Individuals and Families Regent ($15,000 and above)

Yüklə 137.21 Kb.
ölçüsü137.21 Kb.

Individuals and Families

Regent ($15,000 and above)
Allen and Debbie Martin ($TRK)

~ Nicole
Emeritus ($10,000 to $14,999)

Peter and Stephanie Fleming ($)

Greg and Kimberly Heitz ($T)

Sharath and Nirmal Raja ($T)
Legacy ($5,000 to $9,999)
Mark and Barbara Glazer ($R)

Brad and Karol Hitt ($WTRK)

~ Anika

Eric Malicky and Kathy Kostic ($TRK)

~ Chris, Hannah and Peter

Tom and Sheri Price ($RK)

~ Ben, Katie and Zach

Jeff and Marcia Schwager ($WTRK)

~ Kelsey and Samantha

Professor ($2,500 to $4,999)
Jon and Libby Baranko ($TRK)

~Drew and Ryan

John and Gwen Beagle (T)

Mark and Whitney Berger ($R)

Mark and Barb Bolens ($T)

John and Wendy Cayer ($WTRK)

~ Alex

David and Stephanie Clark ($TR)

Tim and Laurie Collins (TK)

John and Margo Dolan (T)

Jamie and Karen Geschke ($T)

Kevin and Eileen Goniu ($)

Scott and Kathryn Happ ($T)

David and Jane Hokeness ($WTR)

Mike Kelly and Francine Cosner ($T)

David and Karen Kornreich (WT)

Pat and Brenda Quick ($TRK)

~ Conor

Bryan and Alicia Sadoff ($WTR)

Roger and Judith Smith ($T)

Mike and Renee Steger (T)

John Yang and Ellen Leeney (TRK)

~ Allison and Steven

Alex and Susan Zacharias ($)

Mike and Andi Zimmerman ($WTRK)

~ Ali and Ben

Fellow ($1,000 to $2,499)
Jeff and Karrie Adix ($TR)

Woody and Betsie Alverson (T)

Kent and Nancy Anderson ($TR)

Phillip and Suzanne Bainbridge (WTR)

Doug and Shelley Burns ($WT)

Jeffrey and Marcia Clark (TK)

David and Judy Coran (T)

Rob and Colleen Cowen ($TK)

~ Abby and Mollie

John and Mary Darling ($K)

~ Brenna and Cailyn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Degnan ($)

Bill and Kim Ebinger ($WT)

Paul and Patricia Ellsworth ($)

Tom and Tanja Felton ($WTR)

Anthony Ferguson and Michelle Andrew ($)

Christian Fite and Anita Braun ($WRK)

~ Alex and Andrew

Jeffrey and Keri Francis (TR)

Michael Franks and Julie Wojcik ($WTRK)

~ Brian, Grace and Tim

Robert and Chris Gould ($T)

Robert and Liz Graumann (TR)

Marc and Wendy Hirsch ($T)

Alan and Jodi Holman ($TR)

Drew and Sheri Kanyer ($)

David and Mandy Kliber (T)

John and Stacy Koss ($)

Mike and Tracy Lappin ($TRK)

~ Jake, Jessie and Joe

Brian and Diana Levy ($WTRK)

~ Danny and Ethan

Brett Ludwig and Melissa Bleidorn ($TR)

Greg and Julie Lutz ($TRK)

~ Alexandra and Brady

Saede and Katie Maleki ($TK)

~ Isabelle, Lilly and Oliver

John Mason and Mary Cyrier (TK)

~ Connor and Kale

Randy and Stacy Mays ($W)

The Mitman Family ($TK)

Miller and Cheri Newton (TRK)

Mark and Jennifer Niedfeldt (TK)

~ Meg

Dave and Mindy Pelisek (T)

Jorge and Fernanda Perez ($T)

John and Anna Potter ($WR)

Jay and Bridget Sandlow (WTRK)

~ Jacquelyn, Rachel and Samantha

Bart and Chris Schindler (T)

Donald and Joan Sommer ($T)

John and Suzette Urbashich ($T)

Margaret and Stephen Vierling (TR)

Mark and Susan Wichman (T)

Charles Yang and Peggy Tong Yang ($)
Scholar ($500 to $999)
Anonymous (1) ($)

James and Colleen Aceto ($TR)

Carol Albright ($)

Greg Alston and Myra George ($WTK)

Tom and Diane Arenberg ($T)

John and Catherine Bailey ($)

Tom and Julie Barragry ($)

Brian and Laura Behnken ($)

Steven and Clare Bergquist ($)

The Berridge Family ($)

Tim and Laura Bireley (WT)

Bud and Joyce Bobber ($TK)

~ Caitlin and Grace

John and Julie Cabaniss (T)

