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Angela Dalle Vacche

Associate Professor of Film Studies

Literature Communication and Culture

Ivan Allen College

Skiles 344

Atlanta, Ga 30332-0435


Tel.: 404-894-0063


1985 Ph. D in Film Studies University of Iowa, Iowa City

1980 M.A. in American Studies Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley

2001-2009 Georgia Institute of Full Prof with Tenure

1997-2001 Emory University Assistant Professor

1987-1997 Yale University Associate Professor (with no tenure)

1985-87 Vassar College Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
Introduction to Film Studies (maximum 5.0)

Fall 2005 LCC 2500 25 students 4.5

Spring 2004 LCC 2500C 35 students 4.5

Fall 2003 LCC 2500F 32 students 4.6

Spring 2003 LCC 2500C 33 students 4.4

Fall 2002 LCC 2500K 29 students 4.5

Fall 2001 LCC 2500K 35 students 4.2

Identity in Film, Visual Culture and New Media

Fall 2001 LCC 3853N 23 students 4.2

Vampires, Modernity, Technology in Literature and Film
Fall 2003 English 1102K1 31 students 4.0

Fall 2002 English 1102D 28 students 4.5

Spring 2002 English 1102K 19 students 4.4
Cinema and Architecture, Space and Landscape

Spring 2004 LCC 3853A 19 students 4.8

Spring 2003 LCC 3853J 27 students 4.5

Spring 2002 LCC 3853N 16 students 4.0

Fall 2001 LCC 3853N 23 students 4.2

Early Cinema in an International Framework

Classical Film Theory

Color in Film

Issues in Film Theory: Bergson, Bazin and Deleuze

Philosophies of History and the Cinema

Recent European Filmmakers

Classical Film Theory

Camera Movement

William Wyler and Jean Renoir

Film and Landscape


Color and Storytelling in Film (graduate)

Surrealism in Film (undergraduate)

Deleuze and the Cinema (graduate)

Film Noir (graduate)

Psychoanalysis and Film: Freud and Storytelling (graduate)

Melodrama in Film (graduate)

Spectatorship in Film (graduate)

Classical Film Theory (undergraduate, graduate)

Contemporary Film Theory(undergraduate, graduate
Contemporary Film Theory (undergraduate/graduate)

Femmes Fatales in Film (undergraduate/graduate)

The Past on the Screen (graduate)

European Film History (undergraduate)

Film and the Arts (undergraduate)

Cinema and Architecture

1945-1995 Italian Cinema and Painting

Four French Filmmakers: Carne, Renoir, Bresson, Godard

Survey of Italian Cinema (undergraduate)

Survey of French Film (undergraduate)

Close Analysis of Film (undergraduate/graduate)
Italian Cinema

European Cinema

Italian Television
2007, Melissa Buron, Birkbeck College, University of London, M.A. Loie Fuller

2007, Stephanie Cotelia, Birkbeck College, University of London, M.A. Art and Film in Post-WWII ITALY

2007, Camilla Kuc, Birkbeck College, University of London, Ph.D Slavic Divas in Early Cinema

2005, University of Delaware, Department of Art History, Adrian Duran, “Il Fronte Nuovo delle Arti: Realism and Abstraction in Italian Painting at the Dawn of the Cold War, 1944-50.

2003, New York University, Department of Italian Studies, Anne Marie Tamis-Nasello, Nationalism, Internationalism, and Notion of the Other in Italian Film.

2002 Brian Price, New York University, Department of Cinema Studies, The Cinema of Robert Bresson: Color, Historical Context, Politics.

2001, C.U.N.Y.Graduate Center, History of Art/ Film Studies, Gerard Dapena, Spanish Cinema Under Franco.

1999 Institute of Liberal Arts, Julie Sexeny, Trauma Theory, National Identity, Spectatorship 1999 French Studies, Darlene Pursley, Deleuze: Urban Space, Gender

1999 Institute of Liberal Arts, Jason Breyan, The Spatial Aesthetics of Trauma and of Healing: Film, Therapy, New Media

1999 Women's Studies, Vicki Sturtevant, Feminism and Film: Theories, Histories, Spectators

1998 Jurgen Heinrichs, Jazz Music and Dance in the Visual Culture of Weimar Germany

1996 William Valerio, Boccioni's Fist: Italian Futurism and the Construction of Fascist Modernism

1995 Erin Valentino, Delivering their Grandmothers: Contemporary Native American Women's Art

1995 Jodi Hauptman, Vision and Spectatorship in the Work of Joseph Cornell: Star-Gazing in the Cinema

1995 Karen Fiss, Deutschland in Paris: The 1937 German Pavillon and Franco-German Cultural Relations

1994 Barbara Bloemink, Florine Stettheimer: Alternative Modernist

1993 Fatimah Rony, On Ethnographic Cinema: Race, Science, and Spectacle, 1895-1935

1991 Joseph Inguante, Postmodern Photography in America: Advertisement and Politics

1991 Linda Landis, Critiquing Absolutism: Marcel Duchamp's Etant Donnes and the Psychology of Perception

OTHER TEACHING ACTIVITIES (Educational Materials):

Diva Dolorosa, 75 minute compilation on film with Dutch, Italian and English subtitles of archival footage.

