF: Isle of the Dead. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 21/22:165; 86:184-86; very scarce in this original stereo issue - released August 1958 among the very first RCA stereos; deleted April 1961] [SD; 17S/20S] A- 55.00

976.*LSC-2213: BOSTON TEA PARTY - Merry Wives & Bohemian Girl Overtures; Greensleeves; Merry Widow & Count of Luxemburg Waltzes; Hernando's Hideaway; Moonglow & Theme from Picnic; Bolzoni Minuet. Fiedler/BPS. [TAS 61:126] [SD; 5S/5S] A- 24.00

977.*LSC-2257: SIR ARTHUR BLISS - Things to Come Suite; Welcome to the Queen. ELGAR - Pomp & Circumstance Marches, #1 - 5. Bliss/LSO. [very scarce; in print only 4/59 - 4/61; TAS 75/6:178] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 38.00

978.*LSC-2267: OFFENBACH - Gaite Parisienne. KHACHATURIAN - Gayne Suite. Fiedler/BPS. [Mohr; Crawford; TAS 60:136-8] [SD; 17S/16S] A- 14.00

979.*LSC-2280: THE ART OF SONG - Songs by Schubert(3), Schumann(3), Pizzetti, Scarlatti(4), Handel, Stradella, Sarti. Cesare Valletti; Taubman, piano. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A-- 17.00

980.*LSC-2328: TCHAIKOVSKY - Nutcracker [LD or ND] FS(c/c) 12.00

981.*LSC-2369: TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony #4. Monteux/BSO. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; TAS 32:148; 36:124; 42:83; 65:160L] [ND; 7S/8S] A-(c/c) 12.00

982.*LSC-2378: SCHUBERT - Quartets #14 ("Death & the Maiden") & #12 ("Quartettsatz"). Juilliard Quartet. [TAS 65:158L] [SD; 1S/1S] A-(demo copy) 100.00

983.*LSC-2394: HAYDN - Symphonies #94 & #101. Monteux/VPO. [TAS 58:136; quite uncommon for a disc that made it into the WD era] [WD; 6S/4S] A- 25.00

984.*LSC-2446: RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF - Scheherazade. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 42:83; 45:153-4; 49:64-9; 65:153L; 75/76:72] [SD; 7S/1S] A--/A-(very slight crackle side 1 keeps it from A-) 65.00

985.*LSC-2507: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #3. MacDOWELL - Piano Concerto #2. Cliburn; Hendl/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 98:111L; 100:214-5] [SD; 3S/S] A-- 16.00

986.*LSC-2516: SCHUBERT - Symphonies #5 & 8. Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 86:182] [SD; 13S/9S] A-(pristine!) 25.00

987.*LSC-2547: LIGHT CLASSICS - Ritual Fire Dance; Espana; Ride of the Valkyries; Flight of the Bumblebee; Merry Wives of Windsor Overture; Song of India; War March of Priests; Hora Staccato; 2 more. Fiedler/Boston Pops. [ND; 20S/24S] A- 12.00

988.*LSC-2621: PROKOFIEV - Love for Three Oranges Suite. CHOPIN (arr.Anderson & Bodge) - Les Sylphides. Fiedler/BPS. [Dellheim; Salvatore] [WD; 6S/10S] A- 13.00

989.*LSC-2634: MOZART - Piano Concerti #21 & #23. Rubinstein; Wallenstein/Orch. [Wilcox; Layton; TAS 65:178] [SD; 6S/6S] A- 24.00

990.*LSC-2644: BEETHOVEN - Symphony #3. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [WD; 17S/15S] A-(moderate water damage to print on cover) 10.00

991.*LSC-2647: CHAUSSON - Symphony. FRANCK - Chasseur Maudit. Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; TAS 36:127; 94:145-6] [WD; 6S/4S] A-(brief tks beg sd 1) 20.00

992.*LSC-2673: MENDELSSOHN - Midsummer Night's Dream (complete incidental music). Saunders; Vanni; Swenson; Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [WD; 10S/19S] A- 16.00

993.*LSC-2701: SCHUMANN - Symphony #4. BEETHOVEN - Leonore Overture #3. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 8S/8S] A- 16.00

994.*LSC-2707: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #5. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton] [SD; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

995.*LSC-2715: BRAHMS - Piano Trio #2. BEETHOVEN - Piano Trio in G ("Kakadu" Variations). Graffman; Senofsky; Trepel. [Dellheim; Crawford & Keville; tough to find this in so quiet a pressing] [SD; 5S/5S] A-(superficial mark does not sound) 35.00