Matt and Jennifer Charles (TRK)

~ Lucy and Will

Sheri Christman ($R)

Matt and Juli Coburn (T)

Ryan and Kristen Deneen (T)

Duane and Julie Faber ($RK)

Ava Ford ($)

John and Tammy Fricker (T)

Byron and Polly Gabriel ($)

Jeffery and Cynthia Garland ($)

Gregg and Lena Gauss (TK)

~ Natalie and Nicole

Curt and Mary Gielow (T)

Mark and Jackie Gold ($R)

David Goldberg and Kristin Schroederus (TR)

Greg and Ann Gorlinski ($TR)

Mike and Fran Grabow ($)

Andrew and Lynda Hopkins ($R)

Adam and Erin Horwitz (T)

Dan and Ginny Jagla (W)

Jim and Susan Janik (T)

Mike and Jen Karegeannes (TK)

~ Ava, Grace and Will

The Kerkman Family ($)

John and Nancy Kirtley ($T)

John and Connie Kittleson ($TRK)

~ Ben and Tyler

Kevin and Katie Kosobud ($T)

Todd and Kris Krehmeyer (TR)

Bob and Ginny Kwech ($)

Donna Maassen (WT)

John and Jennifer McDonald (T)

Allen and Andrea McIlwraith ($T)

Randy and Christine McLaughlin (T)

Daniel and Linda McPike ($)

Darren and Lisa Miller (T)

Jim and Julie Popp (T)

Jonas and Sylvia Prising ($TRK)

~ Marcus

Jeffrey and Susanne Rattner ($)

David and Gael Romoser ($T)

Jack and Patti Rooney ($)

Howard and Robin Schlei ($TR)

Paul Schoessow and Jane Schiltz (T)

Bryan and Candyce Seider (T)

Paul and Janet Shahrokhi (TR)

Mike and Amy Speich ($TR)

Jason and Jennifer Stamm (T)

David and Diane Stegeman (TRK)

Larry and Donnie Stern ($)

Michael Stull and Kristyn Harrell (TRK)

~ Ben and Henry

Mike and Judy Van Handel ($T)

Robert and Jean Wirthlin (TK)

~ Kate and Ryan

Eric and Diane Zall (TR)

Ken and Evie Zganjar ($T)

Anna Zuckerman (T)

Associate ($100 to $499)
Anonymous (10) ($T)

Jennifer Abraham (W)

Kathy Albright (T)

The Amland Family ($)

Deborah Anderson ($TRK)

Daniel and Gwen Armbrust ($)

Glen and Celeste Arnold ($T)

Frank and Susan Ball ($)

Gary and Mithra Ballesteros ($)

Thuy Barron ($)

Kim and Pamela Beck (TRK)

~ Benedict

Stephen and Kathryn Beiser ($)

Paul and Ellen Benson ($)

Robert and Jill Bewell (T)

Lee Biblo and Ileen Gilbert (T)

Mark and Julia Birmingham ($TR)

Scott and Cherie Bjornstad ($)

The Boehmer Family (TR)

Geoff and Jennifer Bogli ($)

Brett and Kristin Bowers (TRK)

~ Drew and Reed

David and Ann Braaten (T)

Will and Ann Brownfield ($)

Chad and Sally Buchanan ($K)

~ Alex, Andy and Tommy

Todd and Rachel Burner ($R)

P.D. and Sharon Burstein ($T)

Mark and Michelle Case ($TR)

Jason and Angelina Cicero ($R)

Thom Clopton and Celeste Giunta ($)

Ryan and Julie Cooley (T)

Jim and Jenny Counsellor ($)

Rod and Joanne Crevoiserat (T)

Laura Cullen (T)

Sandy and Jean Custer ($)

Brian and Joanne Davidson ($TR)

Henry Davis and Ruby Miller-Davis ($)

Richard and Jane Dean ($)

Phillip Dimmer ($)

Eric Dimmitt ($WTRK)

Patricia Dolhun ($)

Gregg and Tammy Dooge (R)

Bill and Bo Dowsett ($TK)

Pappy and Betty Draughon ($)

Marc and Robyn Eiseman ($)

David Enright ($)

Michael and Lynn Falender ($R)

James Findling ($)

J. P. and Jennifer Fingado (WTR)

Chris and Kris Fish (TK)

~ Alex and Genna

David and Gillian Foulkes ($T)

Stephen Franzoi and Cheryl Figg ($R)

Rick and Liz Gebhardt ($)

Susie Gebhardt (T)

Tom and Wendy Gebhardt (TK)

~ Drew, Kristen and T.J.