Director: Peter Delpeut. Consultant: Angela Dalle Vacche. Produced by The Nederlands Filmmuseum, 2000.

The Home Stories of Peter Delpeut, Zeitgeist Booklet, 2008


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Why Cinema is Important: Andre Bazin, Art, Science, book manuscript in progress, to be submitted to Oxford University Press.
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2010 June, Interview on African Cinema with Patricia Chang, United Nations Television.

2010 March, Member of the Jury, FIFA Film Festival, Montreal, Canada.

2009 Summer, Evaluators of Film Studies Fellowships for the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research

2007 May, World Picture, Oklahoma State University, Editorial Board

2007 May, Film Programming Consultant for Fitzwilliam Museum and Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

2005 Director of Gatech-Italian Film Studies, Gorizia-Dams, The University of Udine, Italy

2001-2003 Olivares Publishing, Milan

2001-2003 Consultant for The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

2002-2003 Visiting Curator for Anthology Film Archive, New York

2002- 2007 Member of Executive Committee, Domitor: The Society for the Study of Early Cinema

2000-2007 Member of Women Pioneers Filmmakers, Duke University

2000-2003 Member of Editorial Board, Framework, A Journal of Film and Media

2000-2001 Consultant for Early Cinema at the Dahesh Museum

2000-2001 Consultant for Guggenheim Museum, Color in Film (Project Not Funded)

2000 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Consultant for Italian Program, Dean Philip Khoury's Office, School of Arts and Humanities

2000 Society of Cinema Studies Dissertation Award Committee

1996-2000 Consultant for The Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York

The Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna, Italy

The Nederlands Film Museum, Amsterdam

Olivares Publishing, Milan

1989-2003 Permanent Member as Former Mellon Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University

1984 Consultant and Curator of Giamatti Festival of Italian Film and Culture, Mount Holyoke College. Guests: Italo Calvino, Susan Sontag, Susanna Agnelli

Lecture on Sissako’s Life on Earth (2000) in Fox Harrell’s class, Jan. 30, 2008

2008 Participated in (Glossari) University of Georgia Study on Impact of Study Abroad.

Spring 2008, Japanese Film Series, Grant of $2,500

PH.D Colloquium in Digital Media, Fall 2007: Cezanne and the Lumiere Brothers

Fall 2007-Spring 2008 Film Studies Job Search Committee

Fall 2007-Spring 2008 Review of Chair Knoespel Committee

Fall 2007 French Film Series

Fall 2007 African Film Series

Fall 2007-08 Film Studies Library Committee

Summer 2007 PURA AWARD with Jenifer Vandagrif

2007 Spring, Made Possible Contact between GaTECH and the Free University of Amsterdam via Prof. Ivo Blom.

FACSEA $2,000 from French Government Tournees Film Series

2006 Fall African Film Series

2006 Fall French Film Series

2005 Fall International Film Series, GLLC, October 24-November 9

Spring 2005 French Film Series, GLLC, March 10-20,2004

Women in Science Film Series, GLLC, March 8-11,2004

Fall 2004 African Film Series, GLLC, October 4-8

Spring 2003 French Film Series, GLLC, April 5-April 9, Atlanta, Georgia

Guest Speaker for: Eyedrum Art Gallery, Atlanta, Introduction to Thomas Edison's Frankenstein (1910), March 27, 2004.

Guest Speaker in Diana Gromala's Graduate Class: "Hitchcock's Psycho: The Basics of the Close Analysis of Film, February 10 and 2, 2004.

"The Filmic and The Digital," Women, Science and Technology Research Focused Panel, Georgia Institute of Technology, March 3, 2004.

Guest Speaker in Kenneth Knoespel's Undergraduate Class, "How Does Deleuze Read a Filmic Image," October, 2003.

Guest-Speaker in Eugene Thacker's Class: "Durational Cinema," April 16 2003

Roundtable on European Film,"Reinventing Geography through Film," Ivan Allen College Forum, April 17, 2003

Georgia Institute of Technology, Women Awareness Month, March 2003: Cultural Film

Georgia Institute of Technology, Halloween Film, October 2002

Guest Speaker in Diane Gromala's class: "Surrealism in Film and in the Visual Arts" Fall 2002

Research of digital art history resources for LCC, Fall 2002-Spring 2003
"The Cruel Father in New Italian Cinema," Panel Discussion, Emory University, April 14, 2000.

