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NEWS RELEASE – 13 August 2001

Progress Report – Aprelevka and Kansai Projects
The Company wishes to update its shareholders with news on the engineering and construction progress at its two Tajikistan gold mine sites, Aprelevka and Kansai.
Earlier this year it was decided by the directors of Gulf to substantially enlarge the Company’s initial plans in Tajikistan by opening two mining projects, almost simultaneously. The two being Kansai, which involves mining a tailings pond plus two small nearby deposits, and Aprelevka, which is an open pit operation. This involves commissioning two different plants. To be more cost effective, the two operations will share some common equipment such as an elution plant and a laboratory, plus common senior management. This is made possible because the two projects are only 30 kilometres apart.


We are pleased to announce that the infrastructure construction at our Aprelevka mine is now completed, well under budget. This has included the construction of the entire mine camp – high specification security fencing around the eleven hectares camp, as well as the completion of fuel compounds, guard rooms, living quarters for locals and foreigners, dining hall, laundry, wet/dry area, security lighting, workshops, stores, and all utilities. A water line has been laid for five kilometres and we are now able to supply up to 95,000 litres of water per hour to the camp and the mine plant site.

One kilometre from the main camp lies the mine plant site. All foundation and technical drawings have been carried out by MDM from South Africa, and construction is progressing well. All excavation work is complete, the office and security building is 50% complete, security fencing is part finished, a permanent tower crane is on site and will be fully erected this week, the jaw crusher is on site and the cone crusher has been purchased. A four tonne elution plant has been sourced in Nevada and negotiations are taking place for its purchase and shipment to Tajikistan. The elution plant will service both Aprelevka and Kansai.
The Company has 25 pieces of heavy mining equipment ranging from 40 tonne capacity Belaze trucks to electric shovels for the pit. The entire fleet of equipment is undergoing repair or restoration with a local engineering company called Pamir Artel. Some vehicles are now restored and working.


Situated at the Kansai site was a former Soviet plant that had fallen into a state of disrepair. It is now 35% restored and scheduled for completion in the autumn, with the aim of being in a condition to produce gold this year. Restoration of the plant began with the jaw crusher in order to repair all machinery in a chronological order. This plant has two small and two large ball mills of which one large ball mill is being moved to Aprelevka. Leaching tanks are to be installed and the carbon will be transported to the elution plant at Aprelevka for the gold recovery.

A laboratory is under construction and will be completed in early September to service both Kansai and Aprelevka. The majority of equipment necessary for operating the laboratory is now on site.
A further update on the Company’s progress will be released shortly.

On behalf of the Board,

Alastair Ralston-Saul

President & CEO

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