Thomas and Carol Gifford ($R)

Greg and Sandi Gleisner ($)

Gerardo and Josephine Gonzalez (W)

Andrew and Laura Gradecki ($)

Scott and Julie Griswold ($T)

Dave and Jennifer Hadcock ($)

Michael Harris (TRK)

Bill and Sandy Haselow ($T)

The Helmstetter Family ($)

Dave and Michelle Henrichs ($R)

Diana Hetzel ($)

Pat and Jim Hoffman ($)

Patrick Hopfensperger ($)

Hossein and Anne Hosseini ($)

Joe and Kathryn Houpt (WR)

Larrie Howell ($)

Josh and Jessica Hunt (T)

Marc and Lori Jacobson ($)

The Jaeger Family ($)

Thomas and Mary Johnson (T)

Vaughan and Tracey Joubert ($R)

Shane and Marie Judd ($)

Greg and Anne Jurenec ($R)

Barbara Karol (T)

Neal and Rita Karthauser ($)

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Katt ($R)

Marlee and Ilana Katz ($)

Ken and Jen Keller ($R)

Mary Kellner ($)

Atif and Reena Khan (TR)

Philip and Karen Konrath ($R)

Jim and Diane Kreel ($)

Dirk and Tricia Kreunen ($)

Brad and Terri Kruger ($R)

Stephen and Traci Kurtin (RK)

~ Brendan, Lindsay, Mackenzie and Maya

Satoru Kuwabara and May Hsu (R)

Scott and Christine Laihinen ($)

Tim and Deb Lamers (T)

Dave and Patricia Lane ($)

Scott and Kimberly Lapcewich ($T)

The Le Family ($R)

Doug and Laura Lennie ($)

Michael and Barbara Levin (TR)

Jonathan and Michelle Levine (T)

Jim and Cathy Liska ($)

Mark and Arlene Litow ($)

Joe and Nancy Lucas ($)

Cyrus Lyle ($)

Kurt and Susan Malmquist ($WK)

~ Meghan, Will and Brad

Paul and Linda Maly ($)

John and Elizabeth Marita ($R)

David and Rachael Marks ($TR)

Richard and Louisa Marks ($)

Joe and Sue Martin ($RK)

~ Michelle and Nicholas

Larry Martin and Linda Rice ($)

Bill and Wendy Mayer ($)

Nancy McGiveran ($)

Bryan and Lisa McGourthy ($)

Demond and Kimberly Means ($WTRK)

Donna and Mark Metzendorf ($K)

~ Ann Marie, Daniel, Maryellen and Stephanie

Jim and Gayle Meyer ($)

Gary and Jane Miller (RK)

~ Courtney and Jack

Dan and Cindy Miske ($T)

Van and Susan Mobley (T)

Donald and Laverne Molyneux ($)

Chris and Jackie Mortenson (W)

LeRoy Mueller, Jr. and Nancy Behrens ($)

Richard and Nancy Mueller (T)

Bill and Peggy Mulligan ($)

William and Bettye Nimmer ($)

Tom and Kristine Obrecht ($)

Steve and Cathy O'Brien ($RK)

~ Amelia, Claire and Hannah

Bruce and Betsy Olson ($)

Jay and Lynn Packard ($RK)

~ Campbell and Colin

Harrison and Susan Parker ($T)

Robert Patton ($)

Larry and Teri Pavelec (T)

Richard and Sharon Perkins (T)

Alan Perlstein and Terry Hamann (T)

Kimberly Pons ($)

Anthony and Erika Prater ($)

Anna Queram ($)

Edward and Cherrie Raimann (T)

Frank and Vicki Ravanelli ($R)

Lucy Reeve ($RK)

The Reilly Family ($)

Paul and Lora Reinholz (T)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rennicke ($)

David and Alicia Riebau (T)

Robert and Janet Rilling (TRK)

~ Marcus and Summer

Brint and Julie Robbins (T)

Benny and Carol Rokni ($WR)

Paul and Diane Rosenberg ($TK)

John and Mimi Rosing ($R)

Paul and Sarah Rossman (T)

Bruce and Laura Rowe ($)

Richard and Kris Rozran ($)

Todd and Patty Ruhkick (T)

Wendi and Mike Sabinash ($R)

Timothy and Amy Sanner (K)

~ Jacob

Todd and Christina Scheer (T)

Jeff and Sue Schouten ($)

Jim and Lauren Schreiner ($T)

David and Sarah Schroeder ($)

Chip and Carolyn Schuman ($)

Bruce and Karen Schuyler (T)

Jeff and Liz Sehnert (TR)

Tom and Liz Sellars (TR)

David Sherman and Gina Buono ($)

Ken and Chris Siegel (RK)

~ Connor

Michael and Vickie Silver ($RK)

Rex and Jean Simonsen ($R)

Chinnappa and Mansa Siva ($)

