High-Temperature Superconductors

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1. All of these substances are Type-II Superconductors, meaning that they allow magnetic fields to penetrate their interiors in units of flux quanta.* They were discovered in 1986 by K. A. Müller and J. G. Bednorz and the most prominent substances in this group are cuprates, such as YBCOs and BSCCOs, and perskovites. FTP, what are these compounds which have no electrical resistance at temperatures near the boiling point of nitrogen, rather than just slightly above absolute zero?

ANSWER: High-Temperature Superconductors

2. It is thought to have been inspired either by a painting by Tintoretto of his dead daughter or by a painting by Robert Sully, a friend of the author. Original versions explained that the narrator had been wounded by bandits and had taken opium for the pain,* but later versions do not explain his injury. The narrator looks at a number of works of art in the room and reads from a book which claims to explain them, until he gazes at a portrait of a young woman above the fireplace. FTP, so goes what Poe short story, in which the narrator discovers that the painting of the woman was finished just before the artist had discovered the death of his young bride?

ANSWER: The Oval Portrait

3. According to Herodotus, she had three children by Heracles, including Agathyrus, Gelonus, and Scytha, all of whom were ancestors of Scythian tribes.* She is also the mother of Ethon, the giant eagle which rips out Prometheus’ liver, and of Ladon, the dragon which guards the garden of the Hesperides. She is sometimes said to be the daughter of Ceto by the sea god Phorcys, to whom she might have bore some of her children. FTP, who is this monstrous Greek deity, often said to be the mother of the Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, the Chimera, and Cerberus?

ANSWER: Echidna

4. The Lombards were the first to arrive and initially caused a great deal of trouble for the Byzantines. They were joined by Burgundians, French, and Germans, most notably under Stephen of Blois, but were defeated at Mersivan by Khilij Arslan.* The Nevernois were the next to arrive, and they were ambushed by Khilij Arslan at Heraclea and defeated. Finally came French and Bavarian forces under William IX of Aquitaine of Welf I of Bavaria, but they too were ambushed and defeated at Heraclea by Khilij Arslan. So went the fortunes of, FTP, what crusade called for by Paschal II, urging those who had failed in their crusading vow to reinforce the Crusader States created by the First Crusade?

ANSWER: Crusade of 1101 or Crusade of the Faint-Hearted

5. Malaysian Trumpet Snails are often employed to prevent the buildup of this substance in aquaria because it is a danger to fish. It is also dangerous to humans and, in a strong enough concentration, paralyzes the olfactory nerve,* preventing a person from smelling it. It is used in metallurgy and in separating heavy water from normal water, having once been produced by Kipp generators, but now being produced from thiocetamide. FTP, what is this gas which is responsible for foul smells in human flatulence and in rotting eggs?

ANSWER: Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfane or Sulfur Hydride or Dihydrogen Sulfide or H2S

6. Claimants from this group include Charles Emmanuel IV and Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia, Duke Francis V of Modena, and the current claimant, Franz, Duke of Bavaria.* The last to make even a passing claim to the throne was Henry IX, a Cardinal, who was granted a stipend by George III, even though he had never given up his claim. Symbolized by the White Rose of York, this is, FTP, what group of claimants to the British throne, whose name comes from the Latin name for James II, whose removal in the Glorious Revolution led to this political movement?

ANSWER: Jacobitism (accept equivalents)

7. It originally appeared in Lucian’s Philopseudes, in which Eucrates relates the story to Tychiades, but with notable differences from later versions, including the usage of a pestle and one of the main character’s being a Priest of Isis.* The next version was a ballad by Goethe, Das Zauberlehrling, does not include the stern rebuke that the title character normally receives and is the origin of the German proverb “Die ich reif, die Geister”. FTP, what is this story which inspired a symphonic poem by Paul Dukas and which is now most often associated with Mickey Mouse?

ANSWER: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

8. Sites of historic importance in and around this city include the Home Creek Historic Farm, Bethebara Park, and Reynolda Village.* Formerly the home to Wachovia, which moved following its merger with First Union, this city is currently home to the headquarters for Krispy Kreme and R.J. Reynolds. FTP, what is this southeastern US city which is home to Wake Forest University, the fifth largest city in North Carolina?