996.*LSC-2801: KHACHATURIAN - Piano Concerto. BLOCH - Scherzo Fantasque. Hollander; Previn/RPO. [Dellheim; Lock] [WD; 4S/2S] A- 9.00

997.*LSC-2806: ROUSSEL - Bacchus & Ariane, Suite #2. RAVEL - Daphnis & Chloe, Suite #2. Martinon/CSO. [Habig; Keville; Martinon's first CSO disc and one of only two he did in pre-renovation Orchestra Hall.] [Canadian SD] A-- 20.00

998.*LSC-2819: JULIAN BREAM IN CONCERT - Lute works by Dowland (11, including 6 songs sung by Peter Pears) & Byrd (4). [Dellheim; Salvatore & Burnett] [ND; 5S/5S] A- 10.00

LP’s: RCA’s, continued
999.*LSC-2834: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #6. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore; still my favorite recording of the work, and one of the real high-water marks for Leinsdorf/BSO in my view.] [WD; 2S/2S] A--(minor cover scuffs) 16.00

1000.*LSC-2934: PROKOFIEV - Symphony #3; Scythian Suite. Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Salvatore & Philhower] [WD; 1S/1S] A-(cover a bit scuffy & has neat tape repair) 17.00

1001.*LSC-2978: SAINT-SAENS - Sonata #1. SIBELIUS - Nocturne. WIENIAWSKI - Capriccio-Valse. RACHMANINOFF - Daisies; Oriental Sketch. FALLA - Nana; Jota. Heifetz, violin; Smith, piano. [Pfeiffer; Norman] [WD; 3S/3S] A- 15.00

1002.*LSC-3158: GRIEG - Symphonic Dances; Norweigian Dances. Gould/NPO. [ND; 1S/1S] A- 8.00

1003.*LSC-3281: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Symphony #3; Tuba Concerto. Fletcher; Previn/LSO. [ND; 1S/2S] A- 10.00

1004.*LSC-6135(3): PUCCINI - Madame Butterfly. Moffo; Valletti; Elias; Cesari; Corena; Leinsdorf/Rome Opera. [SD; 3S/1S/1S/1S/3S/1S] A-(lgt 1/2-inch scr sd 3; four ticks sd 4) 25.00

1005.*LSC-7031(2): MAHLER - Symphony #5. BERG - Wozzeck Excerpts (Curtin). Leinsdorf/BSO. [Mohr; Layton & Salvatore] [SD; 1S/1/1/4] A-(booklet missing) 35.00

1006.*LSC-9854 (SWEDISH): STENHAMMAR - Symphony in g, Op.34. Tor Mann/Stockholm Philharmonic. [German Teldec pressing; recorded 1959; startling to see the standard "Living Stereo" logo at the top of a foreign pressing with Swedish-only notes!] A- 19.00

1007.*RDC-2 (JAPANESE): VIVALDI - "Spring" from The Four Seasons. Beatles Medley (Yesterday; Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da; Michelle). Hayakawa/Tokyo Vivaldi Ens. [45 rpm; Direct-to Disc; rec January, 1977] A- 19.00

1008.*RL-25136(2) (BRITISH): SIBELIUS - Complete Tone Poems: En Saga; Luonnotar (Bryn-Julson, soprano); Finlandia; Spring Song; The Bard; The Dryad; Pohjola's Daughter; Night-Ride and Sunrise; The Oceanides; Tapiola. Gibson/Scottish National Orchestra. [Walker; Couzens; August 1977] A- 20.00

1009.*VICS-1002: TCHAIKOVSKY - Swan Lake (excerpts). Morel/ROHCG. [Very scarce. The original issue was in mono only on LM-2227; this stereo reissue arrived in May 1965, but while it persisted in the Schwann until August 1969, it is very rarely seen - this is only the third copy I've ever encountered.] [PL; 2S/2S] A- 45.00

1010.*VICS-1032: RACHMANINOFF - Piano Concerto #3. Janis; Munch/BSO. [Mohr; Layton; from the fabulously rare LSC-2237; TAS 63:174-6] FS(c/c; later cover so doubtless a late pressing) 12.00

1011.*VICS-1034: FRANCK - Symphony. Munch/BSO. [from LSC-2131; TAS 93:144] [PL; 9S/8S] A- 18.00

