English 461 Capstone Project

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English 461 Capstone Project

The final project in this class is designed to prepare you for your professional career. This project allows for considerable difference in projects, depending on your career interests. The unifying element in this project is attaining your goals with the highest possible standards. While you are completing this project, we will not have regular class meetings. We will support each other in a blog and the teacher will be available during the regular class time in her office. There will be no regular class meetings.

Personal Statement

No matter what avenue you take in this project, you will be required to prepare a Personal Statement that outlines your career plans as you now foresee them, your objectives in attaining a particular kind of job, and the ethical or philosophical basis that underpins your approach to the next step in your career. This Personal Statement must also include an overview of the WSU experiences (courses, internships, activities, etc.) that have been formative in the way you approaching the next step.

Professional Presentation

During the last week of class, you will present the results of your project in a professional-quality presentation to the class. You must have some sort of media support for this presentation. Media could include handouts, a PowerPoint, Web-based materials, a poster, or other media. The presentation itself and the supporting material must be of professional quality. This presentation must be at least 5 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes.


All options below will require a brief proposal including an overview of what you want to accomplish (specifically) and the deliverables that will be provided upon completion of the Option.

Option A: Prepare materials for a job application

This option must include a rhetorical analysis of the job ad, an extensive analysis of the entity offering the job, the preparation of an application letter and resume, and other supporting material.

Option B: Research further schooling (graduate or professional school or another type of degree)

This project will include an analysis of the program to which you are applying as well as preparation of all the materials required by the school for successful application.

Option C: Interview three professionals working in the area/profession you wish to pursue

This project will include an analysis and synthesis of the interviews as well as additional commentary on what you learned from the interviews.

Option D: Job shadow

This project will include substantial shadowing of a professional (or professionals) in your field as well as an analysis and synthesis of your shadowing experience. It should also include commentary on what you learned from the shadowing experience.

Option E: Create a portfolio

This option requires the creation of a professional portfolio including the best of your work. This can be an online or a print-based portfolio. If you’re interested in a web-based portfolio, options exist for tutorials. Details of this project must be discussed with the teacher.

Option F: Create your own project

Requires a proposal to the teacher.

Due dates

April 2: teacher notified of your project choice in a formal email proposal. Possible consultation required based on your choice. Email: ericsson@wsu.edu

April 7, 14, 21: project updates posted on 461 blog

April 9, 16, 23: responses to updates posted on 461 blog

April 28, 30: in-class presentations of projects

May ??: final project due: must include 1) Personal Statement and 2) All materials prepared for your option.

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