DD1610 (jan 2001 version) travel order preparation instructions

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These instructions are provided to assist you in preparing your own travel orders (DD 1610).
1. – 3. Self explanatory
4. Your job TITLE, SERIES and GRADE.
5. Name and address of your organization (e.g., official mailing address)
6. Your directorate, Division, or Branch.
7. Your office phone number (include both commercial and DSN, if available)
8. TDY
9. ACTEDS training AND Title and location of your specific developmental assignment.
10a. Number of days in training, PLUS a or b:

a. Travelers within CONUS may include one travel day.

b. OCONUS travelers to CONUS may include two travel days in addition to the length of the assignment.
10b. Date of departure.

  1. From Residence (or workplace) to Destination and Return. (Variation is NOT authorized).

12. Indicate your mode of transportation with an X in the appropriate box of the COMMERCIAL section. If Privately Owned Conveyance (POV) is selected as mode of transportation, enter rate per mile. Mileage rate may be obtained from http://www.dtic.mil/perdiem/faqmilea.html#TDY

Distance may be obtained from your local travel office or http://www.mapquest.com or if you have an account, from http://dtod-mtmc.belvoir.army.mil.
13. Put an X in box a.: (Per diem authorized in accordance with JTR).

  1. Estimated Cost.

  1. Per diem: per diem rate X number of TDY days (from Block 10a).

  2. Travel: Airfare or driving cost.

  3. Other: $100.00.

  4. Total.

15. None (0). Use your government credit card to obtain an advance if necessary. ALL travelers should have government issued credit cards.

16. Required remarks that MUST be stated in this block: (copy and paste into Block 16)

- Rental car is not authorized; transportation to and from airport and in and around TDY site is authorized; airport/hotel/training site parking is authorized.

- Official copier, fax, and phone charges are authorized.

- Travel vouchers will be submitted within FIVE working days after completion of TDY.

Other remarks - include as appropriate:

- Registration fee up to $XXX is authorized.

- Per diem covered in previously paid tuition fee.

- Leave is authorized in conjunction with TDY.

- One (2 or 3) meal is included in the hotel (or tuition or registration) contract.
If there are other remarks that you think are appropriate, please check with the Army Library Program office before using.
17 through 22. Leave blank. (Will be completed at HQDA).

DD1610 Travel Order Instructions-FY02 02/26/2002

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