ANSWER: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

9. Despite having 27 tracks, this album was recorded in only two weeks, with work beginning almost immediately after the artist was bailed out of jail.* Released in February, it was already certified five times platinum by April and hit seven time platinum by the end of the year. It also charted well, peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and spawning the singles “How Do You Want It” and “California Love”, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard 100. FTP, name this seminal gangsta rap album by Tupac Shakur, the first and second of his obligatory albums for Death Row Records.

ANSWER: All Eyez on Me

10. Angelyne earned a Razzie nomination for her role as a woman at a gas station and the film was also nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and an International Fantasy Film Award. Valerie is a manicurist working at the Curl Up & Dye.* Fearing that she is losing her fiancé’s attention, she discovers he is actually cheating on her. The very next day, she meets a new man, Mac, except that he is actually an alien who crashed in her pool. FTP, so goes the plot of what 1988 film starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis and which also featured Damon Wayans and Jim Carey?

ANSWER: Earth Girls Are Easy

11. “Vegetable Man” was written during the sessions for this album, but it was never released. The last track, “Jugband Blues”* has been said by the band’s one-time manager, Peter Jenner, to reflect the nervous breakdown of the member who wrote it. “Corporal Clegg” features a kazoo solo by French artist, Larry “Le Ligne” Rader and features both Syd Barrett and David Gilmour on guitar. FTP, name this album, the only Pink Floyd release not to chart in the US and the last featuring Barrett.

ANSWER: A Saucerful of Secrets

12. Major League Baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti dies of a heart attack; Eddie Matthews suffers a hand injury which forces him to miss 7 games;* skier Jill Kinmont crashes into a tree and dies; both Kerry Collins and Mark Brunell lose in the conference championship games; Howard Cosell causes public outcry when he refers to Alvin Garrett as “that little monkey”; Oklahoma, on a 47-game winning streak, loses to Notre Dame. FTP, all of these are examples of what supposed curse?

ANSWER: Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx (accept equivalents)

13. It was once suspended for two years after 7 players were carried off the field in “dying condition”, as many reports worded it. The 1968 match is considered a classic, as the underdogs scored 16 points in the final 42 seconds to force a tie,* prompting that school’s student paper to declare that they had won “29-29!”. More recently, it has been renowned as much for pranks as for the contest on the field, with MIT frequently making their presence known, including in 1990 when they fired a rocket with an MIT banner. FTP, name this college football contest between two Ivy League schools.

ANSWER: The Game (accept Harvard-Yale or Yale-Harvard before FTP)

14. He was posthumously awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to that of his widow, to whom he proposed at least twice after the death of his first wife Margaret McGloin. He was the original host of NBC’s first television run of G.E. College Bowl * from 1959 to 1961 and his final work on television was with the daytime game show Password Plus. FTP, name this game show host best remembered as the host from 1961 to 1975 of both the daytime and primetime versions of Password.

ANSWER: Allen Ludden

15. In Young Justice #3, it was learned that he was originally a serious researcher and that his personality was much the result of watching the Three Stooges. In Adventures of Superman #617, he was recast as a pair of twins,* but has since returned to his previous form. With the establishment of the multiverse, the orange-clad version of this character was placed with Earth-One, and the original purple-clad version was connected to Earth-Two. In the one-shot, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, he was redesigned and became more evil, bringing about the end of Superman. FTP, name this 5th-dimensional being who torments Superman and is forced to return when he says his name backwards.

ANSWER: Mr. Mxyzptlk

16. When entered, the names “Sega” and “Sonic” were rejected as being “not cool enough” and, in another dig at their competitors, one special weapon used by enemies was called “Hedgehog Speed”,* which slowed the game down considerably, especially compared to its normal speed. The game consisted of 9 runs through 5 different tracks, with the first 8 runs being races and the 9th featuring the Anti-Uni, which caused numerous odd effects when he was touched. FTP, this describes what SNES game released by DMA Designs in 1994?

ANSWER: Uniracers or Unirally

1. Do you know more about repressive regimes or more open, democratic governments in the former Soviet republics? [Moderator: await response and read the appropriate bonus]

I. F10PE, identify the following about repressive government in post-Soviet states.

A. Educated in Tashkent, he became First Secretary of the Communist Party in Uzbekistan in 1989 and President of the Uzbek S.S.R. in 1990. He was reelected in 1991 and 2000 and immediately had both terms lengthened. Despite his horrendous human rights record, Uzbekistan became a US ally in the Afghanistan War.