James and Nancy Slawson (TK)

~ Will

John and Jacqui Slominski ($R)

Gaylord Smith ($)

Francisco Soto and Diana Quintero (T)

Michael and Julie Soyka ($RK)

~ Ellen, Katie, Matthew and Megan

Jamie and Christine Speaker (TK)

~ Alex

Tim and Nancy Speaker (K)

~ Allison, Jason, Lucas and Michael

Fred and Judi Stadler ($)

The Steinert Family ($TK)

~ Lauren

Mike and Linda Stolz ($WT)

Edwin and Jean Stone ($)

Peter and Leann Stone ($)

Carol Storm ($)

Jeff and Jolene Strother (K)

~ Clarissa, Juliana and Louisa

Joshua and Jocelyn Sulsberger (TK)

~ Georgia

Todd and Cheryl Sweet ($)

Lee Szymborski (T)

Scott and Paula Taebel (RK)

~ Grant and Zack

Chris and Chris Takayama (WR)

Robert and Kathleen Tatterson ($R)

David and Heather Teplin ($T)

Stanley and Judith Teplin ($)

John and Shannon Stoker ($TR)

Harry and Betty Thomae ($)

Marty and Robin Thomas ($)

Jeffrey and Michele Tietz (T)

Robb and Kristy Timme ($)

Rich and Barbara Tock ($)

Terry and Ruth Usher (W)

William and Ilva Van Valkenburgh (T)

Bruce Vielmetti and Julie Lori ($)

Jeff and Debbie Vredenbregt ($)

Dennis and Mary Vruwink ($)

Tom and Marge Wachs (T)

Harry Wallace and Ruth Goldman ($)

James and Kathryn Walters ($)

Mark and Lisa Waples ($T)

David and Cindy Werner ($)

Fred and Jane Westreich ($)

Robert and Shannon Whitaker ($RK)

~ Maura and Rob

Kevin and Brittany White ($)

Trevor and Margaret Will ($)

Jane Wochos ($)

Ben and Mary Wong ($)

Jim and Pat Wood ($WTR)

Jay and Betsey Woody ($TR)

Mr. and Mrs. Wuesthoff ($)

Stephen and Julie Wypiszynski (WRK)

Chaohua Xu ($R)

Steve and Barbara Young ($)

Jim and Claudia Youngquist ($)

James and Jill Zeisler ($R)

Friend (up to $99)
Anonymous (12) ($)

William and Linda Abraham (T)

Dareen Abu Fares (R)

Pam Adams ($)

Randy and Karla Adams (R)

Steve and Sharon Albright (K)

Raymond and Janet Allison (R)

Michael and Kari Altman (R)

Mario Alvarez (R)

Henry and Margaret Ambrookian (T)

Mike and Julie Anderson (K)

Scott and Debra Anderson ($)

Sean Anderson (K)

Tracey Andrus (K)

~ Corey

Christopher and Deborah Apel (R)

Marjorie Arbuckle (R)

Tino and Penny Arvanetes (T)

Sharon Austin (K)

Colleen Avila (R)

Mark and Heather Baden (R)

James and Barbara Baka (R)

Joseph Baubonis (R)

Paul and Dawn Baumgartner (R)

William and Wendy Bayer (R)

John L. Beck ($)

Greg and Joan Bennett (T)

Todd and Sarah Bentley (T)

Jeffrey and Kristine Berger (R)

Jason and Rena Berka (R)

Dan Berlin (K)

Sandy Berman (K)

~ Lindsay

Scott and Cara Bern (T)

Eric Bierny (R)

Andy and Dawn Binversie (R)

Peter and Sue Birmingham (RK)

~ Connor and Michael

Brian Black and Valerie Lapins ($)

Samira Blackwell (R)

Peter and Julie Bliesner (R)

Richard Blomquist (T)

Kathy Blume (R)

Paul and Stacey Bodi (R)

Mark and Tanya Bogaczyk (W)

Amy Bongard (K)

Richard Borys (K)

Soleil and Jennifer Bottesi (R)

Daniel and Holly Bourbonais (R)

Brad and Cathy Boyles ($)

Hank and Marie Brancaccio (R)

Kent and Jennifer Brase (R)

Jeffery and Wanda Braun (K)


Michael and Julie Braunstein (R)

The Bretl Family (R)

Michael and Kristine Bruno (R)

Dennis and Treena Buehler (R)

Helen Caldwell ($)

Elizabeth Callahan (R)

Derek Cao and Min Chen ($K)

~ Austin

Juan Carranza (R)

Stephen and Judith Cassidy (K)

Barry and Sue Chavin (T)

Manish and Sharon Chawla (TR)

Richard and Jill Check (T)

