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Zakariashvili, G., b.

(selected) Take-off (s) (2000).

Zakareishvili, Levan, b. 1953

(selected) Father (s) (1983), Them (f) (1992).

Zalukvadze, Mikhail, b. 1930

(selected) First Day at School (d) (1972).

Zhuzhunava, N., b.

(selected) The Story of an Experiment (d) (1959), with D. Abashidze.

Zhvania, G., b.

(selected) Silk (d) (1970?), The Cow, the TV-Set and the Turkey (d) (1973), A World So Near and So Remote (d) (1975?).

Abdrakhmanov, Yersin, b. 1946

(selected) The Island of the Pink Mountain Sheep (a) (1976), The Story of a Strange Friendship (a) (1979), The Bespectacled Rabbit (a) (1980), The Lark (a) (1986), The Meaning of Life (a) (1987), Jana Arka, or New Steppe (d) (1991),

Abdulayev, F., b.

(selected) Strange Game (f) (1991).

Abyenov, K., b.

(selected) Alazhar (f) (1995).

Agancheyev, T., b.

(selected) The Day of Announced Murders (f) (1993).

Akhmetov, O., b.

(selected) Emptiness (s) (2000).

Aldongarova, C., b.

(selected) The Little Retreat (s) (1991).

Alpiyev, Amanbek, b.

(selected) Sweet Dreams in the Grass (f) (1984), with Sergei Bodrov.

Alpiyev, Murat, b.

(selected) Furious Kreisberg (s) in omnibus film And We Shall Keep Our Love Forever (f) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1987).

Amirkulov, Ardak, b. 1955

(selected) Hunter (s) (1983), Tactical Games in a Well-Travelled Landscape (s) in omnibus film And We Shall Keep Our Love Forever (f) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1987), The Fall of Otrar (f) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1991), Abai (f) (Kazakhstan/France, 1995), 1997, or Rustem’s Notes with Illustrations (f) (1998).

Aprymov, Serik, b. 1960

(selected) Two Men on a Motorcycle (s) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1986), Hypnotist (s) in omnibus film And We Shall Keep Our Love Forever (f) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1987), The Last Stop (f) (1989), A Dream in a Dream (f) (1993), The Village Aksuat (f) (1998), Three Brothers (f) (Kazakhstan/Japan, 1999).

Aranysheva, L., b.

(selected) …And I Saw It in a Dream (f) (1993).

Aron, Yefim., b.

(selected) Young Wine (s) in Fighting Film Album No. 10 (f) (1942), Songs of Abai (f) (1945), with Grigory Roshal, Botagos (f) (1957).

Artykov, A., b.

(selected) About the Fate of Unfortunate Children (f) (1993).

Asimov, A., b.

(selected) Buyan-Sulu (f) (1992).

Asimov, J., b.

(selected) Before Sunrise (f) (1993).

Aymanov, Shaken, 1914-1970

(selected) Poem of Love (f) (1954), with Karl Gakkel, Daughter of the Steppes (f) (1954), with Karl Gakkel, We Live Here (f) (1956), with Matvei Volodarsky, Our Splendid Doctor (f) (1957), In the Same Quarter (f) (1960), Song Is Calling (f) (1961), Crossroad (f) (1963), Beardless Swindler (f) (1963), Wings of Song (f) (1966), Land of Our Fathers (f) (1967), Angel in a Skull-Cap (f) (1968), The End of the Ataman (f) (1970).

Aytouarov, Amanjol, b. 1957

(selected) Tomi and Dina (s) (198?), The Light Touch (f) (1989), A Journey to Nowhere (f) (1992)..

Bairamgulov, Vladislav, b. 1972

(selected) Down by the River (a) (1998).

Baranov, Alexander, b.

(selected) Shanghai (f) (1997).

Bartenev, Edgar, b. 1966

(selected) The Stack of Plates (s) (1999), Waltz (s) (2001).

Begalin, M., b.

(selected) Behind Us Is Moscow (f) (1967), The Song of Manshuk (f) (1969).

