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To the Pallet Controller,

Beginning on Monday 7th December, 2009, a new CHEP policy will come into effect for all transfers onto the Gaby Cool CHEP account.

Details of this policy are below.

1. All transfers except DC Deliveries onto the Gaby Cool CHEP account will incur a 7 Day Delay.
2. DC Deliveries effective date policy is as follows:
Woolworth’s, Versacold, Big W, Aldi 30 Days from the receipt of goods

GHPL (Coles,Kmart,Target,Mitre10 etc) 33 Days from the receipt of goods

Metcash, CCC, ALM, Bidvest, McAlpine 45 Days from the receipt of goods
3. All CHEP dockets must have under the Reference/Comments fields the Connote number and where the goods are being delivered (e.g. Woolworths) in order that the appropriate effective date is implemented.
4. Any transfers processed onto the Gaby Cool CHEP account that are more than 90 Days from the effective date will be given a new effective date of the CHEP Close Off date for the current month.
5. Gaby Cool will not accept any responsibility for any pallet enquiries received 90 days after the shipment date on either a transfer or an IOU docket.
6. Alternate to the above terms, Customers can transfer CHEP equipment direct to the receiver in preference to processing the pallet documentation onto Gaby Cool.
7. Pallet charges will apply for Customers whom do not have a CHEP account. These charges will be at the rate charged by CHEP.
8. Gaby Cool does not operate a Loscam account and therefore will not take responsibility for any Loscam pallets or IOU’s relating to Loscam pallets.
Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Should you have any queries in regards to this policy or any pallet control queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours Sincerely,

Vicki Hankinson

Pallet Controller

Pallet Control Australia Pty Ltd

(on behalf of Gaby Cool Transport)

Pallet Control Australia Pty Ltd

8/96 Gardens Drive, Willawong QLD 4110 PO Box 288 Browns Plains QLD 4118

Phone: 07 3272 5346 Facsimile: 07 3272 2563


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