ANSWER: Islam Abduganievich Karimov

B. Succeeding Gennadiy Kolbin in 1989, he was considered a protégé and close associate of Gorbachev during the waning days of the USSR. When Kazakhstan declared independence, he became president and has won 3 elections, while authoring a decree which guaranteed him power for an additional 7 years.

ANSWER: Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev

C. Becoming leader of the Turkmen S.S.R. in 1985, this man supported the coup against Gorbachev and was declared both Turkmenbashi and President for Life by his country’s rubber-stamp legislature. He is the author of several works, including Ruhnama, which is now the Turkmen national epic, and is noted for imposing his eccentricities on his nation.

ANSWER: Saparmurat Ateyevich “Turkmenbashi” Niyazov

II. F10PE, identify the following about post-Soviet states which are not suffering under brutal oppression.

A. The Riigikogu is the unicameral national legislature, the head of state is the Riigivanem or President, currently Arnold Rüütel, and the head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Andrus Ansip.

ANSWER: Estonia

B. The Seimas is the national legislature, the head of state is the President, currently Valdas Adamkus, and the head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Algirdas Brazauskas.

ANSWER: Lithuania

C. The Saeima is the national legislature, the head of state is the President, currently Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, and the head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Aigars Kalvītis.

ANSWER: Latvia
2. F10PE, identify each of the following related to the War of 1812.

A. Prior to the war, American displeasure over impressment was exacerbated by this event which saw a British ship capture and board an American frigate off the coast of Virginia to search for deserters. Three Americans were killed and Congress almost immediately passed the Embargo Act of 1807.

ANSWER: Chesapeake-Leopard Affair

B. A fight with Britain for possession of Canada and to avenge British impressment was called for by the War Hawks, an ardent group of Republicans which were primarily led by this Kentucky Representative.

ANSWER: Henry Clay

C. Dissatisfaction with the war was widespread, but especially concentrated in New England, where this conference was called to discuss secession. Additionally, they produced a list of proposed amendments in order to regain more of a balance of power with states in the South and West.

ANSWER: Hartford Convention
3. F10PE, identify the following related to people associated with the African-American writer Dorothy West, author of The Living Is Easy and The Wedding.

A. Originally from Boston, West moved to New York to take part in what would become the Harlem Renaissance along with her cousin, a poet known for works such as Futility, Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem, and A Southern Road.

ANSWER: Helene Johnson

B. Though she never married, West was engaged to this poet, whose father had hoped that the marriage would “cure” him of his homosexuality. He is best known for poems such as From the Dark Tower, Yet Do I Marvel, and Incident.

ANSWER: Countee Cullen

C. Though critically acclaimed, The Living Is Easy did not sell well and West did not publish her second novel, The Wedding, until she was 85 and only then with encouragement from this Doubleday editor and widow of both an American president and a Greek shipping tycoon.

ANSWER: Jacqueline “Jackie” Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (accept either)
4. Identify each of the following features associated with geothermal activity F10PE.

A. These are openings in the crust through which gases and steam escape. They are often short-lived and are associated with lava flows, on the surface of which they are often produced. The most famous field of these is the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Katmai National Park in Alaska.

ANSWER: Fumarole

B. Often appearing white or grey, these are hot springs or fumaroles which form in areas with little water. The mud inside boils, occasionally spilling over the sides and sometimes creating small eruptions which resemble a volcano. Numerous examples are found in Yellowstone National Park.

ANSWER: Mud Pot or Paint Pot or Solfatare

C. These are large vents, whose name comes from the appearance created by the minerals which precipitate when the heated water comes into contact with the colder ocean water. They were first discovered around the Galapagos Islands are found in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

ANSWER: Black Smoker

5. After discrepancies were found in Neptune’s orbit, the search was on for what lies beyond. F10PE, identify the following relating to Trans-Neptunian Objects.

A. There are three classes of objects in the Kuiper Belt, including the plutinos, which include the planet Pluto and have 3:2 orbital resonance, the twotinos, which have a 2:1 orbital resonance, and this class of objects, which takes its name for the first one discovered in 1992.

