I who eleven times did multiply

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Lord William Norwood, b ca 1548 d 23 Sep 1632, High Sheriff of Gloucester in 1606, son of Henry and Katherine Norwood, md 18 Oct 1569 his cousin, Elizabeth Lygon, dau of William Lygon and Eleanor Dennis.  Eleanor Dennis was a descendant of Edward I by Margaret of France; Eleanor was the dau of Anne Berkeley and Sir William Dennis.  Both William Norwood and Elizabeth Lygon were descendants of the famous Berkeley family.  There is an unusual brass in memory of Elizabeth Lygon Norwood in Saint Peters Church in Cheltenham.  In the center are William Norwood and Elizabeth kneeling, while above them is a coat of arms, combining the arms of the Norwood and Lygon families.  Back of Elizabeth are two little girls, Eleanor and Elizabeth.  Back of William are their nine sons.  The translation of the Latin inscription reads:
     "Elizabeth Norwood, wife of William Norwood, Esquire to whom she bore nine sons, two daughters, having lived fifty years, she piously and peacefully died in Christ, on April 16 A.D. 1598.
                           I who eleven times did multiply
                                 Myself on earth, cannot in one death die,
                           Rather my lively spirit both worlds shall roam,
                                  Heaven is my soul's---earth is my offspring's home,
                           If I then freely range both spheres of space
                                   I perish not in any resting place."


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