Diagnostic Tests Direct Access Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service

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Diagnostic Tests

Direct Access Magnetic Resonance Imaging Service



This implementation pack has been designed to support commissioners to deliver Any Qualified Provider in Diagnostic tests locally. It has been developed by NHS commissioners, clinical experts and DH officials, working in partnership. The use of this pack is not mandatory. Commissioners can refine it to meet local needs and, over time, help to improve it. The pack is simply a place to start, avoiding duplicating effort.

This pack should be used for services that are commissioned using the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) model – where commissioners are aiming to secure innovation or deliver more choice for patients for example. Other forms of procurement are also available, which might suit other circumstances, more details of these can be found in DH procurement guidance.

The AQP impact assessment shows that the cost of procuring services per project under AQP is lower than existing arrangements:


This pack has been prepared by working with a range of professionals, from both clinical and commissioning backgrounds and we recommend that commissioners using these packs continue to engage with clinicians, professionals and a wide range of providers wherever possible.

Generally we expect there to be consistency across service specifications to sustain quality and help to spread best practice, but where necessary specifications should be amended to reflect local variations in need.

More information and further resources for commissioners can be found here:

http://nww.supply2health.nhs.uk/AQPRESOURCECENTRE/Pages/AQPHome.aspx. including a pricing principles document that should be read alongside this implementation pack. If commissioners do come up with innovative new ways to drive up the quality of care by offering choice of provider - please use the AQP resource forum to share your hard work.

Workforce, education and training implications

When commissioning a service under patient choice of AQP, there are some important workforce, education and training considerations, which commissioners must take into consideration. Section 3 provides some additional details on these issues.

Public Sector Equality Duty

Commissioners should have regard to the Public Sector Equality Duty when commissioning services for patients. Please refer to Section 4: Public Sector Equality Duty and visit the Department of Health website for more information on 'Equality and Diversity'.


A glossary of terms used within this implementation pack is included in Section 5.

Next Steps

These packs should be used by commissioners undertaking AQP through 2012/13. An evaluation of the pack and the AQP process will be undertaken during this period. In the meantime if you have any questions or comments on this pack, please contact AQP.Queries@dh.gsi.gov.uk

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Minor additions to exclusion criteria and applicable service standards in relation to staffing and key service outcomes.

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Minor amendments and additions to prices and payment, local requirements, direct access referral guidelines.

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Total re-write of currency and pricing section and removal of 09/10 reference costs.

Liz Bailey DH


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