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Module Description:
This surveys the major economic and social developments in Zimbabwe’s pre-colonial history since the Early Iron Age. It examines the origins of early Shona states on the Zimbabwean plateau since the 10th century AD, and the socio-economic structure of the early and later Shona states. The latter part of the module discusses general changes on the Zimbabwean plateau in the first half of the 19th century brought about by Nguni conquests during the Mfecane and the encroachment of Europeans. It discusses the origins, socio-economic structure, politics and foreign policy of the Ndebele and Gaza-Nguni states. It also looks at the period of treaties and concessions with White settlers on the eve of occupation and conquest in the 1890s. The module ends with a discussion of BSA Company misrule of the Africans in the 1890s, as a background to the 1896-7 Ndebele and Shona risings.
Module Outline:

  1. Introduction

i. Sources of Zimbabwean History, Historiography of the pre-1890 period

ii. Environment and population in pre-colonial Zimbabwe

iii. Outline of settlement of the Zimbabwean plateau region to AD 900

iv. Economy and Society in the EIA and LIA.

  1. Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe

i. Mapungubwe – questions of viewpoint and evidence

ii. Great Zimbabwe – dating

iii. Economic origins of Great Zimbabwe

iv Social organization of Great Zimbabwe

v. The decline of gold production on the Zimbabwean plateau

vi The fall of Great Zimbabwe

  1. Mutapa and Torwa states

i. Archaeology, traditions and history

ii. Torwa to c. 1685

iii. Origins of the Mutapa state

iv. Political structure of the Mutapa state

v. Economic structure of the Mutapa state

vi. The coming of the Portuguese to 1590

vii. The conquest of the Mutapa state and Eastern Shona region

4. The Changamire State and the Rozvi

i. Origins of the Changamire dynasty

ii. Dombo Changamire and the expansion of the Rozvi state

iii. The conquest of the South-west

iv. The fall of the Changamire Rozvi state
5. The later Mutapa state and the Prazos da Coroa

i. Mutapa historiography

ii. Mutapa succession

iii. The sequence of decline

iv. Definition and nature of the prazos

v. Expansion and periodization of the prazos

  1. The Mfecane states to the 1870s

i. Background to the Nguni conquests

ii. The Ndebele state to the 1870s – external policies.

iii. Structure of the Ndebele state

iv. The Gaza Nguni state

  1. Treaties and Partition, 1870-91

i. Crisis in the Ndebele state, 1868-78

ii. Treaties and Concessions, 1868-1886, Grobler, Moffatt, etc.

iii. Rhodes, Rudd and the Charter

iv. The BSAC and the Portuguese: Portuguese counter-moves

  1. Occupation and Conquest, 1891-1895

i. Occupation by the BSAC and the Manyika frontier

ii. BSAC-Ndebele relations, 1891-3

iii. The Anglo-Ndebele war, 1894

iv. The fall of the Gaza state, 1895

  1. Origins of the First Chimurenga, 1890-1896

i. Colonial rule and the Shona, 1890-1894

ii. Colonial rule and the Ndebele, 1894-1896

iii. Colonial rule and the Shona, 1894-1896

  1. The First Chimurenga, 1896-1897

i. Events in the south-west, March-October 1896

ii. Events in the centre, June 1896-October 1897

iii. Consequences of the Chimurenga

iv. Conclusions: Overall view of resistance

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