How do I prepare a program proposal for radio/TV?

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How do I prepare a program proposal for radio/TV?

In order to request transmission at SALTO, it is important that you present a clear and complete proposal. This allows SALTO to asses the new program quickly, and at the same time forces new program makers to think carefully about what their program will look like, and how they are going to realize this. With this clarification we are trying to help you list all things necessary; affairs each program maker will have to deal with. Make sure your proposal is only two A4pages, not longer than that. As supplements you need to send the program format and the program demo at cd or minidisc (radio), dvd or D-tape (television). Your program proposal should at least contain the following subjects:

The general genre of your program

For example; will it be a sport or music program, or a talk

show? Will it be live or tape on desk? What will the duration

of the program be and how frequently will it be broadcasted?

Will you present journalistic and objective information or

do you specifically choose your line of approach

to be colored? Information about what is accepted and

what is not can be found in our brochure General Terms (these,

are in Dutch) which can be requested through the secretariat or

can be read on our website

Description of the atmosphere

Will the program be trendy and flashy or instead calm and sober?

Colorful, cheerful or serious; informal or businesslike; approachable or meant for an expert audience? Are you aiming at the atmosphere of a certain target group, region or country?
The presentation

How will the program be presented? Will the presenters mainly present items or are there several interviews and/or coverage’s? Will you be using music as a diversion or as an essential part of the program? Who will be presenting and why did you choose this specific person/persons? Will they be employable for all broadcasts and how will a replacement be arranged when the regular presenter is prevented from presenting?

Target audience of program

Please be as specific as possible with regards to the targeted program audience. Think about specific subjects like age, level of education, field of interest and/or the ethnic background of your audience. Are you mainly targeting men or women? Also: what is the need of a program for this specific audience?

Content of the program

Provide specific examples of program components that you want to use in your broadcasts. This is necessary for both the subjects and the categories. For example; are you trying to raise specific subjects in as many ways as possible? Or instead, are you intending to raise many different subjects in the same stringent format?

The program can consist of interviews or of previous reported coverage’s and with the categories you can think of items like phone calls from listeners, contests, puzzles, and so on.

A time line for your broadcast

A format is a description of the program in a chronological order. Here you can find a short example to give an impression:

00:00:00 - 00:00:20 leader

00:00:20 - 00:01:20 introduction/ announcement

00:01:20 - 00:03:20 fragment about …

00:03:20 - 00:06:20 interview with …


Will this format be the model of all your future broadcasts?

Financial support

How will the broadcasts be financed and who is responsible for the payments? Will the program be paid by more than one organization or are you using private donors? Are you recruiting advertisors?

Technical completion

Do you have the necessary equipment or will you be renting this (either at SALTO or somewhere else)? Do you have your own employees for the technical arrangements? In order to use the SALTO radio studios it is mandatory that each technician attends a technical course; will he/she be able to take this course? In what manner (eg tape or disc) will you deliver the broadcasts of your program?


Even the most fantastic program

moet eerst bekend worden bij het needs to become well-known with

publiek voordat mensen gaan kijken of the public before people will start

uw programma onder uw doelgroep listening or watching. How, when

promoten? and where will you be promoting

Bent u van plan om actief adverteerders your program with your target

promoten onder uw doelgroep? audience?

Are you planning to attract advertisors that will promote their

product among your target audience?

Organisational structure

Who or which organization took the initiative to make these broadcasts? Who is the administrator or the director of your organization. What are the points of interest for SALTO? And who is performing the tasks within the organization?


Last but not least: what makes your program interesting and important for the residents of Amsterdam?


The right to exist for SALTO depends on the programs she broadcasts. It is therefore essential that the programs reach a broad audience and that many Amsterdam residents as possible follow the programs of our providers. This is the reason that if your program proposal is selected, SALTO will make sure you keep your promises with regards to the contents of the program.

Good luck making your proposal and we are looking forward to your ideas.

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