Elias and Stephanie Chedid (R)

Eric and Claire Chevaux (R)

Chris and Lee Ann Christenson (R)

Jon and Jean Christiaansen (R)

John and Tracy Chrobak (K)

~ J.J. and Skylar

Justin and Carie Cieslewicz (R)

Joseph and Bridget Ciurlik (R)

Larry and Nancy Clancy (T)

Jeb Clark (K)

Jeridon and Jennie Clark (R)

Mary Clark (R)

Lynn Connolly (K)

Michael and Susan Contardi (R)

The Cook Family (R)

Keith and Diane Coursin ($)

Chris and Anne Cowie (K)

Lisa Cox (R)

Howard and Susan Croft (T)

John and Terri Cullen (K)

~ Dan and Sean

Robert and Heather Cummisford (R)

John and Karen Curtis (R)

Denise Dales (K)

Kate Daniels (K)

Ryan Daniels (R)

Dr. Bill and Sen. Alberta Darling (WT)

Kapil and Sandra Dass (R)

Robert and Georgina David (K)

~ Samantha and Zoe

Alan and Eileen Day (R)

Robert and Stacy Day (R)

Melissa Debord (R)

Barb Dedrich (R)

John and Nancy Deford (R)

Teresa Delaney (T)

Fabio and Lisa DeMartino (R)

The Detoro Family (R)

Scott Devereux (K)

~ Bradley

Ivan Diaz and Ana Gilmond (R)

Mary Diemer (R)

Michael and Sue Dietz (T)

Rose Dillon (R)

Pamela Dix (R)

Yloande Djomby (R)

Caryn Doers (R)

McKenna Donovan (R)

Greg and Dana Dorf (R)

Jonathan and Kristen Dorman ($R)

Deborah Doughty (R)

Caroline Dumont (R)

Tim Dunar and Louise Dernehl (R)

Bob Dunning (K)

Kate Dunning (RK)

Keith Eichler (T)

Daniel and Christina Eichmeier (R)

Barbara Erickson (T)

Kathy Erlandson (K)

~ Erik, Kiley and Lief

Nikki Etheridge (R)

Charles and Michele Evans ($)

Eric and Liz Evans (W)

John and Jennifer Evans (R)

Peyton Evans-Harris (K)

Thomas and Yvonne Eynon (R)

Bonnie Fabiszak (R)

Josiana Farber (R)

Mary Farrell (RK)

Tom and Robin Fazio ($)

Joyce Feaster (W)

Renee Feltz (R)

Pat and Tracy Ference (WR)

Paul Feucht (K)

Dr. Jordan and Phyllis Fink ($)

Mark and Lynn Fitzsimmons (K)

~ Alyssa and Lauren

Jason and Tammie Flanders (R)

Edward and Laverne Foster (R)

Joseph and Lauran Frank (R)

Fran Franklin ($)

Andrew and Babetta Frazier (R)

John and Suzanne Freckmann (R)

Doug and Amy Frede (R)

Viktoriya Frenkel (R)

Diana Fricke (R)

Michael and Kristine Friedel (R)

Ariel and Barbara Friedlander ($)

The Fudurich Family (R)

Tom Fugate (R)

Louise Fuhry ($)

Jon and Lynn Gabe (T)

Peg Gardner (K)

Bill and Lisa Gartzke (K)

~ Maggie

Richard and Patricia Gattoni ($)

Stephen and Susan Gattoni (RK)

Bill and Janet Gebhardt (K)

~ Annie, Katie, Michael and Will

Butch and Melissa Gebhardt (TR)

Diane Gehl (W)

Stefan and Lisa Gendelman (R)

Hughes George (R)

Mark and Joanna Gerard (RK)

Steve and Deb Gerner (T)

Lee Gettelfinger (K)

Doug and Cheryl Geurts (R)

Willard and Deborah Giebenrath (R)

Peter and Carole Giersch (R)

Susan Giesen (R)

Matt and Mandy Gilbertson (R)

The Gilman Family ($)

Sam Ginkel (R)

Lisa Giuntoli (R)

Thomas and Kim Glaser (RK)

~ Kaitlin and Leah

Neil and Dana Glasstein (R)

Carolyn Glueckert (R)

Aleksander and Galina Goberman (R)

Todd and Bridget Goebel (R)

Nicole Goertz (K)

George Gong (R)

Lee Gottelfinger (K)

Karl and Helen Gouverneur (R)

Diana Gregory (R)

Thomas and Maria Greisch ($)

Jay and Gail Grieger (RK)

Thomas and Kelly Griesemer (R)

Jon and Lynn Grosso (R)

Dana Gruen (R)

Michelle and Josh Gunn ($)

Anton Gurevich (R)