Bekmambetov, Timur, b. 1961

(selected) Peshavar Waltz (f) (Russia, 1994), with Gennady Kayumov, Tu-lu-la (v,clip) (1999).

Berkovich, Alexei, b.

(selected) Julia (f) (1993)

Bolysbayev, E., b.

(selected) The Trajectory of the Arrow (f) (1991).

Chaidarov, Amen, b. 1923

(selected) Why Swallows Have Pronged Tails (a) (1967), Aksak - Kulan (a) (1968), The Little Swan (a) (1969), Chodsha Nasyr, the Master Builder (a) (1970), Insight (a) (1973), Catching the Sun (a) (1975).

Chankova, Nina, b. 1949

(selected) Abahai-Pahta (s) (1979), The Meeting (s) (1984), Until I Stepped on Soft Grass (s,f) (1987).

Chatayeva, A., b.

(selected) Mama Rose (s) (1991).

Chugunov, Viktor, b.

(selected) The Horseherd’s Ninth Son (f) (Kazakhstan/USSR, 1984), with Viktor Pusurmanov, Lord of Darkness (f) (1990), The Gift from Gods (f) ((1998).

Dosibayev, D., b.

(selected) Japur-Aj (s) (1992).

Duisebayev, T., b.

(selected) Opium (f) (1991).

Dvortsevoi, Sergei, b. 1962

(selected) Happiness (d) (1995), Bread Day (d) (Russia, 1998), Highway (d) (Russia/France, 1999).

Emelyanov, Georgy, b.

(selected) Maria’s Third Marriage (d) (1993).

Gakkel, Karl, b.

(selected) Poem of Love (f) (1954), with Shaken Aymanov, Daughter of the Steppes (f) (1954), with Shaken Aymanov.

Gonopolsky, A., b.

(selected) Fir-Tree (s) (2001).

Gonopolsky, Igor, b.

(selected) It’s Me Crossing the Street (d) (1997), Unknown Eisenstein (d) (1998), The People from the Opposite Bank of the River (d,series) (1998).

Iskakov, Bulat, b. 1953

(selected) The Last Cold Days (f) (1993), with Bulat Kalymbetov.

Kalibayev, Bakhyt, b. 1958

(selected) The Three (f) (1988), with Alexander Baranov, The Tick (f) (1989), with Alexander Baranov, Woman of the Day (f) (1989), with Alexander Baranov, Gongofer (f) (1992).

Kalymbekov, Bulat, b. 1955

(selected) Tamshi (s) (1989), Ainalayin (f) (1990), Darling (f) (1992), The Last Cold Days (f) (1993), with Bulat Iskakov, Raiymbek (f) (1998).

Karagikhov, Bakhyt, b.

(selected) The Stormy Halt (f) (1995?)

Karakulov, Amir, b. 1966

(selected) Leaves (s) (1989), A Woman between Two Brothers, or Apple of Discord, or Blown Kiss (f) (1991), The Doves’ Bell Ringer (f) (1993), Last Holidays (f) (1996), Poslednye Kanikuly (f) (1999), Don’t Cry (f) (2001).

Karpov, A., b.

(selected) Story of a Mother (f) (1963)

Karpykov, Abai, b. 1955

(selected) Clairvoyant Mazhiken (s) (1987), One and a Half Piece, or Travel Dreams (s) (1986) in omnibus film And We Shall Keep Our Love Forever (f) (1987), The Bus at Rush Hours (s) 1986), Bakhyt - The First Blood (s) (1989), Little Fish in Love (f,tv) (1989), Chamber Concert Eight Years Later (d,tv), (1990), Blow a Kiss (f) (1991), The More Tender One, or The Tender One Will Win (f) (Kazakhstan/Russia, 1996), The Story of Genuine Angels, or The Real Story of Angels (f) (1997), Fara (f) (Kazakhstan/Russia, 1999).

Karsakbayev, Abdulla, b. 1940

(selected) My Name Is Kozha (f) (1964), Anxious Morning (f) (1968), Journey into Childhood (f) (1970), Pursuit in the Steppes (f) (1979).

