Integrated cdms user Identification Form

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Integrated CDMS User Identification Form

Addl. DIG (ICT & Telecom)

Bangladesh Police

Police Headquarters, Dhaka.

1. Full Name*

2. Designation*

3. Police ID*

(Will be used as login name)

4. E-mail Address

5. National ID

6. Unit *

7. Date of Joining Present Unit

8. Personal contact number*

(To notify the password)

9. Type of User

Operator /Viewer

(Please strike out the inappropriate type)

10. Signature of the user

Please create / revoke the user with the above particulars.


Seal and Signature of recommending Authority

---------------------- For use of CDMS System Admin only ------------------------

Date of Creation

Created by

Date of Activation

Activated by

Date of Revocation

Revoked by

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