Emory University Film Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1999-2002

Contact Person: Italian Government Sponsored, Festival of New Italian Cinema, Emory University, Spring 2000

Grant Development for Two Emory Graduate Students, Pordenone Silent Film Festival, Summer 1999

Psychoanalytic Studies Colloquium, "Clues, Detectives, and Gender," February 17, 1999

Film Studies Proposal for Honorary Degree Committee, Fall 1998

Host for Visitors from the Sacharov Foundation, c/o Mr. Edward Kline, New York City, Screening of Documentary about Chechnia, former Soviet Republic

International Week Panel, "Atom Egoyan's Calendar: Loss, Exile, and Mourning" Fall 1998

Emory University, Emory Friends of Film, "Painting in Antonioni's Red Desert," March 18, 1998

Film Studies, Proposal for Exchange Program with Film and Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam Fall 1997

French and Italian Department, Search Committee for Tenure-Track Italian Position in Medieval Studies, Spring 1998
Organizer of Lecture, Yale University, School of Architecture, Film Studies and Department of the History of Art, Guest: Prof. Giovanna Borradori, Vassar College, Department of Philosophy, Lecture on "Derrida and Architecture" Fall 1996

Organizer of Lecture, Yale University, History of Art, Street Hall Lecture Series, Guest: Prof. Paolo Cherchi-Usai, George Eastman House, Rochester, New York, Title: "The Unattainable Text in Film Preservation" Spring 1995

Film Study Center, Acquisition of African Film Collection, 1995-1997

Film Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1994-95

History of Art, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1990-1994

History of Art, Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Fall 1990

History of Art, Graduate Admission Committee, Spring 1995, Spring 1994,

Lecturer, Department of the History of Art, Graduate Method Seminar, "Wolfflin, Worringer, Kracuaer and the Making of Nosferatu," September 1993

Lecturer, Department of the History of Art, Graduate Method Course, "Vico and Antonioni," Fall 1990

Lecturer, Pierson College, Yale University, Master's Lecture Series, " A Philological Approach to Italian Cinema, " March 28, 1990

Lecturer, Whitney Humanities Center, Fellows' Lecture Series, "History and Painting in Bertolucci's Spider's Stratagem, "November 10, 1989

Lecturer, Whitney Humanities Center, " Philosophies of History and the French Revolution," October 4, 1989

Lecturer, Whitney Humanities Center, "History as Discontinuity," September 27, 1989

Lecturer, Art History Street Hall Lecture, "The Historiography of the Resistance in Film," December 1, 1998.

Lecturer, Vassar College, Mellon Faculty Seminar, "Bertolucci's The Conformist,' November 1987

Italian Department, Director of Second-Year Program in Media and Culture, Spring 1987

Vassar College, Audio-Visual Center, Acquisition of Italian Film Collection 1985-1987

Curator, Vassar College, International Film Festival, Guest: Susan Sontag, Lecture: From Real to Reel"


Novecento, Museum of Modern Art/MOMA-Milan

MART, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rovereto, Italy

Oxford University Press


Columbia University Press

University of California Press

University of Toronto Press

University of Texas Press

Indiana University Press

Temple University

Princeton University Press

Dahesh Museum, New York, Early Cinema Program

Guggenheim Museum, New York, Color Retrospective

Italian Cultural Foundation of America, Cultural Events


The Lerverhulme Trust Distinguished Visiting Professorship, Birckbeck College, The University of London, Jan.-May 2007, $63,000

French Government Film Grant for LCC, FACSEA for Georgia Institute of Technology, Spring 2005 ($ 1,800)

French Government Film Grant for LCC, FACSEA,for Georgia Institute of Technology, Spring 2004 ($1,800)

The Rockefeller Foundation/Bellagio Program Summer 2002 ($ 5,000)

Emory University, Institute for International and Comparative Studies Grant, 2001

Emory University, University Research committee Grant, 2000 ($14,000)

Emory University, Faculty Development Award, Office of the Dean, Summer 1999

Emory University, International Travel Award, Institute for International and Comparative Studies, Summer 1999 ($ 2,000)

Emory University, Faculty Development Award, Office of the Dean, Summer 1998

Emory University, University Research Committee, Spring 1998

Whitney Griswold Faculty Grant, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, April 1996 ($ 1,000)

Whitney Griswold Faculty Grant, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, April 1995 ($ 1,000)

Whitney Griswold Faculty Grant, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, December 1994 ($ 1,000)

Hilles Publication Fund, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, December 1994

Morse Fellowship, Yale University, 1992-93 ($ 50,000)

Center for International Studies, Research Grant, Yale University, Summer 1990

Whitney Griswold Faculty Grant, Whitney Center for the Humanities, Yale University, Summer 1990

Mellon Fellowship, Whitney Center for the Humanities, Yale University, Fall 1989 ($25,000)

Enders Faculty Grant, Yale University, Spring 1990 ($ 500)

Whitney Griswold Faculty Grant, Whitney Center for the Humanities, Yale University, Fall 1988 ($2,000)

Isabel Demple Travel Award, The University of Iowa, Spring 1984 ($ 500)

Film Studies Fellowship, The University of Iowa, Spring 1982 ($ 500)

Mount Holyoke College International Fellowship, 1978-80 ($ 60,000)

Fulbright Travel Grant, 1978-79 ($ 2,000)

Scottish Universities' Summer School Grant, University of Edinburgh, Summer 1978

American Field Service Fellowship, 1972-73

Phi Beta Kappa Nomination for Excellence in Teaching, Emory University, Spring 2000

Society of Cinema Studies Dissertation Contest, Honorable Mention, 1985

Student Leadership Award, Mount Holyoke College, 1980


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