Kasymbekov, Kano, b.

(selected) The Last Fox (f) (1991), I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye (f) (1992), You Need a Dog (f) (1994), The Youth of Zhambul (f) (1996).

Kayumov, Gennady, b. 1958

(selected) Peshavar Waltz (f) (Russia, 1994), with Timur Bekmambetov.

Khan, V., b.

(selected) Dream on the Move (d) (2000).

Kharkovskaya, N., b.

(selected) The Room (s) (2000).

Khugunov, Viktor, b.

(selected) The Horseherd’s Ninth Son (f) (1984), with Viktor Pusurmanov.

Kim, Radion, b.

(selected) The Bride and the Bridegroom (s,v) (1998).

Koshachanov, D., b.

(selected) Zhol (s) (1992).

Kubayeva, Rano, b. 1961

(selected) The Youngest, or The Junior (f) (1994).

Kulbayev, Abai, b. 1971

(selected) Goncharka II (s,v) (1971).

Kuldauova, U., b.

(selected) Aiganim (s) (1991), Namis Toukhmet (f) (1998).

Mamirbekov, Mukhamed, b. 1971

(selected) Coming of Age (s) (2001).

Manabai (Manabayev), Damir, b. 1946

(selected) Raushan (s) (1979), Native Steppes (f,tv) (1981), A Cry (f,tv) (1986), Surghekei - Angel of Death (f) (1991), A Purely Kazakh Story (f) (2001).

Martyanov, S., b.

(selected) Killer (f) (1990).

Musina, S., b.

(selected) The Hunter’s Family (f) (1995).

Narymbetov, Satybaldy, b. 1964

(selected) Shok and Sher (s?) (1972), Fascination (s?) (1974), Don Quixote of My Childhood (s?) (1978), Malice (s?) (1981), Autumn Zig-Zag Roads (s) (1983), The Son-in-Law from the Province (f) (1987), Hamlet from Suzak, or “Mamaya kero” (f) (1990), Biography of a Young Accordian Player (f) (1994), Ompa (f) (1997), Chronicles of a Young Accordionist (f) (1999), Ompa II (f) (2000), Leila’s Dream (f) (2001).

Nugmanov, Rachid, b. 1954

(selected) Zgga (s) (1977), Ya-Ha (d) (1986), The Art of Being Quiet (s) in omnibus film And We Shall Keep Our Love Forever (f) (1987), The Needle (f) (1988), The Wild East (feature) (1992).

Nurmukhambetov, Erlan, b. 1974

(selected) Friday (s,v) (2000), Welcome to Paris (s) (2000).

Omarov, B., b.

(selected) (f) The Eastern Corridor (f) (1991).

Omirbayev, Darezhan, b. 1958

(selected) Life (s) (1982), July, or Summer Heat (s) (1988), Kairat (f) (1991), Profession: Controller, or Ticket Collector by Profession (d) (1993), Cardiogram (f) (1995), Killer (f) (Kazakhstan/France, 1997), The Road (f) (Kazakhstan/France/Japan, 2001).

Oranysheva, Leila, b.

(selected) Paratroopers (f) (1997).

Orinbasarova, Roza, b. 1957

(selected) Think Easy of Me (d) (1984), Vacation of Love (d) (1985), Atchisay (d) (1988), The House (d) (1989), Sacrifice for the Emperor (f) (1991), The Waiting Room (f) (1992).

Popov, Taras, b. 1957

(selected) Experimentum Crucis (d) (1995), with Vladimir Tyulkin, Ambivalence (d) (1998), with Vladimir Tyulkin.

Pusurmanov, Viktor, b.

(selected) The Horseherd’s Ninth Son (f) (1984), with Viktor Chugunov, Kaisar (f) (1991), Forget Me (f) (1993), Khomuchi, An Archer (f) (Kazakhstan/Mongolia, 1995).

Repina, N., b.

(selected) I Won’t Forget, Won’t Forgive (f) (1991).

Rezikh (Rerich), Vladimir, b. 1946

(selected) Polygon (d) (1990), with Oras Rimzhanov.