ANSWER: Cubewano [from (15760) 1992 QB1]

B. Thought to consist of Kuiper Belt objects which were ejected from that body because of gravitational interaction with Neptune, this region of space extends both farther away than the Kuiper Belt and farther “vertically” with relation to the ecliptic. They have highly erratic orbits and the first to be discovered was (15874) 1996 TL66.

ANSWER: Scattered Disc

C. When it was discovered in 2003 at 90 AU, it was the furthest any natural object in the solar system had been observed up to that time. Some have called it the 10th planet, because it is possibly at least as large as 2/3 the size of Pluto. This object, which is named for an Inuit sea goddess, was the first suspected Oort Cloud object to be discovered.

ANSWER: 90377 Sedna or 90377 2003 VB12

6. Identify each of the following related to a period of monotheism in ancient Egyptian history FTSNOP.

A. 5) All or none, name the pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty who introduced monotheism to Egypt and the deity, represented by the solar deity, around whom the pharaoh centered his religion.

ANSWER: Akhenaten or Amenhotep IV and Aten

B. 10) This is the capital city from which Akhenaten ruled and which he built in honor of Aten. In ancient times it was known as Akhetaten.

ANSWER: el-Amarna (do not accept Tell el-Amerna)

C. 15) This was Akhenaten’s immediate successor, whom some argue co-ruled with Akhenaten late in his reign, while others suggest this ruler is actually Nefertiti. His visage may be the most famous face of ancient Egypt as it is believed Tutankhamen’s second coffin may actually bear the image of this pharaoh, his predecessor.

ANSWER: Ankhkheprure Smenkhare or Ankhkheprure Nefernefernuaten
7. Identify each of the following plays by Sophocles, none of which are part of the Theban Cycle, F10PE.

A. Like Antigone, this play contains a debate over whether to bury a disgraced man or not. In it, Odysseus argues that the body of the title character should be buried even though he had committed suicide after slaughtering a herd of cattle which Athena had led him to believe was the principle Greek kings.


B. Having formerly been left behind because of a foul-smelling wound, the title character is then lied to by Neoptolemus, who attempts to bring him to Troy. Unable to be as dishonest as Odysseus, an argument ensues when he tells the title character the truth. In the end, the title character goes to Troy, but only after being commanded by Heracles.

ANSWER: Philoktetes

C. This play features Deianeira worried at first for the safety of her husband and then over his fidelity. She sends him the blood of Nessus to reignite his passion for her. When she learns the truth, she kills herself and Heracles returns home in anger. In the end, he is burned alive and orders his son Hyllus to marry Iole, whom he captured in Ochalia.

ANSWER: The Trachiniae or The Women of Trachis
8. F6PE, identify the chemical name for each of the following vitamins.

A. Vitamin A

ANSWER: Retinol

B. Vitamin E

ANSWER: Tocopherol

C. Vitamin B12

ANSWER: Cyanocobalamin

D. Vitamin K

ANSWER: Naphthoquinone

E. Vitamin C

ANSWER: Ascorbic Acid
9. The GMA Music Awards, formerly the Dove Awards, are the highest honor in Christian music, and yet, the awards themselves have been mired in controversy over the years. Answer the following about them F10PE.

A. This gospel group was at the center of the first GMAMA scandal, when they sold a large number of GMA memberships, thus skewing the voting in favor of themselves and the groups and artists they recommended. As a result, the GMA nullified the results of the 1971 awards.

ANSWER: Blackwood Brothers

B. Another scandal ensued when it was discovered that this winner of the 1994 Artist of the Year, as well as four other awards, was having an affair with the married lead singer of First Call, Marabeth Jordan. He has since moved to mainstream pop music.

ANSWER: Michael English

C. The 2004 ceremony went un-televised until December after UPN elected not to the run the broadcast when this host announced that he was leaving Viacom’s The NFL Today for Disney’s NFL Countdown on ESPN. This led directly to the 2005 and 2006 awards not being televised either.

ANSWER: Deion Sanders

10. “Age of Apocalypse” is one of the most popular Marvel crossover events ever. F10PE, identify the following about characters from the “Age of Apocalypse”.

A. The jumping off point for this alternate timeline starts when this character goes back in time to kill Magneto, however, Xavier places himself between the two and is killed instead, thus preventing this character from ever existing. This causes Apocalypse to begin his genetic war 10 years before he did so in the original timeline.

