Ieso reliability Compliance Program Survey Form

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IESO Reliability Compliance Program - Survey Form

NPCC Directory #12, Under frequency Load Shedding Program Requirements (previously in Directory #2), Section 5.2 - Under frequency Load Shedding Program - Eastern Interconnection specific Requirements

Submit this form to:


IESO Reliability Compliance Program

Resource Integration, IESO

Station A Box 4474 Toronto ON M5W 4E5


Fax No.: (905) 855-6372

All information submitted in this process will be used by the IESO solely in support of its obligations under the “Electricity Act, 1998”, the “Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998”, the “Market Rulesand associated policies, standards and procedures and its licence. All submitted information will be assigned the appropriate confidentiality level upon receipt.

Terms and acronyms used in this Form that are italicized have the meanings ascribed thereto in Chapter 11 of the “Market Rules”.

Part 1 – General Information

Market Participant Name:      

Market Participant ID:      

Reliability Compliance Contact


Telephone No.:     

Fax No.:      

E-mail Address:     

Assessment Date (3rd Tuesday of July):


As per Chapter 5, Section 14.1.4 of the Market Rules, market participants are required to provide the IESO with information on under frequency load shedding relay settings and/or embedded generator under frequency protection settings for the IESO to assess and ensure Ontario’s compliance with the requirements of NPCC Directory #12 – UFLS Program Requirements.

This information is to be provided by completing the attached tables.

Reference Document:

Market Rules, Chapter 5 – Power System Reliability, Section 14.1.4
Market Manual 7.4: IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies, Section 4.5
NPCC Directory #12 – UFLS Program Requirements, Section 5.4 (previously in Directory #2)

Are there any embedded generators connected to the distribution system?

Yes  No 
If there are no embedded generators (market participant-owned or otherwise) connected to the distribution system, return the form to the IESO – Table 1 is not required to be completed.
If an embedded generator (market participant-owned or otherwise) is connected to the distribution system, complete Table 1 and return the form to the IESO.
Table 1 – IESO Detailed Survey of Embedded Generator Under frequency Protection

Embedded Generator Name

Embedded Generator Owner

Embedded Generator Maximum Capability (MW)

Does Generator Under frequency Trip Protection Exist?




Frequency Set point


Time Delay (seconds)

Capacity Tripped (MW)

















































































































































Are you currently on schedule for meeting the target completion date specified in your implementation plan?

Yes  No  N/A  - Provide an explanation:      
Table 2 – IESO Detailed Survey of Under frequency Load Shedding Facilities

Market Participant Total System Load at Survey Time1:      



Transformer Facility -

Station Name -

List all those supplying the Market Participant load

Feeder or Load Name

Is this Feeder or Load tripped by Automatic UFLS Protection?

Annual Survey - Actual Conditions 3rd Tuesday of July at 15:00 EST


If YES 3 is the Facility

(Indicate one of):

Column G

Automatic UFLS Load Connected - Net Load Set to Trip (in MW) and % of Load at Survey Time (in %) 5

Indicate "W" for Withdrawing from or "I" for Injecting to the Grid

Owned & Operated by Transmitter?

Owned & Operated by Distributor?

Owned & Operated by Connected Wholesale Customer?

Load (MW) –

Whether UFLS capability

exists or not 4

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec

Frequency:      Hz Total Clearing Time:      sec



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































1 This should equal the sum of Column G.

2 If there is no automatic UFLS protection, indicate in this column and complete Column G for the time of the survey and return the form to the IESO.

3 If there is an automatic UFLS protection at this facility (market participant-owned or otherwise), you are required to complete the balance of this table, must participate in the annual UFLS survey on the 3rd Tuesday of July at 15:00 EST, and return the form to the IESO.

4 This column must be completed by all respondents.

5 Since the relay settings will vary depending on the Market Participant's progress of their Implementation Plan, specify the Total Clearing Time at each applicable UFLS threshold.

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