Rimzhanov, Oras, b. 1946

(selected) Polygon (d) (1990), with Vladimir Rezikh (Rerich).

Rusakov, S., b.

(selected) Pustelga (f) (1992).

Sadigulov, N., b.

(selected) The Carpet (s) (2000).

Salikov, Kalikbek, b. 1954

(selected) Tor (s?) (1984), Zolotoj Merke (s) (1985), Kamcha (s) (1986), The Balcony (f) (1988).

Semel, G., b.

(selected) The Cannibals (f) (1992).

Serikbayeva, Shanna, b. 1958

(selected) Life Is a Woman (f) (1992), I Posledneye Budet Pervim (f?) (1997).

Shakhverdiev, Tofik, b.

(selected) Two in a New House (f) (1978), Presentiment of Love (f) (1982), Stalin with Us (d) (1989).

Sharafutdinov, Rim, b. 1969

(selected) The Sack Full of Tricks (a) (1999).

Sharip, Bolat, b. 1941

(selected) A Bride for My Brother (f) (1979), Near the Edge of a Field (f) (1981), Victims Have No Pretensions (f) (1985), Samanai (f) (1997).

Shashinbai, A., b.

(selected) Zhansebil (f) (1991).

Shinarbayev, Yermek, b. 1953

(selected) The Beauty is Mourning (s) (1982), My Sister Lucie (f) (1985), Out of the Forrest and into the Glade (1987), Revenge (f) (1990), The Place on the Tricorne, or The Place on the Triangle Hat (f) (1992), Tender Heart (f) (Kazakhstgan/France, 1994).

Shinkarenko, D., b.

(selected) Clarification, or Purging (f) (1990).

Shutanova, ?, b.

(selected) The Bitter Smoke in Autumn (f) (1997).

Suleyeva, Asya, b. 1950

(selected) Kamshad (s,d) (1975), The House in the Garden (s, d) (1978), The Songs of Orenbasar (s,d) (1980), Five Steps from the Person (s,d) (1982), My Home on the Green Hills (f) (1986).

Suleimyenov, Timur, b. 1959

(selected) Death of a Bank Clerk (s) (1987), The Boy’s Shadow (s) (1992), The Stranger (f) (1993).

Sultanov, Gisat, b. 1971

(selected) Guby (s,v?) (1999?), Kabuki (s,v?) (2000?), Alyona (s,v) (2001).

Sulyeimenov, A., b.

(selected) The Bird (s) (1990).

Tashbayev, A. b.

(selected) Kulan’s Death (f) (1990).

Tastanov, Ondasin, b.

(selected) Nauriza - 2000 (d) (2000).

Tauekel (Taukelov), Slambek, b.

(selected) Batir-Bayan (f) (1993).

Temenov, A., b.

(selected) One Day from a Farmyard Worker’s Life (s) (2000).

Temenov, Talgat, b. 1954

(selected) Home (s) (1983), Where Are You Going, Chapa? (s) (1985), Toro (s) (1986), Wolf-Cub among Men (f) (1988), The Running Target (f) (1991), Love Station (f) (1993), Execution after Death (f) (1998).

Turebayev, Nariman, b. 1970

(selected) Competition (d) (2000), Romantika (s) (2000), Anti-Romantika (s) (2001).

Tyemyenov, T., b.

(selected) The Moving Target (f) (1991), The Station of Love (f) (1993).

Tyulkin, Vladimir, b. 1955

(selected) I’ll Defend Myself (s,f) (1987), Barefoot on the Snow (s) (1988), Lord of the Flies (d) (1990), Champion Nomer Odin (d) (1991), Stranger (s) (1992), Experimentum Crucis (d) (1995), with Taras Popov, Ambivalence (d) (1998), with Taras Popov, Lady with Dogs (d) (1999), Patetisheskaya simpfonia (d) 2000).

Urazbayev, Eldor, b. 1940

(selected) The Bounty (s,tv) (1972), The Trans-Siberian Express (f) (1977), Tailcoat for a Scoundrel (f) (1979), Visit to Mminotauro (f,tv) (1987), Khagi-Tiger (f) (1993), Tram-Taramram or Bukhty-Barakhty (f) (1993).

