Frontiers of Political Economics

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The Second Annual International conference

Frontiers of Political Economics

organized by the Centre for Advanced Studies,

a joint project of Higher School of Economics and New Economic School

May 30-31, 2008

Higher School of Economics, 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow

Conference program
Organizing Committee:
Sergei Guriev (New Economic School)

Andrei Yakovlev (Higher School of Economics)

Martin Gilman (CAS, Higher School of Economics)
Program Committee:
Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School)

Fuad Aleskerov (Higher School of Economics)

Scott Gehlbach (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Local administration:

Olga Lavrentieva, New Economic School

Marina Medvedeva, Higher School of Economics

Friday, May 30


Registration and Coffee


Opening Remarks (Room 300)

Andrei Yakovlev (Vice-rector, Higher School of Economics)

Sergei Guriev (Rector, New Economic School)

Martin Gilman (Director, Center for Advanced Studies, Higher School of Economics)


Session 1 (Room 300) Chair: Lev Yakobson (Higher School of Economics)

Thomas Remington (Emory University)
Democracy, Governance, and Inequality: Evidence from the Russian Regions

Discussant: Lev Freinkman (World Bank)

Andrei Yakovlev (Vice-rector, Higher School of Economics)
State-Business Relations and Improvement of Corporate Governance in Russia
Discussant: Daniel Treisman (University of California, Los Angeles)


Coffee Break


Session 2 (Room 300) Chair: Scott Gehlbach (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Vladimir Gimpelson, Rostislav Kapeliushnikov and Anna Lukianova (Higher School of Economics)
Federal Legislation, Local Enforcement, and Regional Economic Performance in Russia
Discussant: Henry Hale (George Washington University)

Andrew Owen (Princeton University) and Joshua Tucker (New York University)

Conventional vs. Transitional Economic Voting: Evidence from Poland, 1997-2005
Discussant: Alexei Sitnikov (New Economic School)


Coffee Break


Session 3 (Room 300) Chair: Robert Kaufman (Rutgers University)

Shanker Satyanath (New York University)
Superpower Interventions and their Consequences for Democracy: An Empirical Inquiry
Discussant: Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School)
Victor Polterovich (CEMI RAS and NES), Vladimir Popov (NES and Carleton University), Alexander Tonis (NES and CEMI RAS)
Instability of Democracy as Resource Curse
Discussant: Aleh Tsyvinski (Harvard University)




Session 4 (Room 125) Chair: Martin Gilman (Director, Center for Advanced Studies, Higher School of Economics)

Fuad Aleskerov (Higher School of Economics)
Power Distribution in Russian Parliament (1993-2005)
Discussant: Georgy Egorov (Harvard University)

Philip Keefer and Stuti Khemani (World Bank)
When Do Legislators Pass on “Pork”? The Role of Political Parties in Determining Legislator Effort
Discussant: Alexey Zakharov (CEMI RAS)


Coffee Break


Keynote address (Room 125) Chair: Vladimir Mau (Academy of National Economy)

Kenneth Shepsle (Harvard University)
Choosing Institutions: Legislatures with Ordinal Seniority


Reception (Room 300)

Saturday, May 31




Session 5 (Room 311) Chair: Mikhail Dmitriev (Center of Strategic Research)

Robert Kaufman (Rutgers University)
The Political Effects of Inequality in Latin America: Some Inconvenient Facts
Discussant: Rostislav Kapelyushnikov (Higher School of Economics)

Evgeny Yakovlev (University of California, Berkeley) and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (New Economic School)

Reforms in BusinessRegulation: Evidence from Russia
Discussant: Philip Keefer (World Bank)


Coffee Break


Session 6 (Room 311) Chair: Eugenia Albats (Higher School of Economics)

Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Georgy Egorov (Harvard University) and Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School)
A Theory of Bad Governments
Discussant: Shanker Satyanath (New York University)

Daniel Treisman (University of California, Los Angeles)
The Popularity of Russian Presidents
Discussant: Alexei Zudin (Higher School of Economics)


Coffee Break


Session 7 (Room 311) Chair: Andrei Yakovlev (Vice-rector, Higher School of Economics)

Art Durnev (McGill University) and Sergei Guriev (New Economic School)
The Resource Curse: A Corporate Transparency Channel
Discussant: Vladimir Popov (NES and Carleton University)

Henry Hale (George Washington University)
Economic Performance and the Rise of a Dominant Party in Russia's Hybrid Regime Context
Discussant: Carsten Sprenger (ICEF, Higher School of Economics)




Session 8 (Room 311) Chair: Vladimir Gimpelson (Higher School of Economics)

Scott Gehlbach (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School)
Government Control of the Media
Discussant: Andrei Bremzen (New Economic School)

Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Michael Golosov (MIT), and Aleh Tsyvinski (Harvard University)

Political Economy and the Structure of Taxation

Discussant: Natalia Volchkova (New Economic School)


Coffee Break


Keynote address (Room 311) Chair: Fuad Aleskerov (Higher School of Economics)

James Snyder (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Congressional Rents

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