Injuring or preventing operation of vehicle; classification; emergency exception

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28152228-1522.  Injuring or preventing operation of vehicle; classification; emergency exception

A.  A person is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor who:

1.  Knowingly breaks, injures, tampers with or removes any part of a vehicle for any purpose against the will or without the consent of the owner of the vehicle.

2.  In any other manner knowingly and maliciously interferes with or prevents the running or operation of the vehicle.

3.  Without consent of the owner or person in charge of a vehicle, climbs into or on a vehicle with intent to commit any crime, malicious mischief or injury to the vehicle.

4.  While a vehicle is stopped and unattended, knowingly either:

(a)  Manipulates any levers, starting crank or other starting device, brakes or other mechanism of the vehicle.

(b)  Sets the vehicle in motion.

B.  Subsection A does not apply if any of the conduct described in subsection A is committed either:

1.  In an emergency in furtherance of public safety or convenience.

2.  By or under the direction of an officer in the performance of the officer's duty. 281522

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