Durres Port Authority Surface: kmq 1,2 Geographical localization

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Durres Port Authority

Surface: kmq 1,2

Geographical localization

Durres port is sited in the middle of the Adriatik with:

Latitude/longitude 41019’/ 19027’

Winds: South, South-west, West and North-west, South-west 60-110 km/h
Main landscape patterns

Durres port is sited to the South of town, in the northern part of the Bay of Durres. The Bay is about 18 km long from north to south, with a coastline of about 7 km to the east. The Bay is well protected by the Durres Cape from north-western winds, and by Lalezit Cape from eastern winds by the land and from south-eastern winds.

Main historical steps of the city and port of Durres

Durres is the most ancient town of the country. The ancient information about the city of Durres takes us to prehistory, and that’s why the beginning of the civilized life of Durres are connected to legends. The existence of two ancient names, Epidamn and Dyrrah, has to do with the situation to the city on the hill and field, also with difference of time. The city colonized by the Greeks in 627 BC. In the VI-VII centuries BC the Illyrians knew it under the name EPIDAMNOS. Three centuries later the ancient Greeks renamed it Durrachium.

About the year 146 BC the Romans built Via Egnatia, which passed through Dyrrachium, to link Rome with Byzantium (Istanbul). Segments of this road are still extant today. A library, a big amphitheatre and a water supply taking the water 15 km away from the river of Erzen , thermal and many other important monuments were built. During his existence, the city of Durres had strong connection with the sea.

During the centuries 7-12, the city became the center of the Byzant Empire in the Adriatic Sea for their emperor’s navy. Its port became also the centre of business with Italy. The collaboration with West made possible that the merchants of Ankona, Pulia, Dalmacia and Venice may have the state of residence. while the merchants from Amalfi city ( 1302) had their own Church of Saint Maria. The name of the church came out from Venetian document of 1383.

Durres knew many Arabian, slavien, bulgier, but all this didn’t influence in the city’s population, that according to famous studious of middle Age Kostandin Jericek (1834-19180 as much as majority of the population stayed always Albanian.

In 1081 the city was attacked by Normans and near of Bishti i Palles, during the war between Venedicks fleet against Norman, it was wrecked the ship of Boemundit, son of Robert Guiskardit, that was the Norman king. When crusaders and venedicks attacked Kostandinopolin in 1204, Durres after a brief siege 91205) got in venedicks hand.

In 1367 Durres was reigned by Karl Topia, the powerful prince and both with Balshajt in North possessed all Albanian territories. So, that Albania was going through unification in a only state.

In 1501 the city was occupied by Turkish and for many centuries lose its ancients importance, turning in a military garrison.

During 18-19 centuries began the commercial movement with the Italian coastal, that began to extend with the passing of time. In this time Durres merchants participated in Ankona, Ravena, Rekanatit’s fairs and other cities of Italian coastal.

In 1912 was proclaimed as the most important harbour of Independent Albania.
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