General plan for proposed works; engineering services

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48161148-1611.  General plan for proposed works; engineering services

A.  For the purpose of constructing, purchasing or acquiring power plants, power lines, generators, motors, transformers, poles, wire and works, and acquiring the necessary property and rights therefor, for the purpose of paying the first year's interest on the bonds authorized by this chapter, and otherwise carrying out the provisions of this chapter, the board of directors of a district shall, as soon as practicable after the district has been organized, by a resolution entered on its records, adopt a general plan of its proposed works.

B.  The resolution shall state generally what works or property it is proposed to lease, purchase or acquire, what works it is proposed to construct, the estimated cost for carrying out the plan and how it is proposed to raise the funds necessary therefor.

C.  For the purpose of ascertaining the estimated cost or value of proposed works or rights, the board shall cause surveys, examinations, maps, plans, specifications of costs and estimates to be made and shall acquire the necessary data for an estimate of the costs of carrying out the plan.

D.  The board of directors shall employ a competent engineer under whose directions shall be made and certified to the board such examinations, surveys, maps, plans, specifications and estimates of cost deemed necessary for the purpose of entering into contracts with respect to the proposed plan of work, construction or purchase. 481611

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