Rodrigo Gutierrez and Cecilia Del Hoyo (R)

Todd and Angela Habermann (R)

Tim and Amy Hagerty (R)

Christopher and Jennifer Halaska (T)

Dave and Lisa Haller (T)

David and Michelle Halloran (R)

Peter and Gabrielle Halpin (R)

Gordon and Sarah Hammill (T)

Rebecca Hampe (R)

Jim and Ann-Marie Hanson (K)

~ Connor

Paula Hare (W)

Thomas Harkless (K)

David and Anne Harley (R)

David and Shelly Haugh (TR)

John Hawkins ($)

Keven and Linda Hayhurst (T)

Jay and Anne Heilmann (R)

Janna Heinen ($)

Brad and Wendy Heintz (R)

Thomas and Jill Hemr (R)

Lou and Barb Henneck ($T)

Mark and Patricia Henry (R)

Baron and Yvonne Hentz (R)

John Hering (R)

Kelly Herrmann (R)

Karl and Carol Hertz ($)

Maggy Heyden (R)

Erich and Kristin Hinterstocker (R)

Jon Hitt (R)

Donald and Teresa Hobbs (K)

Michelle Hoffman ($)

Jeff and Frances Hollmann (R)

Brian and Allison Holtz (T)

Clifton and Laura Hooks (RK)

~ Amanda and Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hopfensperger ($)

Kenneth and Amy Houston (K)

T and B Hsiang ($)

The Hunt Family (R)

Daniel and Melissa Hurda (R)

Richard and Michelle Hynson ($)

Eugene and Colleen Jacobus (RK)

~ Joe, Keegan and Kelsey

Sarah James (K)

Parmjit and Therese Jaspal (T)

James and Sheila Jentsch (R)

Ron and Dawn Johnson (T)

Jean Jones (K)

Michael and Debra Judge ($)

Richard and Karen Kalkhoff (R)

~ Sara

Tom and Jane Kammerait ($)

Carole Kane (R)

Lauren Kearns (K)

Val and Karen Keiper (T)

Brent and Carol Kelly (T)

Joseph and Maria Kelly (R)

Robert and Kim Kempfer (T)

Kevin and Jennifer Kern (R)

Sean Ketter (T)

Yaseen Khaled (R)

Jenny Kim (RK)

Sik and Young Kim (T)

The Kleyman Family (R)

Scott and Karla Kluck (RK)

~ Logan

Fred and Kimberly Klug (R)

Scott and Michelle Knaffla (R)

John Knecht (R)

Mike and Tanya Knoblock (T)

Patricia Koehler (K)

Tammy Koenig (R)

Scott and Jennifer Kolsky (TR)

Eric and Kathy Konik (K)

~ Karly

Brian and Rebecca Konya (K)

Jamie Kuenzi (R)

David and Margreda Kukla (R)

Emanuel and Frances Kulutbanis (T)

Jason and Karen Kunschke (RK)

~ Clare and Tessa

Connie Kwilasz (R)

Lindon and Mailene Kwock (RK)

~ Aaron and Matthew

Marjorie Laing (R)

Richard and Lisa Lamb (R)

Lowell and Judith Lampen (R)

Curtis and Jean Lang ($)

Greg and Dawn Lang (T)

Dave and Carol Lanthier (RK)

~ Sydney Marie

Wendy Larson (R)

Michael and Kristin Leaman (K)

Lizabeth Leder-Shein (R)

Rick and Deanna Lee (R)

Brian and Kitty Leigh (T)

Jonathan and Cindy Leinfelder (R)

Jane Lepold ($)

Laura and John Leszczynski (R)

Igot Levin ($)

Richard and Michelle Lewis (R)

Gonen and Dorit Liberman (R)

Ronald and Dora Lin (T)

Lisa Lindsay (R)

Lisa Link (R)

John and Louise Lockman (K)

~ Jack and Luke

Gordon and Chia Lookatch ($R)

John and Kim Loukopoulos ($R)

Bruce Lueck (R)

Jeffrey and Nicole Luedtke (R)

Gay-Anne Lynch (T)

O Ma and H Chong (R)

Mauricio Machado (R)

Kaizad Machhi (R)

Katherine Malland (R)

Norman Malmon ($)

Benjamin Malsch (K)

~ Alex

Ben and Ellen Mandelman (R)

Daniel and Jacqueline Manning (R)

Richard and Heidi Marcus (R)

Susan Marcus ($)

John Marita ($)

Lou Marra (T)

Raymond Martin ($)

Margaret Mathias ($)

Scott and Jennifer Mathwig (R)

Gregory and Denise Matthews (R)

David and Gloria Mattson (T)

Tuck and Leigh Maxon (TR)

Tim and Lyn McCarthy (T)

