Ilnytskyi Vasyl Pavlovych

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3 Dniprovska Naberezhna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine; apt. 79

post code: 02098

Tel: +3 8 067 3977351

Ilnytskyi Vasyl Pavlovych

Personal information

  • Date and place of birth: June 19, 1982; Ukraine, Ternopil region, Ternopil district, village of Glybochok.

  • Nationality: Ukrainian.

  • Family Status: Single.


Kyiv National Linguistic University (2000-2006)

Major Specialty: Language and Literature (English and French), M.A. degree.

Career history

Place of employment: Freelance translator

Period: August 2008 till this time

Place of employment: International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions”


Period: September 2010 till this time

Position: Translator, Project Manager


Place of employment: ODESEM Ltd.


  • February 2011 – January 2012

Position: Translator, Manager for External Economic Activities


Translation of:

  • correspondence, with foreign partners;

  • company website:

  • contracts, powers of attorney, tender documentation;

  • materials in the sphere of nuclear waste storage;

  • telephone negotiations

Place of employment: CFC Consulting

Translation of news, press releases, presentations connected with the following company’s projects:

  • Telenor (a company’s client in Ukraine)

  • CNN International (a company’s client in Ukraine)

  • ‘I Am Strong Enough!’ civil initiative (

  • Materials for the company’s websites (,

  • Preparation of English version for the website of Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak before her participation in the Eurovision 2008 song contest (

Place of employment: Plantation Studio (

Period: May 2006 till this time

Position: Translator


Translation of feature films and audio/video materials from English/French into Russian/Ukrainian

Place of employment: ‘Ukrainian News’ news agency (

Period: May 2006 – December 2007

Position: Issuing Editor (Translator's Assistant) and Translator


Proofreading, translation of news articles, press releases, announcements from Russian into English, updating the news database, determining priority of news articles

Place of employment: National Box Promotion

Period: 2004

Position: Manager of the website


Search and translation of relevant information on the internet, and posting it on the website

Other activities

  • Translation of feature films from English/French into Russian/Ukrainian for Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist ( in 2007 and 2008

  • Translation of websites/webpages

  • Translation of legal documents

  • Interpreting

Foreign languages

  • English – fluent

  • Russian – native

  • Ukrainian – native

  • French – intermediate

CAT Tools

  • Trados 2009 Studio


  • PC and office equipment skills, touch-typing (Latin and Cyrillic)

Personal qualities

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