Generating Internal Revenue Service Form 941-X: Adjusted Employer’s quarterly federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund

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Title: Generating IRS Form 941-X

Generating Internal Revenue Service Form 941-X: Adjusted Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund
Transaction Code: PU19


Use this procedure when you have submitted your agency’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 941 Employer’s QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return for a past quarter and changes or retro activity has occurred that would generate a correction document.


A correction or retro activity has been made to the agency’s Form 941 for a past quarter.


The agency’s Form 941 has been filed with the IRS and the generation date has been entered into the Tax Reporter.

The Form 941-X in HRMS is designed to capture transactions/manual adjustments that were entered after the Form 941 Generation Date has been entered for that quarter. It is critical to the 941-X process that the Form 941 generation date was entered at the same time the production Form 941 quarterly reports were executed and mailed/filed. If this is not done the Form 941-X may be incorrect. If the agency did not enter the Form 941 generation date in a timely manner they may need to do the 941-X Form manually rather than in HRMS.

End User Roles

Tax Processor Role.

Change History

Change Description



Menu Path

Human Resources Americas USA Subsequent activities Period-Independent Payroll supplement PU19 Tax Reporter

Transaction Code PU19
Helpful Hint If an agency has not generated the production run of the Form 941 for the quarter and tries to run the Form 941- Correction (941-X) they will receive the below message:

The system may display three types of messages at various points in the process. The messages you see may differ from those shown on screen shots in this procedure. The types of messages and responses are shown below:

Message Type



Example:  Make an entry in all required fields.

Action: Fix the problem(s) and then click  (Enter) to validate and proceed.


Example:  Record valid from xx/xx/xxxx to 12/31/9999 delimited at end.

Action: If an action is required, perform the action. Otherwise, click
 (Enter) to validate and proceed.



Example Save your entries.

Action: Perform the required action to proceed.



An agency has filed their IRS Form 941 on October 20, 2009 with the IRS for the 3rdquarter of 2009 (7/1/2009 to 9/30/2009) and entered the generation date of October 20, 2009 for the 941.

It was discovered in January of 2010 that a non cash gross adjustment was not entered into the system for an employee who received $200 of taxable money for meals.

The agency has entered the manual entries to correct the error and now needs to generate the 941-X for the 2009 3rd quarter.

Start the transaction using the above menu path or transaction code PU19.

Complete the following fields:

R=Required Entry O=Optional Entry C=Conditional Entry

Field Name



Tax Company


Agency’s four-character designation used for reporting purposes.

Example: 0110 State of WA House

Reporting Period End Date


The reporting period end date


End date









Example: 9/30/2009

Consider Payroll Results up to


Payroll period end date

Example: 12/30/2009

Click to the left of .

Click the to select.

Before you execute the Form 941 – Correction (PROD run) the Form 941- Correction (TEST run) should be executed, validated and balanced.

  1. Click the

  1. Click the

  1. To access the form click

7.1 To print the form immediately click the print icon

7.2 Click (Print)

8.To View the form double click the text

9. Double click on the text

Screen shot 1 of 2

Screen shot 2 of 2


You have generated the 941-X for your agency.


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