For Immediate Release 41 State Street: Albany, ny november 16

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tel +1 518 465 1400

fax +1 518 465 1441
14 Corporate Woods Boulevard

Albany NY 12211


Contact: Valerie Morrison

Tel: 518.465.1400, ext. 201

Email: For Immediate Release

41 State Street:

Albany, NY (November 16th, 2009) A 2 year lease for 1,971 SF of office space located on 41 State Street in Albany. Felton McLaughlin of NAI Platform brokered the deal. The lessor was Albany Management and the lessee was Center for Employment Opportunities. CEO is a 30-year old organization based in NYC who performs placement work for various NYS agencies. They are expanding from the NY metro area and this will be their second office in upstate NY.

NAI Platform’s experienced team includes 18 commercial specialists with approximately 200 years of combined real estate experience. Their professionals have been responsible for some of upstate New York’s most significant deals, building a remarkable track record of transactions with an approximate combined dollar value of over $2 billion. NAI Platform specializes in Office, Industrial, Land, Retail, Investment, Nonprofit, and Multi-Family.
NAI Platform is located at 14 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany, NY 12211. The telephone number is (518) 465-1400 and facsimile line is (518) 465-1441. To learn more, visit

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