Example of a maintenance training organisation exposition

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Abbreviations, Acronyms and Definitions

This section should set out the meaning of any abbreviations, acronyms and unique terms used in the exposition. For example:

AD Airworthiness Directive

ADD Acceptable Deferred Defect

AMSD Aircraft Maintenance Standards Department

AOC Air Operator's Certificate

AOG Aircraft on Ground

ATA Air Transport Association

BITE Built In Test Equipment

CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority

CAME Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition

CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

C of A Certificate of Airworthiness

CDL Configuration Deviation List

CRS Certificate of Release to Service

ETOPS Extended Range Twin Operations

JAR Joint Aviation Requirements

MEL Minimum Equipment List

MO Maintenance Organisation

MOE Maintenance Organisation Exposition

MOS Manual of Standards

MPD Maintenance Planning Document

MP Maintenance Programme

MTO Maintenance Training Organisation

NAA National Airworthiness Authority

RNAV……………Area Navigation

RPL Recognition of Prior Learning

RVSM………….. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima

SB Service Bulletin

SIL Service Instruction Leaflet

SMI Scheduled Maintenance Inspection

The following is an example of possible foreword:
This exposition has been prepared by Anybody’s Aerospace Limited in accordance with section 147.A.140 of the Part 147 MOS . The body of this exposition is divided into four parts:






CASR Part 147 – MOS 147.A.140 – MTO Exposition

This exposition defines the organisation and procedures upon which the CASR Part 147 MTO approval is based.

It is accepted that these procedures do not override the necessity of complying with any new or amended regulation published by CASA from time to time where these new or amended regulations are in conflict with these procedures.
It is understood that CASA will approve this organisation whilst CASA is satisfied that the procedures are being followed. It is understood that CASA reserves the right to suspend, vary or revoke the Part 147 MTO approval of the organisation, as applicable, if CASA has evidence that the procedures are not followed and the standards not upheld.
These procedures are approved by the undersigned and must be complied with, as applicable, whenever knowledge or practical training is being progressed under the terms of the Part 147 MTO approval.
The undersigned fully accepts the duties and responsibilities of Accountable Manager as defined in paragraph 1.3.1 of this exposition.

Signed …………………………………………

Accountable Manager ………………………………………….

For and on behalf of ………………………………………….

Note: The Accountable Manager’s exposition statement should embrace the intent of the above paragraphs and in fact this statement may be used without amendment. Any modification to the statement should not alter the intent.
An alternative available to any organisation where the person who would normally be the Accountable Manager, by virtue of his/her position in the company/organisation, wishes to delegate some of the duties and responsibilities to another Manager.
The duties of the Accountable Manager, as defined in the exposition for the purposes of the CASR Part 147 MTO approval, are delegated by the Accountable Manager to the:
Accountable Manager’s name
and signature ----------------------------------------------------------

State position in Organisation - ----------------------------------------------------------

For the Delegated Accountable Manager:
Delegated Accountable Manager name and signature ----------------------------------------

State position in Organisation - ----------------------------------------------------------


Accountable Manager --------------------------------------- (Insert Name)

Training Manager -------------------------------------- (Insert Name)
Quality Manager - --------------------------------------- (Insert Name)
Assessment Manager --------------------------------------- (Insert Name)
An other (as required) --------------------------------------- (Insert Name)


The following are only suggested examples of duties and responsibilities of management personnel.

1.3.1Accountable Manager

The Accountable Manager is responsible for:

  • ensuring that all instruction and assessments carried out by the organisation meets the standards required by CASA;

  • ensuring that the necessary finance, manpower resources and facilities are available to enable the organisation to perform the knowledge and/or practical instruction and assessments to which it is committed under the requirements CASR Part 147 MTO;

  • chairing the annual meeting of senior staff to review the overall performance of the organisation;

  • ensuring that any charges are paid, as prescribed by CASA;

  • ensuring that during periods of absence, control will be maintained for administration purposes by (Insert name/position in organisation), who will accept full responsibility for all training issues and related decisions; and

  • The operation of (insert name of organisation) is efficiently managed and conforms to the requirements of CASR Part 147 MTO.

Note: (not for inclusion in the Exposition)

Any additional duties and responsibilities within the organisation may be added or delegated.
The organisation should decide who will be responsible for liaison with CASA and record this responsibility in the position description. If more than one person is nominated it must be clearly shown what each person is responsible for, as a general rule, with no overlapping of responsibilities

1.3.2The Training Manager

The Training Manager will undertake:

  • the responsibilities of the nominated person at (insert name of organisation);

  • the duties and responsibilities of the Part 147 MTO approved examiner during any absence of the nominated person(s); and

  • the delegated duties and responsibilities of the Accountable Manager during prolonged absence.