Daniel and Carol McCoy (R)

Jennifer McCumber (K)

Heather McDonald ($)

Patrick and Erika McGinley ($R)

Kevin and Amy McGowan (R)

Tim and Ashley McKeegan (K)

~ Avery and Hank

Sue McKenzie (W)

Andrew McKuen (R)

Chris and Karen McNarney (K)

~ Ava and Bennett

Deffrey and Monique McWilliams (R)

Jim Mehls (R)

Krishan and Adriana Mehta (R)

Bob and Barrie Merar (R)

John and Susan Miller (T)

Jordan and Ann Miller (R)

Joseph and Patricia Miller (R)

Steve Mingari (R)

Todd and Lynn Minkin (R)

Brian and Stacy Mitchell (W)

Max Mitchelson (R)

Farhad and Cynthia Mohsenian (R)

John Molinard (R)

Craig and Angela Moore (R)

Rudy and Jane Moravcik ($)

Linda Mordy (K)

Dan and Katie Morgan (R)

James and Tammy Moyer (R)

Roger and Terri Mullins (R)

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Murphy ($)

Terry Murphy (T)

Hannah Muys (R)

David and Tracey Neel (K)

Eric and Lisa Nelson (T)

Daniel and Jennifer Nemke (RK)

Jeanne Nemovitz (R)

Andrew and Vanessa Nerbun (TR)

Andrew Nesheim (K)

Emma Neusen (K)

Eric and Karen Neusen (RK)

Larry and Deb Newell (R)

Ken Ng and Stacy Williams-Ng (K)

~ Sophie and Tyler

Thanh Nguyen and Christine Fredrick (R)

Mia Niebler (R)

Volodymyr Nikitinskyy and Nataliya Seymova (R)

Lesley Noer (K)

Kathleen Nordberg ($)

Mary Nordman (R)

Kyle and Vicki Oberdorf (WK)

Lori Ochalek ($)

Michael and Kathleen Ochocki ($)

Michael O'Connor and Julia Bruckner (R)

Kurt and Jan Oelke (R)

Carrie Olbrecht (R)

Richard and Kathleen O'Leary (R)

Bob and Janet Ollech (RK)

Luis Ortiz (R)

Jim Ott (K)

Lisa Padgett (R)

Jesus Padilla (R)

Karen Paetz (R)

Toben Parker and Christina Barnes-Parker (K)

Eldon and Stacy Passey (R)

Randy and Lisa Pasternak (K)

Peter and Andrea Peckarsky (R)

Gordon and Kathy Pederson (T)

Jirong Peng and Xiumei Sui (R)

Heidi Pergande (R)

John Peterburs and Jill Miller ($)

Dawn Pfaff (R)

Jonathan and Alexis Pheil (T)

Michele Pierz (R)

Mark and Elizabeth Pietrowiak (RK)

~ Joey

Susan Porter (T)

Wendy Porterfield (RK)

~ Devin and Patrick Curran

Travis and Amanda Pound (R)

Fred and Gina Pramenko (R)

Fred and Barb Quilling ($)

Mary Raddatz (R)

Keith and Karen Rader (RK)

~ Emma and Grace

Aliona Raicova (RK)

~ Anastasia and Max Raykov

Randy and Cathey Ralph (TR)

Raja and Rita Ramnarayan (K)

Laurie Rappa (R)

Adam and Katie Read (T)

Reik and Connie Read (T)

Scott and Sheryl Reed (T)

Steven and Ellen Reed (K)

Anatoliy and Helen Rempel (R)

Randy and Judy Rennicke ($)

Larry and Mary Reske (T)

Veronica Reyes (R)

Dawn Richards (R)

James and Jacqueline Ridge (R)

John and Rose Riege (K)

John and Jayne Risberg ($R)

Theresa Robinson (K)

~ Justin

Anne Roemke (R)

Erika Roemke (R)

Terry Roemke (W)

Kristin Roeper (R)

Cathy Rohde (R)

Dorothy Rooney ($)

Art and Pamela Routhier (K)

~ Nathan

The Rubin Family (T)

Allison Rudich (K)

Cynthia Running (K)

Sheldon and Kathryn Rusch (K)

~ Jackson

Andrew and Sasha Rutlin (R)

Viola Sachse ($)

Asaf and Kimberly Salama (R)

Howard and Jenny Salazar ($)

Mario Salazar (R)

Steven and Olga Salerno (R)

Jean Sanchez (R)

Charlene Sanders (R)

Luis and Omar Sandoval (R)

Dave Savage (R)

Michael and Mary Scalise ($R)

Betty Schallert (T)

Cheryl Scharnweber (K)

~ Timmy

Amy Schelble (R)

Robert and Alice Schilleman ($)