Vasiliev, M., b.

(selected) Rubber Boots (s) (1991).

Volodarsky, Matvei, b.

(selected) We Live Here (f) (1956), with Shaken Aymanov.

Vovnyanko, I., b.

(selected) God, Be Merciful to Lost Souls (f) (1990), The Valley of Death (f) (1993).

Yakhin, A,, b.

(selected) The Winner (s) (2000).

Abdykalykov, Aktan, b. 1957

(selected) Running Dog (s,d), (1990), Kon, or Kon-Play (d) (1991), Where Is Your Home, Snail? (s) (1992), The Swing (s) (1993), Bus Stop (s) (1995/2000), with Ernest Abdyshaparov, Bech-Terek (s) (1995), Assan-Ussen (s) (1997), Beshkempir, or The Adopted Son (f) (Kirgizstan/France, 1998), The Chimp (f) (Kirgizstan/France, 2001).

Abdyshaparov, Ernest, b. 1961

(selected) I Worship the Spirit of Almanbet (d) (1993), Sparrows (s) (1995), Bus Stop (s) (1995/2000), with Aktan Abdykalykov, Lullaby (s) (1997), Passage (s) (2000).

Ajtkukuyev, Bekshan, b.

(selected) The Lodger (f) (1992).

Ajtykeyev, Asankodsho, b. 1950

(selected) The High Shore (d) (1991).

Akmataliyev, Karidin, b. 1947

(selected) The Great Silk Route (f) (1989).

Alikulov, Marat, b.

(selected) Summer Day (d) (1998).

Alimbayev, Bolot, b.

(selected) Kon (s) (1991), with Erkin Rispaev.

Asanova, Dinara, 1942-1985

(selected) Rudolfio (s) (1969), The Woodpecker Never Has a Headache (f) (1974), A Strictly Personal Key (f) (1976), Misery (f) (1976), The Wife Has Gone (f) (1979), Good for Nothing (f,tv) (1980), What Would You Choose? (f,tv) (1981), Brats, or Tough Kids (f) (1983, banned), My Darling, My Beloved, My Only One (f) (1984), Children of Discord (tv) (1984), The Stranger (f) (1985, uncompleted).

Baishigitov, Olshibai, b.

(selected) I Don’t Want to Live Any More (f) (1991).

Baishiyev, Mar, b.

(selected) The Train of Fools (f) (1992).

Bazarov, Gennady, b.

(selected) Native Field (f) (1967), Juvenile Orphanage (d?) (198?), Asylum for the Aged (f) (1987), Anomaly (f) (1992).

Birnasarov, Temirbik, b. 1964

(selected) Don’t Cry, Rhinosceros! (d) 1994), Melody of Forgotten Islands (d) (1996), The Devil’s Bridge (d) (1997), Shajyk (d) (1998).

Djumabayev, Emil, b.

(selected) The End of the Century (d) (1998).

Dyaparov, Shamil, b.

(selected) Through a Sprinter’s Eyes (f) (198?).

Eraliyev, Samir, b.

(selected) Mark of Satan (f) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 1996).

Gaphurov, Jamshid, b.

(selected) February (s,v) (1999).

Gerstein (Herstein), Ilya, b.

(selected) Factory Meeting (d) (1962), Story about M. Frunze (d) (1963), Boomerang (s) (1965).

Ibraimov, Usenjan, b.

(selected) The Chase (f) (198?).

Karakulov, Bakhyt, b. 1950

(selected) Keep in the Saddle (f) (1984), Lunnaya Vedma (f) (1985), Pervy General (f) (1986), Udersus V Sedle (f) (1987), Priechal vnuk iz Goroda (f) (1987), The Weeping of the Bird of Passage (f) (1991), The Sorcerors (f) (1991), Snowstormy Station, or The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years (f) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 1995), The Milky Way (Kirgizstan/Russia, 1996), The Last Love of Genghis Khan (f) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 1998), Myslyachiy Skif (f) (2000), Don’t Cry (f) (2002).

