Emergency acquisitions

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NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
Part 1818—Emergency Acquisitions

PART 1818


(September 2015)

1818.000-70 Pre-Emergency Planning

PART 1818

Emergency Acquisitions
Subpart 1818.0-70—General
1818.000-70 Pre-Emergency Planning.
(a) Contracting officers shall include in Performance Work Statements or Statements of Work in contracts for major, on-site support activities, such as general facilities support/base operations; property management; security/guard/law enforcement services; information technology services to include information technology infrastructure maintenance and service, language substantially the same as follows:
Emergency Preparedness and Response
The Contractor’s obligation may include resolution of unusual or emergency situations. The Contractor may be required to assist NASA, within the general scope of work, in preparation for, or in response to emergencies. Obligations under this requirement shall only arise when one or more of the criteria at FAR 18.001, enabling NASA to utilize “Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities,” are met. If the emergency preparedness and response requirements result in changes to the contract, all contract adjustments will be processed in accordance with the changes clause of this contract.
(b) Contracting officers should list contracts that contain the language referenced in 1818.000-70(a) in the Center Continuity of Operations Plans.

2015 EDITION 1818-

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