Just In Time for Halloween scary movie 2 scary movie 3: unrated

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Two Hilarious Spoofs Make Their Blu-ray Debut

Just In Time for Halloween



Street Date: 9/20/11

Blu-ray Disc SRP: $14.99 each


Audiences will laugh twice as hard this fall as Lionsgate debuts two hilarious Miramax films on Blu-ray Disc – Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 3: UNRATED. Presented for the very first time in 1080P High Definition and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, both horror parodies star two of comedy’s leading ladies -- Anna Faris (The House Bunny) and Regina Hall (King’s Ransom). Available on September 20th, each Blu-ray Disc is loaded with an assortment of special features including deleted scenes, featurettes and audio commentaries, for the suggested retail price of $14.99.


The follow-up spoof picks up from where the original Scary Movie satire left off, taking aim at supernatural thrillers like The Exorcist and Stigmata, among others. This time around, Marlon and Shawn Wayans (White Chicks) star as Shorty and Ray who are both tricked by their professor into visiting a haunted house as part of a school project. Cindy (Faris) and Brenda (Hall) join their peers for the “project.” When things start getting messy, the gang must work together to find a way to capture the ghostly menace. Tori Spelling (TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210”) and Chris Elliott (There’s Something About Mary) also star in this wild and zany sequel.


  • Behind-the-scenes featurette

  • Deleted and alternate scenes

  • “Here Kitty, Kitty” featurette

  • Special Effects Tour with Special Effects Coordinator Lou Carlucci

  • Behind the Makeup with Makeup Effects Department Head Barry R. Koper

  • Scary Effects

*subject to change

Keenen Ivory Wayans Little Man, White Chicks, Scary Movie, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka


Written by Shawn Wayans & Marlon Wayans & Alyson Fouse & Greg Grabianski & Dave Polsky

& Michael Anthony Snowden & Craig Wayans.

Shawn Wayans Dance Flick, White Chicks, The 6th Man, TV’s “In Living Color”

Marlon Wayans Little Man, White Chicks, Requiem for a Dream

Anna Faris Observe & Report, The House Bunny, Just Friends

Regina Hall TV’s “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” Law Abiding Citizen

Chris Masterson My Best Friend’s Wedding, TV’s “Malcolm in the Middle”

Kathleen Robertson TV’s “Medium,” TV’s “CSI: Miami,” Hollywoodland

Special Appearance by James Woods John Q., Any Given Sunday, Contact, Salvador

With Tim Curry The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, Charlie’s Angels, Kinsey

With Tori Spelling Trick, The House of Yes, TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210”

And Chris Elliott TV’s “How I Met Your Mother,” There’s Something About Mary

After surviving the hijinks of the first two films, Cindy Campbell (Faris) is back with a new crew, lampooning horror hits such as The Ring, Signs and The Others. A mysterious videotape is circulating around town, and whoever views the tape has seven days left to live. News reporter Cindy Campbell is next on the list, and tries to work out a way to prevent her death. Meanwhile, crop circles have also been appearing in the local farm, and Cindy suspects that both mysteries are linked. But can she make the connection before the world ends? Thrillers, blockbusters and pop culture get their best goosing yet in this funnier and more explicit unrated version!


  • Audio commentary with director David Zucker, producer Robert K. Weiss and writers Pat Proft and Craig Mazin

  • Alternate ending with optional commentary

  • Outtakes and bloopers

  • Deleted and extended scenes with optional commentary

  • “Hulk vs. Aliens”: Behind the Scenes of the Alternate Ending

  • “The Making of Scary Movie 3” featurette

  • “The Making of Scary Movie 3... For Real” featurette

*subject to change

David Zucker Scary Movie 4, My Boss’s Daughter, The Naked Gun 2½, The Naked Gun


Written by Craig Mazin and Pat Proft. Based on Characters Created by Shawn Wayans & Marlon Wayans

& Buddy Johnson & Phil Beauman and Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer.

Anna Faris Observe & Report, The House Bunny, Just Friends

Anthony Anderson The Departed, Transformers, Me, Myself & Irene, Hustle & Flow

Leslie Nielsen Airplane!, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Camryn Manheim TV’s “The Practice,” Happiness, Showtime’s “The L Word”

Simon Rex Pledge This!, TV’s “Jack & Jill,” Going Greek

Jenny McCarthy TV’s “Two and a Half Men,” Santa Baby, Scream 3

Pamela Anderson Blonde and Blonder, TV’s “V.I.P.,” TV’s “Baywatch”

Jeremy Piven HBO’s “Entourage,” Smokin’ Aces, Old School, Serendipity

George Carlin Jersey Girl, Dogma, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Featuring Queen Latifah Chicago, Living Out Loud, Last Holiday, Hairspray

Special Appearance by Eddie Griffin Undercover Brother, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Norbit

With Denise Richards TV’s “Blue Mountain State,” Wild Things, Undercover Brother

With Regina Hall TV’s “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” Law Abiding Citizen

And Charlie Sheen TV’s “Two and a Half Men,” Hot Shots!, Wall Street, Platoon


Year of Production: Scary Movie 2: 2001

Scary Movie 3 UNRATED: 2003

Title Copyright: © Miramax

Type: Blu-ray Disc Premiere

Rating: Scary Movie 2: R for strong sexual and gross humor, graphic language and some drug content

Scary Movie 3: UNRATED; this motion picture previously was released in a version rated PG-13 for PERVASIVE CRUDE AND SEXUAL HUMOR, LANGUAGE, COMIC VIOLENCE AND DRUG REFERENCES. This unrated version contains material different from the original PG-13-rated version.

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Closed Captioned: English SDH

Subtitles: English and Spanish

Format: 1080P High Definition 16x9 Widescreen

Feature Running Time: Scary Movie 2: 82 minutes

Scary Movie 3 UNRATED: 85 minutes

Blu-ray Audio Status: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
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