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An external auditor may be contracted by the smaller organisation for the purposes of the quality audit.
The purpose of the audit plan is to meet part of the needs of the Part 147 MTO approval.
The plan should indicate applicability of the various activities to be monitored and more than one list may be necessary (rolling audit). Each list should be shown against a timetable to indicate when the particular item is to be audited. A complete audit of the Part 147 MTO organisation must be completed every 12 months.
Cross reference the various procedures required for quality auditing, reporting findings and levels with any corrective actions required.
A management control and follow up system must also be in place and may not be contracted out.
Cross reference to any quality procedures manual if available is permitted, but this system must relate to and make reference to the relevant Part 147 MTO paragraphs.


Must be audited annually, but may be part of the rolling audit procedure.


Assessment results should be analysed on completion of each assessment and any questions amended as necessary. Cross reference the procedures detailing responsibilities.


Cross reference the procedures for the reporting of findings and for corrective actions.


Points discussed on a set date should include:

  • projects requiring financial support;

  • sufficient staff employed to meet foreseen training program;

  • Part 147 MTO organisation review;

  • assessments;

  • student achievements;

  • student support; and

  • quality assurance review.


List acceptable staff qualifications. Include procedures for the induction of inexperienced instructors as required and procedures for staff development.
Where relevant include procedures for the employment of part time or contract instructors.
Note: All staff should have an appreciation of the contents of the CASRs.


Examiners should have a full understanding of all the requirements of the CASRs.
Cross reference the procedures for staff development.
Cross reference the list of staff/qualifications.
Practical work assessors should be assessed as being competent


The company must maintain a record of all training staff which must include details of the scope of their authorisation.
Training staff must be provided with evidence of the scope of their authorisation.
The following minimum information should be kept on record in respect of each instructor:

  • Name;

  • Date of Birth;

  • Basic Training;

  • Type Training;

  • Continuation Training;

  • Experience;

  • Qualifications relevant to the approval;

  • Date of first issue of the authorisation; and

  • If appropriate – expiry date of the authorisation.

The records may be kept in any format (hard copy or electronically) subject to the Part 147 MOS security requirements.

Persons authorised to access the system should be maintained at a minimum to ensure that records cannot be altered in an unauthorised manner or that such confidential records become accessible to unauthorised persons.
The instructor should be given reasonable access (on request) to their own records.
The authorisation document should be in a style that makes its scope clear to instructors and any authorised person that may require access to the document. Where codes are used to define scope, an interpretation document should be readily available.
Instructional staff are not required to carry the authorisation document at all times but should produce it within a reasonable time of a request from an authorised person. Authorised persons, apart from the organisation’s quality department must include CASA.
Any member of CASA is classed as an authorised person when investigating the records system for initial and continued approval or when CASA has cause to doubt the competence of a particular instructor.


A matrix which shows in the exposition where the potential Part 147 MTO has described a process which will enable compliance with section 147.A.140 of the Part 147 MOS requirements.

Section 147.A of the Part 147 MOS

Requirement to be addressed

MTO exposition – where is compliance described


Facility Requirements


Personnel Requirements


Qualifications for Assessors


Records of Instructors and Assessors


Instructional Equipment


Maintenance Training Material


Course Plans




Training Procedures and Quality System




Conducting Assessments


Qualifications on Completions of Course


Reporting Qualifications to CASA

Exposition checklist

  • Corporate commitment by the Accountable Manager.

  • Management personnel (Names and organisational titles). Selection criteria

  • Duties and responsibilities of the management personnel. Nominated personnel to deal directly with CASA on behalf of the organisation.

  • Management personnel chains of responsibility organisation chart.

  • Organisation’s quality management system

  • System for recording selection criteria for, and information about, the training instructors, assessors and examiners.

  • Description of the training and assessment facilities at each location.

  • List of the maintenance training courses that the organisation proposes to deliver, their course plans and student-instructor ratios. The course plan must set out for each course:

a. the modules offered for the course; and

b. for each of those modules:

(i) course objectives/learning outcomes;

(ii) the topics to be covered;

(iii) the hours of tuition and training;

(iv) assessment criteria;

(v) the method selected by the organisation for assessing that the course objectives have been met by a student. If this includes assessments then assessment library(ies) or assessment papers for each course will need to be supplied; and

(vi) student to instructor ratios;

(vii) course entry criteria;

(viii) conditions under which the course will be conducted; and

(ix) course notes.

  • Durations of assessments and the periods of time over which training is to be conducted.

  • Organisation’s exposition amendment procedure, including the procedure for introducing new courses, modifying existing courses and amending course plans.

  • Organisation’s control procedure, if any, for conduct of training for assessments at alternative locations.

A MTO may conduct training, knowledge and practical assessments at each location for which CASA has given approval or other locations in accordance with a control procedure mentioned in the organisation’s exposition.

  • Organisation’s procedure for producing maintenance training material.

  • Organisation’s procedure for producing reliable and verifiable certifications that the holder has one year of practical maintenance experience accumulated immediately before the application for an initial authority relevant to the category of sub category and satisfies the maintenance experience on operating aircraft relevant to the category of sub category sought.

  • Statement explaining in detail the arrangements under which it occupies or uses the facility; if the organisation does not own a facility that it proposes to use for maintenance training.

  • Statement explaining in detail the arrangements under which it uses the equipment or data if an applicant does not own the equipment or data that it proposes to use for maintenance training.

  • A MTO may only amend its exposition if the amendment is approved by CASA, or for a minor amendment, that does not alter the sense intended by the exposition or a part of it — made in accordance with the procedure set out in the exposition.




This section should include examples of all documents and forms used by the organisation in the conduct of its Part 147 MTO function.
Some examples are listed below:

Student attendance record

Course certificate(s)

Certificate(s) of training

Classroom plan (exam purposes)

Course critique

Course results

Course design/change plan

Exam answer sheet

Exam results

Internal audit procedure

Internal audit Appendix

Internal audit report

Application to conduct courses/assessments at a remote location

Interview report form

MTO Exposition amendment request

MTO Exposition amendment request log

Staff training record (to include qualifications, history and subjects taught)

Staff terms of reference

Student training and assessment form

Training course review

Quality system

Aircraft visit form
Syllabus of each training course

This section should contain a detailed break down of the course in its entirety. It should show when each module, sub-module of the knowledge syllabus is to be taught (it is permissible to mix modules where convenient) and at what level of knowledge. The knowledge training element and practical element may be sub-divided.

Cross reference Index - if applicable

Self explanatory.

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