F347 Contemporary Algerian Literatures 2010-2011

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F347 Contemporary Algerian Literatures 2010-2011

Course Bibliography

Set Texts

Mohammed Dib, La Grande Maison (1952)

L’Incendie (1954)

Gillo Pontecorvo, La Bataille d’Alger (1966) (film ; available on DVD/video cassette)

Tahar Djaout, Les Chercheurs d’os (1984)

Assia Djebar, Le Blanc de l’Algérie (1995)

La Disparition de la langue française (2003)

Nulle part dans la maison de mon père (2007)

Please order these texts as soon as you have a place on the course. We will study them in chronological order. You will also need to buy the coursepack in the first week of term.
* You should begin by reading more about the history of modern Algeria: texts available in English include those (listed below) by Ageron, Aldrich, Ruedy and Stora (the latter two coming up closer to the present and including the civil war of the 1990s).

* The Corcoran Cambridge Introduction is a good place to find out more about 'Francophone' literature in general, including North Africa.

* Some other recommended items are asterisked.

* You will find many other critical works on North African literature, including much recent work on Djebar. You can use e.g. JSTOR (via library catalogue) or Project Muse to find articles on particular books.

* On La Bataille d’Alger there is good material on the ‘extras’ DVDs in the Criteron DVD set.
Ageron, Charles-Robert, Modern Algeria: A History from 1830 to the Present, translated by Michael

Brett (London: Hurst, 1991).

Ahmad, Aijaz, In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literatures (London: Verso, 1992).
— ‘The Politics of Literary Postcoloniality’ [1995], in Padmini Mongia ed., Contemporary Postcolonial

Theory: A Reader (London, Arnold: 1996), 276-293.

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Mouloud Feraoun, and Mohammed Dib (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen, 2005).

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Amrane-Minne, Daniele Djamila, La Guerre d’Algérie (1954-1962): Femmes au combat (Ryadh el

Feth: Editions Rahma, 1993).

Des femmes dans la guerre d’Algérie: Entretiens (Paris: Karthala, 1994).
Anderson, Benedict, Imagined Communities, [1983], (London: Verso, 1991).
Appiah, Anthony Kwame, ‘Is the Post- in Postmodernism the Post- in Postcolonial?,’ in Mongia ed.,

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ch. 1.

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(Algiers: ENAL, 1983).

*Bensmaïa, Réda. Experimental Nations, or, The Invention of the Maghreb (Princeton: Princeton

University Press, 2003).

*Berger, Anne-Emmanuelle (ed)., Algeria in Others’ Languages (Ithaca, New York and

London: Cornell University Press, 2002).
*Bonn, Charles, Le Roman algérien de langue française (Paris: L’Harmattan, 1985).
Lecture présente de Mohammed Dib, (Alger, Entreprise nationale du livre, 1988) [note: you should be able to link to an electronic version via the KCL library catalogue].
Bouzar, Wadi, Lectures maghrébines (Alger: OPU, 1984).

Calle-Gruber, Mireille. Assia Djebar, ou la résistance de l’écriture (Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose,


— (ed.), Assia Djebar, nomade entre les murs…: Pour une poétique transfrontalière (Paris:

Maisonneuve et Larose, 2001).
Calvet, Louis-Jean, Linguistique et colonialisme: Petit traité de glottophagie (Paris: Payot, 1974 /


Corcoran, Patrick, The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature (CUP, 2007)

Cinémaction no.85 (1997): La Guerre d’Algérie à l’écran, ed. Guy Hennebelle, Mouny Berrah and

Benjamin Stora.

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MUP 2001). [nb ch. on Dib]

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(Paris: Robert Laffont, 2004).

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Writing in French (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2005).

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