1012.*VICS-1053: IBERT - Divertissement. KAY - Cakewalk. ROSSINI-RESPIGHI - La Boutique Fantasque. Fiedler/BPS. [from LSC-2249(Kay) & LSC-2084(rest; TAS 36:123; 67:138-40)] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 20.00

1013.*VICS-1058: CHAUSSON - Poeme. SAINT-SAENS - Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso. Oistrakh; Munch/BSO. LECLAIR & LOCATELLI - Sonatas for Violin & Piano. Oistrakh; Yampolsky. [1st stereo issue; from LM-1988 & LM-1987] [PL; 7S/6S] A- 18.00

1014.*VICS-1077: CHOPIN - The Four Ballades; Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise. Graffman, piano. [Pfeiffer; Crawford; from the very scarce LSC-2304] [PL; 1S/1S] A- 14.00

1015.*VICS-1104: STRAUSS - Sinfonia Domestica. Reiner/CSO. [From LM-2103; this was first stereo LP release, and though it was supposedly on 2-track tape as FCS-44, no one I know has ever seen a copy of it in that form] [PL; 2S/1S] A- 25.00

1016.*VICS-1105: PROKOFIEV - Piano Concerto #3 (Graffman); Classical Symphony. Jorda/SFSO. [Crisp, very tight sound; 1st stereo release; mono-only 1st issue on LM-2138 deleted in October 1960.] [PL; 1S/6S] A-(best copy I've ever found) 35.00

1017.*VICS-1110: BARTOK - Concerto for Orchestra. Reiner/CSO. [from LSC-1934; see TAS 65:154L; 65:176] [PL; 1S/1S] A-(lovely copy - unusually fine early pressing) 27.00

1018.*VICS-1139: RACHMANINOFF - Symphony #2. Boult/LPO. [1st stereo issue - never an LSC; TAS 67:144-5] [PL; 1S/1S] A-(superb! / a little writing on back cover) 35.00

1019.*VICS-1171: ITALIAN OPERA PRELUDES & INTERMEZZOS - Fedora, Manon Lescaut, Gugliemo Ratcliff, Amico Fritz, La Wally, Silvano, Adriana, Cav, Pag. Basile/Bologna Municipal Theatre Orch. [first issue - never an LSC] [PL; 1S/1S] A-(lovely!) 35.00

1020.*VICS-1339: STAMITZ - Viola Concerto (Koch); Sinfonia Concertante in A. Collegium Aureum. [from Harmonia Mundi; 1st U.S. issue - no LM/LSC equivalent] [PL; 1S/2S] A- 10.00

1021.*VICS-1382: Mozart - Oboe Concerto (Leon Goossens); Symphony #34. Davis/Sinfonia of London. [1st issue - no LM/LSC counterpart] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 9.00

1022.*VICS-1390: MAHLER - Das Lied von der Erde. Lewis; Forrester; Reiner/CSO. [Mohr; Layton; from LSC-6087 (TAS 30:128); this issue never in plum label] [Pink; 1S/3S] A- 9.00

1023.*VICS-1391: BARBER - Medea's Meditation & Dance of Vengeance. DEBUSSY - Images for Orchestra. Munch/BSO. [1st (and only) stereo LP issue of the Barber (though it was briefly on 2-track tape); a killer performance in fine sound; released 2/69, apparently just after the PL era - I've only seen it with pink label. Top-drawer Munch.] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 25.00

1024.*VICS-1404: DEBUSSY - The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (extended excerpts). Kopleff; Akos; Curtin; Munch/BSO; New England Conservatory Cho. [From LM-2030, recorded 1956; this 1968 Victrola was the first & only stereo LP issue; never in a plum label. This stereo issue, though, for unexplained reasons, omits Munch's brief but fervent narration segments that were included in the mono original.] [Pink; 2S/1S] A- 24.00

1025.*VICS-1435: GLUCK - Orfeo ed Euridice (orchestral music). Monteux/Rome Opera. [I don't believe the complete opera was ever issued in stereo on LP, though a single disc of excerpts was; this rather obscure 1976 issue from sessions in 1957 is something of an oddity!] [Pink; 1S/1S] A- 12.00

1026.*VICS-1540 (BRITISH): TCHAIKOVSKY - Serenade for Strings. ELGAR -Introduction & Allegro for Strings. BARBER - Adagio for Strings. Munch/BSO. [TAS re original stereo issue on LSC-2105 (which did not include the Barber): 36:122] A-(British pressing) 25.00

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