ANSWER: Legion or David Haller

B. His first appearance was in the “Age of Apocalypse” continuity as the leader of Apocalypse’ Four Horsemen. He is also Apocalypse’s son and entered the Marvel Universe when X-Man forced a shard of the M’Kraan Crystal into his armor.

ANSWER: Holocaust

C. He is not as strong as his counterpart from the normal continuity, but he has the same abilities and intelligence. In “Age of Apocalypse” he worked under Mr. Sinister as a mad scientist attempting to create more powerful mutants, often subjecting them to cruel torture. He arrived on Earth 616 20 years in the past and created the Morlocks.

ANSWER: Dark Beast or Black Beast (prompt on Beast)

11. Music festivals have played an important and entertaining role in American popular culture over the last 50 years. F10PE, identify the following festivals from a brief description.

A. This festival, which began in 1959 and has run every year since 1971, is most famous for the controversy surrounding Bob Dylan’s performance with an electric guitar in 1965. He did not return to the festival until 2002.

ANSWER: Newport Folk Festival

B. Beginning in 1987 as a festival to bring attention to the music scene in the south central United States, this Austin, Texas-based festival has grown into one of the largest in the world, with emphasis on indy music and film.

ANSWER: South by Southwest or SXSW

C. Founded by John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson after the Live Aid concert, this festival has been held every year since 1985, with the exception of 1988. It is held every year to raise money for and awareness of small-time agriculturalists.

ANSWER: Farm Aid
12. The green of the pitch, the thrill of cheering on your favorite side, who doesn’t love a good soccer match? F5PE and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify the league in which you would find each of the following soccer clubs.

A. Hertha BSC Berlin, FC Bayern München, and Borussia Dortmund

ANSWER: First Bundesliga (do not accept Second Bundesliga)

B. Cagliari Calcio, A.C. Siena, and U.S. Cittá di Palermo

ANSWER: Serie A (prompt on Lega Nazionale Professionitsi)

C. Club de Futbol América, Jaguares de Chiapas, and Chivas de Guadalajara

ANSWER: Primera División de México

D. Esporte Clube Juventude, Paraná Clube, and Santos Futebol Clube

ANSWER: Série A (prompt on Campeonato Brasileiro)

E. Cadiz CF, Valencia CF, and FC Barcelona,

ANSWER: Primera División (prompt on La Liga)
13. TGIF was once a staple for many American families from the late 1980s to the late 1990s, but not all of its shows were well-received. F10PE, identify these TGIF series which were on that programming block for 1 season or less.

A. Starring Corbin Allred and Mike Damus, this series was about a boy and his best friend, who died after eating a 6-month old hamburger that he found underneath his bed and returned to Earth to help his still-living friend.

ANSWER: Teen Angel

B. Featuring Jerry Van Dyke as, you guessed it, an extremely annoying person, this series was about Gillian who purchased a rug and accidentally brought a genie home with it.

ANSWER: You Wish

C. Ted McGinley guest-starred in the first episode of this series and it was all downhill from there. Following in the footsteps of the popular movie Look Who’s Talking?, this show featured Mickey, an infant voiced by Tony Danza.

ANSWER: Baby Talk
14. Identify each of the following bands, all of whom have toured with Nine Inch Nails, F10PE.

A. Consisting of drummer Brian Viglione and singer/pianist Amanda Palmer, this band, which describes their work as “Brechtian punk cabaret”, toured in support of Nine Inch Nails in 2005. They have so far released two albums, A Is for Accident in 2003 and an eponymous album in 2004.

ANSWER: The Dresden Dolls

B. Albums by this industrial artist include You’ll Never Get out of Her Alive and Praise the Lard, both of which exemplify his tendency toward humorous naming. Frequently collaborating with KMFDM, he is a prominent member of that band and, after Nothing Records released his 1995 album, Sinsation, he toured with Nine Inch Nails.

ANSWER: PIG or Raymond Watts

C. Without lead singer/bassist Tod. A, this band recorded music as The Red Expendables and they released several albums during their brief career, including Consumer Riot and Ask Questions Later. Despite touring with bands like Nine Inch Nails and Iggy Pop, they never received more than a cult following and disbanded in 1996.

