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ACC 207, Financial Accounting for Decision Making, and ACC 208, Managerial Accounting for Decision Making, are introductory accounting courses required for all business majors. Each course has a four-hour classroom component (ACC 207 and ACC 208) and a one-hour self-paced activity (ACC 207A and ACC 208A).
The one-hour self-paced activities reinforce the material covered in the four-hour classroom component using accounting software. In ACC 207A, students will set up and run a web-based accounting system using Quick Books accounting software. ACC 208A uses Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics accounting software to analyze a case by identifying and inputting accounting information.
Registering for these classes
Students enrolling in ACC 207 and ACC 208 may have difficulty enrolling because:
1) You must enroll on-line for these courses
2) You must enter both courses into Bronco Direct at the same time
If enrolling in ACC 207/207A, you must enroll in both one section of ACC 207 and one section of ACC 207A (these two are co-requisites) or
If enrolling in ACC 208/208A, you must enroll in both one section of ACC 208 and one section of ACC 208A (these two are co-requisites).
When the pre-registration system tells you that you have not met the requisites, it does not mean “prerequisites”, it means co-requisites (in this case) and that means you have not tried to enroll in both courses at the same time.
Because ACC 207/207A and ACC 208/208A are each five-unit courses, students may encounter problems during pre-registration. University policy limits student to 16 units during pre-registration. If you are registering for four classes during pre-registration and one of those is ACC 207 or ACC 208, you may exceed the 16-unit maximum. This 16-unit maximum is lifted during late registration.
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