James aiton Primary newsletter 9

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James aiton Primary newsletter 9

28th April


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Dear Parents/Carers
We’ve had a good first week back at school with children catching up with each other and settling back in to the class routines.

Due to the popularity of the club, Debbie Robertson our home/school partnership worker, has very kindly agreed to continue to support the Hot Chocolate Homework club on Wednesdays from 3 to 4 o’clock. During that time there is access to computers and library books as well as Miss MacPherson and Miss Finnie attending to support you and your child while they work on that week’s homework. Along with the welcome drink and biscuit, there’s a relaxed atmosphere and using the time then for homework means the children have the rest of that evening to themselves. Please come along to the hub on the first floor.

The Wednesday afternoon maths club will also be continuing. This club is for parents/carers and will give you ways to help your child with maths homework.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your attendance at the last Parents’ Evening and your continued support of the children and school activities.

As always, if you have any queries or concerns please contact me.

Kind regards,

Jackie McInnes

Whole school charter

We’ve been working on a charter for our school based on rights and responsibilities and the following has evolved from discussion. It has been written in the words of the children and is referred to at assemblies and as necessary.
At James Aiton we all have the right to

Internet safety

At a recent Camglen 21st Century Families meeting the issue of children using the internet safely was raised. The website www.thinkuknow.co.uk gives a lot of useful information about this and there will be a workshop on internet safety on 15th May between 7 and 9pm.

The venue has not yet been confirmed but if you would like more information about it or about the 21st Centuries Families group please contact the school office.

Parent Council news

At the recent Annual General Meeting Mrs Jeanette Keane resigned as chairperson. Mrs Keane has been in the role for a number of years and has run the meetings efficiently and purposefully. She has been central to the smooth organisation of events and created a friendly, welcoming ethos at Parent Council meetings.

On behalf of the school community I would like to thank Mrs Keane for her commitment and hard work.

Mrs Carol Knape was appointed as the new chairperson and I am sure will be ably supported by Mrs Elsa Morton as Vice Chairperson , Mrs Wendy McNiven in her role as Secretary and Mrs Alison Duncan as Treasurer.

The next Parent Council meeting will be on Tuesday 13th May at 6:30 if you would like to come along.

The recent Spring disco, organised by the Parent Council, was well attended and the children had great fun. Thank you to all the adult helpers who made it such a success.

Class topics

P3/4 have raised money for the charity Village by Village by designing and selling bags. Village by Village have a number of projects including digging wells, harvesting rain water and providing scholarships so that the poorest of children can attend school. The class were studying Africa and were keen to fundraise to try to make a difference to others.

Primary 1 had a great day out at Edinburgh Zoo and were lucky enough to see the pandas that day. This trip happened at the end of their topic on animals.

Primary 4/5 also had a good day at the Science Centre visiting the Planetarium and adding to their knowledge gained through their recent topic about Space.

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