ANSWER: Cop Shoot Cop

15. As one of the icons of American filmography, it is time to test your knowledge of John Wayne. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, and 30 for all 4, identify the following John Wayne films in which the Duke’s character dies.

A. In this 1942 film directed by Cecil B. DeMille, Wayne plays Jack Stuart, who dies when a giant squid attacks him, while he is exploring the wreck of a sunken ship, the Southern Cross. During the battle with the squid, the wreck slides off the continental shelf and Jack is killed.

ANSWER: Reap the Wild Wind

B. This 1949 movie sees Wayne play Sgt. John Stryker, who sadistically trains several Marine recruits. At the end of the movie, he is killed by a Japanese soldier who has been hiding, after his troops have raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi.

ANSWER: Sands of Iwo Jima

C. This 1944 film features Wayne as a stubborn construction boss, Wedge Donovan, who is building things for the US Navy on Pacific islands. He eventually becomes the leader of the Construction Battalions, but is killed in the end by a Japanese sniper.

ANSWER: The Fighting Seabees

D. This 1972 film sees Wayne’s character, Wil Anderson, teaching several young boys how to drive a herd of cattle. However, his crew is being stalked by a gang of cattle thieves, led by Asa Watts, played by Bruce Dern. Dern received death threats for his character shooting Wayne’s in the back.

ANSWER: The Cowboys

16. Crazy though he was, Philip K. Dick was still capable of spinning a good yarn. FTSNOP, identify the following Dick novels from a brief synopsis.

A. 10) Glen Runciter and his team are hired to secure a Lunar station against psychics, but a bomb is placed which seemingly kills Runciter. Runciter is put into half-life, but the team runs into a number of strange things, including time shifting backwards and people leaving the group only to be found dead.


B. 5) Taking place 15 years after the Axis victory in WWII, Juliana and Joe seek the title character, Hawthorne Abdenson, who wrote The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, in which the Allies win the war. There is also international intrigue between a German and Japanese spy, and the first attempts at authentic American art in years by Frank Frink and Ed McCarthy.

ANSWER: The Man in the High Castle

C. 5) Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter, who, after a run-in with a Nexus-6 android, decides that he should “retire” the 6 models in San Francisco. Among those he encounters are Rachel Rosen, who is pretending to be the heiress to the Rosen Corp., and an opera singer, who turns him into a group of police run by androids.

ANSWER: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

D. 10) Jack Isidore, the title character, is obsessed with amateur science and holds a number of disproved theories. He chronicles the life around him, especially that of his sister and brother-in-law, whose marriage is a farce and who have devised a number of schemes to emotionally destroy one another.

ANSWER: Confessions of a Crap Artist
Extra Boni
Academic. F5PE and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify the family to which these Native American languages belong.

A. Tuscarora, Huron-Wyandot, Seneca, Cayuga, and Cherokee

ANSWER: Iroquoian

B. O’odham, Comanche, Shoshone, Hopi, and Nahuatl

ANSWER: Uto-Aztecan

C. Alabama, Apalachee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek

ANSWER: Muskogean

D. Biloxi, Kansa-Osage, Omaha-Ponca, Catawba, and Crow

ANSWER: Siouan-Catawban or Catawban-Siouan or Siouan

E. Cheyenne, Shawnee, Narragansett, Powhatan, and Arapaho

ANSWER: Algic or Algonquin or Algonquin-Ritwan or Algonquin-Wiyot-Yurok
TRASH. A number of television commercials have transcended the boundary between annoying product promotion and immortal television history. F10PE, identify the following related to some ads which did just that.

A. In 1988 Dorothy McHugh played Mrs. Fletcher, a senior citizen living at home. When she found herself in trouble, she called out a now-famous line, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, for this company.

ANSWER: Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

B. Airing only once nationally, shortly after the beginning of the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII, the “1984” commercial for this product began event marketing and the annual Super Bowl ad frenzy. Anya Major played the main role and was selected for her looks and her ability to spin the sledgehammer without becoming dizzy.

ANSWER: Macintosh Personal Computer

C. Also airing in 1984, the catchphrase uttered in a commercial for this restaurant spawned a single by Nashville DJ Coyote McCloud and the actress who uttered it, Clara Peller. Despite the popularity of, “Where’s the beef?”, the ad was actually titled “Fluffy Bun”, for the large bun on which the small patty sat.

ANSWER: Wendy’s

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