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Press release

International ranking confirms excellent reputation of German universities

Strong demand worldwide for German higher education

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Bonn, 11 March 2015. The British magazine “Times Higher Education” released its current “World Reputation Ranking” earlier today. Germany, the United States and Great Britain are the top three countries worldwide with the most universities represented. Three German universities are ranked in the top 50 and another three in the top 100.
“The results demonstrate that our efforts in the higher education sector are bearing fruit. They also show the impact of the DAAD and other research organisations. Concise information about Germany as a place of higher education and research and successful research marketing have significantly contributed to generating better awareness of the high quality,” said DAAD President Prof. Margret Wintermantel.
The ranking confirms a positive trend which the latest higher education statistics substantiate. For years German universities have accepted an increasing number of foreign students and researchers, and indeed, Germany has meanwhile become the most important non-English-speaking host country in the world. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, some 320,000 foreign students enrolled at German universities in the winter semester of last year, a six-percent increase from the previous year. It would seem that Germany is well ahead of meeting the goal set by the DAAD and the German federal government to increase the number of foreign students to 350,000 by 2020.
DAAD President Wintermantel understands the criticism occasionally levelled at the relevance of such international university rankings. “However, it is indisputable that internationally mobile students also consider the existing higher education rankings when choosing universities. Therefore, strong placement of German universities in the rankings benefits our internationalisation efforts.”
The British magazine “Times Higher Education” (THE) has published the “World Reputation Ranking” every year since 2011. It serves as a supplement to the THE’s renowned “World University Ranking” which evaluates universities around the world based on their achievements in the areas of research, teaching, innovative capacity and internationalisation.
For the “World Reputation Ranking”, the THE surveys top researchers from more than 140 countries. This year’s ranking is the culmination of over 10,000 responses. The THE’s ranking is recognised as the best-known international assessment for higher education in the world, along with the “Academic Ranking of World Universities” by Jiaotong University in Shanghai (a.k.a. Shanghai Rankings) and the “QS World University Rankings”. For universities worldwide, these rankings represent an important marketing instrument for recruiting foreign students and researchers.
Six German universities, some of which significantly improved their placement since last year, are among the top 100 which enjoy the best reputation worldwide. The front runner is the LMU Munich ranked 35th, followed by the University of Heidelberg (38th) and the Humboldt University of Berlin (41st).

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