Guidance on Submission of Comments

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Guidance on Submission of Comments

Comments are invited on the technical content and general arrangement of drafts. All comments received by the due date will be considered by the relevant committee. Where appropriate, changes will be incorporated prior to the formal approval.

If the draft is acceptable without change, an acknowledgement to this effect would be appreciated.

Comments can be submitted via e-mail to the Project Manager's e-mail address indicated in the draft. All submission of comments should be on the attached form which is made up of two sections.

Please complete each section with the following information:

Section 1 – Contact Details

Complete this section with the relevant details.

Section 2 – Draft Details and Comments

Complete this section with the DR number, Committee Number, Draft Title and Project Manager details. Refer to the draft to obtain these details. For each of your comments please complete the following details:

  • Submitted By

Enter the name of the person submitting the comments. If the same person is responsible for all of the comments enter “as above”, or just leave all subsequent ‘Submitted By’ fields blank.

  • Page Number
    Enter the page number of the Draft. Only enter the number, do not enter the word “Page”. If your comment refers to the whole document, leave the column blank.

  • Clause/Subclause
    Enter the clause/subclause number. The clause/subclause appears in the draft as a number for each item of text. Only enter numbers. If your comment refers to the whole document, place General in this column.

  • Paragraph/Figure/Table
    Enter the paragraph within the clause or figure or table. Only enter numbers.

  • Comment
    Enter your comment here. Your comment should include general background information or reasons to justify the changes being proposed.

  • Proposed Change
    Enter your modified version of the clause or section of the clause in this column.

NB: If you wish to submit figures or complex objects in addition to the textual comments please insert them as separate files in the Comments section.

Standards Australia does not normally provide information on the results of comments received. However, should you wish to enquire how your comment was dealt with, please contact the relevant Project Manager.

On behalf of Standards Australia, thank you for taking the time to comment on the draft.

Customer Information Service
Freecall within Australia: 1800 035 822

From Overseas: + 61 2 9237 6171


Mail: GPO Box 476, Sydney NSW 2001

Section 1 – Contact Details



First Name:

Last Name:

Company: (if applicable)






Post Code:

Email Address:

Section 2 – Draft Details and Comments

Committee No.:

Draft No.:

Project No:

DR Title:

Project Manager:

Date of Comment Period:

Please type each comment in a separate row. To make a new row – TAB – in the last cell.


Submitted By


Page No.

Subclause No.

Table No.


Proposed Change

Action on Submitted Comment

(for office use only)

FO 630 - Public Comments Form - AS Page v2.0 ~ Revision 10/08/2010

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