Hundred and Nineteenth Session Rome, 20-25 November 2000 provisional list of documents

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CL 119/INF/3

November 2000


Hundred and Nineteenth Session

Rome, 20-25 November 2000


CL 119/1

Provisional Annotated Agenda

CL 119/2

The State of Food and Agriculture 2000

CL 119/3

Annual Report of the WFP Executive Board to ECOSOC and the FAO Council on its Activities in 1999

CL 119/4

Membership of the WFP Executive Board

CL 119/4-Corr.1


CL 119/4-Sup.1

Supplement to CL 119/4

CL 119/5

Report of the Seventy-first Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM)
(Rome, 10-11October 2000)

CL 119/6

Provisional Calendar of FAO Governing Bodies and other Main Sessions 2001/2002

CL 119/7

Negotiations on the Revised International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources in Harmony with the Convention of Biological Diversity

Report by the Chairman of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

CL 119-7-Sup.1

Supplement to CL 119/7

CL 119/8

Report of the Joint Meeting of the Eighty-Third Session of the Programme Committee and the Ninety-Fourth Session of the Finance Committee (10 May 2000)

CL 119/9

Report of the Joint Meetings of the Eighty-Fourth Session of the Programme Committee and the Ninety-Fifth Session of the Finance Committee (27 - 28 September 2000)

CL 119/10

Report of the Eighty-third Session of the Programme Committee
(Rome, 8-12 May 2000)

CL 119/11

Report of the Eighty-fourth Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, 25-29 September 2000)

CL 119/12

Report of the Ninety-fourth Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 8-12 May 2000),

CL 119/13

Report of the Ninety-fifth Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 25-29 September 2000)

CL 119/14

Report of the Twenty-sixth Session of the Committee on World Food Security (Rome, 18-22 September 2000)

CL 119/15

Proposed Reform of the General Debate at Conference

CL 119/16


CL 119/17

Medium Term Plan 2002-2007

CL 119/17-Corr.1

Corrigendum to CL 119/17

CL 119/18


CL 119/19

Use of Arrears

C 2001/Series

C 2001/8

Programme Implementation Report

C 2001/8-Corr.1 –Rev.1

Corrigendum to Programme Implementation Report 1998-99

CL 119/ INF/Series

CL 119/INF/1-Rev.1

Provisional Timetable

CL 119/INF/2

Provisional List of Delegates and Observers

CL 119/INF/3

Provisional List of Documents

CL 119/INF/4

Note on the Methods of Work of the Council

CL 119/INF/5

Changes in Representation of Member Nations on the Programme and Finance Committees

CL 119/INF/6

Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the European Community (EC) and its Member States

CL 119/INF/7

Implementation of the Decisions taken at the 117th and 118th Sessions of the Council

CL 119/INF/8

Update in the Preparation of the International Year of the Mountains

CL 119/INF/9

Officers of the Conference and Council

CL 119/INF/10

Summaries of the Main Recommendations of the 2000 Regional Conference

CL 119/INF/11

JIU Report on the Review of the Administrative Committee on Coordination and its Machinery (JIU/REP/99/1)

CL 119/INF/12

Report on Efficiency Savings 1994-2000

CL 119/INF/13

JIU Report on the Review of the Private Sector Involvement and Cooperation with the UN System (JIU/REP/99/6)

CL 119/INF/14

JIU Report on the Policies and Practices in the use of Services of Private Management Consulting Firms in the Organizations of the United Nations System (JIU/REP/99/7)

CL 119/INF/15

Secretary-General’s Report on the UN Millennium Assembly Entitled:" We the Peoples: The Role of the United Nations in the Twenty-First Century"

CL 119/LIM/ Series

CL 119/LIM/1

Status of Contributions 2000

CL 119/LIM/2

Invitations to Non-Member Nations to Attend FAO Sessions

CL 119/LIM/3

Proposal for FAO Conference Review of Progress in Implementation of the World Food Summit Plan of Action (WFS: Five Years Later)

CL 119/LIM/4

Appointment of the Chairperson and the First Alternate Chairperson of the Appeals Committee

CL 119/LIM/5

Flexible Use of Education Grant Travel (EGT) - Change in Staff Regulation 301.0334


For reasons of economy, this document is produced in a limited number of copies. Delegates and observers are kindly requested to bring it to the meetings and to refrain from asking for additional copies, unless strictly indispensable.


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