The Training Manager will ensure that:

  • the Accountable Manager is kept informed as to the state of compliance of the organisation with CASR Part 147 MTO;

  • the operation of (insert name of organisation) is efficiently managed and conforms to the requirements of CASR Part 147 MTO;

  • sufficient staff with appropriate qualifications are selected, trained and developed to plan, perform, supervise, examine and assess students as required;

  • all necessary Airworthiness data published by relevant National Airworthiness Authorities and aircraft manufacturers as appropriate is made available;

  • all changes to the exposition and associated manuals are notified immediately to CASA;

  • the exposition and associated manuals are amended as required;

  • knowledge examiners, instructors and assessors are fully trained and assessed regularly for competence and that all records pertaining to these personnel are kept up to date;

  • the personnel responsible for the conduct of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) activities (knowledge and practical) are aware of and follow the RPL procedures;

  • sub-contract staff including any part time staff conform to the requirements of Part 147 MTO and the training procedures;

  • office accommodation and facilities are available appropriate to the management of the planned training and for the use of training staff;

  • staff development and update training is undertaken and recorded;

  • all approved courses and assessments are delivered to the standard and content at the required level of knowledge, as specified in Part 147 MTO;

  • a working environment is provided appropriate to the tasks being undertaken;

  • there are sufficient storage facilities, tools, equipment, materials and publications available to perform the planned practical tasks;

  • secure facilities are available for the storage of assessment papers prior to the assessment and for the storage of completed students answer papers;

  • the interviewing of students prior to, during and on completion of the course is effective and without bias;

  • student and staff records are produced and stored in secure conditions;

  • any person to whom any of these responsibilities may be delegated is aware of current regulations;

  • corrective action is carried out for the findings of quality audits;

  • follow up and rectification of findings required to re-establish the required standards of training, assessment or maintenance standards is carried out;

  • initially sufficient questions are available to produce three separate assessment papers with a maximum of 20% commonality. Further assessment questions should be developed to produce one additional assessment paper per course, up to a maximum of five papers. Questions utilised for progress assessments (phase tests) should not be used in the final assessment;

  • the security and validity of all assessments are in accordance with the requirements of Part 147 MTO;

  • all assessment timetables are co-ordinated; and

  • compliance with the assessment question review procedures is carried out as required by Part 147 MTO.

Note: This paragraph should emphasise that the nominated Training Manager is responsible in ensuring that all training is carried out to an approved standard and describes the extent of his authority in regards their Part 147 MTO responsibility.
These duties may be adjusted to suit the requirements of the Part 147 MTO but should not detract from the particular requirements of Part 147 MTO.

1.3.3The Quality Manager

The Quality Manager has direct access to the Accountable Manager in the event of any reported discrepancy not being adequately attended to by the relevant person, or in respect of any disagreement over the nature of the discrepancy. The Quality Manager is responsible for:

  • establishing an independent quality system to monitor compliance with Part 147 MTO requirements;

  • implementing a quality audit programme in which compliance with all training procedures is reviewed at regular intervals and any observed non-compliances or poor standards are brought to the attention of the person concerned via his/her manager;

  • proposing all corrective action necessary for eliminating non-compliance, and ensuring that these corrective actions are initiated and when completed are efficient and meet their intended purpose;

  • requiring remedial action, as necessary, by the Training Manager or the Accountable Manager; and

  • ensuring that the exposition and associated manuals are amended as required.

Note: These duties may be adjusted to suit the requirements of the Part 147 MTO but should not detract from the particular requirements of CASR Part 147.
It must be remembered that that the quality audit system is required to be independent and where possible the Quality Manager and quality audit personnel should not be directly involved in the training process. Where, for reasons of expediency, it is necessary to utilise training staff, it would then become necessary for a second member of staff to be nominated to audit those functions performed by the Quality Manager.

1.3.4The Responsible Manager - Deputy Training

The Deputy Training Manager will undertake the duties and responsibilities of the Training Manager during any prolonged absence.

1.3.5The Responsible Manager - Examiner

The Examiner is responsible for:

  • the selection of assessment questions/papers to be sat, appropriate to the particular phase of the training course;

  • the invigilation of assessments, ensuring that the conditions for assessment comply section 147.A.135 of the Part 147 MOS;

  • the allocation of assessment papers at the beginning of the assessment and retrieval of them on completion; and

  • Marking of the assessment papers using acceptable marking standards.


The Instructor will:

  • carry out instructional duties for which he/she is qualified (basic/type);

  • compile questions for assessment banks for which they are qualified; and

  • undertake duties of invigilator where they are not involved in the instruction of that particular phase assessment.

1.3.7Practical/Competency assessor

The Practical/Competency assessor is responsible for monitoring and assessing students during pre-set practical tasks and/or hand skills. This includes handling of tools and calibration equipment.
Note: This paragraph should emphasise that the nominated post holder for examiner is responsible to ensure that all assessments are carried out to an approved standard and describes the extent of their authority in regards to the Part 147 MTO responsibility. These duties may be adjusted to suit the requirements of the CASR Part 147 MTO but should not detract from the particular requirements of the Part 147 MTO.

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