David and Becki Schimpf (K)

~ Lindsey

David and Laura Schlageter (R)

Harold and Diane Schlitz ($)

Katie Schloesser (K)

Linda Schmale (K)

Mark and Erin Schmitt ($)

Abbey Schneeberger (R)

Timothy and Theresa Schoessow (R)

Michael and Michelle Scholtus (R)

Chrstine Schultz (R)

Todd Schultz (R)

Joseph and Rita Schwalbach (R)

Naomi Schwam (K)

Michael and Cyntha Schwister (R)

Mara Sedlet (R)

Paul and Deborah Segebrecht (R)

Mikah Semon (K)

Robert and Renee Serre (R)

Karin Severson (R)

Brian and Margaret Sewart (R)

Mahesh Shankar (R)

Darwin and Cindy Sharette (R)

David and Jill Sheer ($)

Craig and Sarah Shirley (TR)

Beth Shully ($)

The Shutic Family (R)

John and Marsha Siatczynski (R)

Louis Siegel ($)

David Silber ($)

John Sileno ($)

Kimberly Silver (R)

Rosendo Simental (R)

Paul and Kristin Sims (R)

Trudy and Steve Sirkis ($)

Ned and Mary Sisney (R)

Jennifer Sjulson (R)

David and Michelle Skaja (R)

Chris Skopek (RK)

Ken and Kim Skow (T)

Martin and Charlotte Slater ($)

Sharon Slavin-Brink (R)

David and Jennifer Slicker (R)

Brian Smigelski and Barbara O'Brien (T)

Steve and Kris Smith (T)

William and Nancy Smith (T)

Leanne Sobczak (R)

Peter Sommerhauser ($)

Michael Sperling and Peggy Kirkeeng (T)

Jim and Jan Spoerke ($)

Chris and Holly Stadler (RK)

Richard and Maren Stahle ($)

Pam Stark ($)

Jeffrey and Margorie Stearns (T)

Linda Stendler (K)

Deb Stone (RK)

Catherine Stresing ($)

Warren Stumpe ($)

Armando and Heather Suarezdelreal (R)

Steven and Lisa Sukawaty (K)

~ Nya

Patrick Sullivan (K)

Teresa Swan (R)

John and Beth Sweet ($)

Justin and Jenny Swenson (R)

Todd Switzer (R)

John Takerian (R)

John and Gale Taylor (R)

Marc and Laurie Tebon (R)

Sandra Tews (R)

Robb Thiel (T)

Kurt and Lynda Thomas (T)

Paul and Althea Thomas (R)

Betty Thompson ($)

Brad and Katie Thurow (R)

Chris Tiako (R)

Laura Tickner (R)

Michele Tietyen (R)

Dmitriy Tihonoveskiy and Karine Ter-Gazaryan (R)

Chris and Carrie Timm (T)

Doug and Sarah Timmer (T)

Monica Treptow (R)

Neil and Becky Trilling ($)

Ann Trumble (R)

Michael Tsirlin ($)

Michael and Martha Tsuchihashi (TR)

Janet Turowski (K)

Leah Turowski (K)

Paul and Eileen Turzinski (K)

Michael and Theresa Uden (T)

Judi Uhan ($R)

Scott and Laura Vanwhy (R)

Josh and Amanda Vetter (R)

Robin Vobroucek (R)

Laddie Voslar (R)

Scott and Missy Vraney (RK)

Ann Wade (R)

Ron Wallner and Karen Liedtke (R)

Michael Walton (R)

Ronggang Wang and Hongyu Tian (R)

Shiy Hwa and Yu Feng Wang (T)

Luke and Sarah Waning (T)

Jennifer Ward (K)

Nicole Watkins (K)

~ Jayden Watkins-Velasco

Gale Watson ($)

Phil and Liz Weir (T)

John and Sarah Weitzer (T)

Scott and Michele Welsh (K)

~ Blake and Brooke

Stacey Westerhausen (R)

Jena Wetzel (R)

Bob and Barb Whealon (T)

Terry White (R)

Mary Wilkinson (R)

William and Lilly Wisotzke (K)

~ Kent

Neal and Corina Wojnowski (T)

Heather Wolff (W)

John and Kris Worthington (T)

Dave and Julie Writz (K)

~ Katie

Rebecca Young (K)

Teneesha Young (R)

Ben and Karen Yu (R)

Craig and Melissa Yun (T)

Tom and Kim Zaiss (W)

Ray and Mary Zastrow (T)

George and Lynn Zenke ($)

Ingrid Ziegelbauer ($)

Greg and Sherry Ziegler (R)


$ - Annual Campaign

W - Wine and Cheese Tasting

T - Tartan Ball

R – Raffle

K - Run/Walk

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