Kotlov, Eugene A., b.

(selected) The Fifth Wheel on the Wagon (d) (1989), The Black Tent (d) (1991), The Yaks Are Born in the Snow (d) (1996).

Kurmankojayev, Sadyr, b.

(selected) Halt in a Snow Storm (f) (1995).

Mambetov, Murat, b.

(selected) Ayan (f) (1992).

Mamilov, Sulambek, b. 1938

(selected) The Color of White Snow (f,tv) (1972), with A. Vasiliev, Extremely Dangerous (f) (1979), Ladies’ Tango (f) (1983), The Day of Wrath (f) (1985), Where Little Cloud Spent the Night (f) (1987), Murder on Zhdanovskaya (f) (1992).

Minshikiyev, Mirad, b.

(selected) Who Are You, Elly? (f) (1990).

Morgachov, I., b.

(selected) Turning to the Sun (d) (1963), with A. Vidugiris.

Murataliyev, Tulek, b.

(selected) The Year 1916 (f) (1998?, uncompleted), The Secret of Melody (f) (1999?, uncompleted).

Okeyev, Tolomush, b. 1935

(selected) These Are Horses (d) (1965), The Sky of Our Childhood (f) (1967, banned), Boom (d) (1965), Mountain Necklace (s) (1969), The Inheritance, or The Heritage (f) (1970), Huntsman’s Birds (d) (1970), The Worship of Fire, or Pay Tribute to Fire (f) (1971), The Fierce One (f) (1973), Red Apple (f) (1975), Ulan, or Wind of Misfortune (f) 1977), Golden Autumn (f) (1980), Sculptor Olga Manyulova (d) (1982), Descendant of the Snow Leopard (f) (1984), Mirages of Love (f) (USSR/Syria, 1987), Chingiz Khan (f, uncompleted) (1992).

Rispayev, Erkinbek, b. 1955

(selected) Kon (s) (1991), with Bolot Alimbaev, Clay Boy (s) (1994).

Sodanbek, Djali, b.

(selected) Dilitannte (f) (1987), However It Turns Out (f) (Kirgizstan/Russia, 1992).

Sarulu, Marat, b. 1957

(selected) The Well (s?) (1986), Prayers for a Holy Bird, or Praying for a Virgin Bird (a) (1989), In Spe, or In Hope (f) (1993), My Brother, Silk Road (f) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 2001), Flying Away, or The Fly Up (s) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 2001).

Shamshiyev, Bolotbek, b. 1941

(selected) Manashi, or Manas Bards (d) (1965), The Herdsman, or The Shepherd (d) (1966), The Gunshot in the Mountain Pass, or The Shot at Karash Pass (f) (1968), The Red Poppies of Issyk-Kul (f) (1971), Echo of Love (f,tv) (1974), The White Ship (f) (1975), Among People (f) (1978), with Artykbai Suyundukov, Early Cranes (f) (1979), The Wolf Pit (f) (1982), Snipers (f) (1985), The Ascent of Fujiyama (f) (1988).

Suyundukov, Artykbai, b.

(selected) Among People (f) (1978), with Bolotbek Shamshiev, Roads Meet (f) (1988), The Mourner (f) (1992).

Ubukeyev, Melis, b.

(selected) Difficult Crossing (f) (1965), Manas’s Universe (f) (1995).

Usenov, Tursun, b.

(selected) The Night of the Demon (f) (Kirgizstan/Kazakhstan, 1993).

Vasiliev, A., b.

(selected) The Color of White Snow (f,tv) (1972), with Sulambek Mamilov.

Vidugiris, A., b.

(selected) Turning to the Sun (d) (1963), with I. Morgachov.

Yusupshanova, Klara, b. 1939

(selected) Women Weavers from Orscha (d) (1973), Good Day, Summer Meadow (d) (1977), The City (d) (1982), The Tiger Attacks Two Cows on the Meadow (1984).

Abdullayev, Farkhot, b. 1956

(selected) The Return (d) (2000).

Akhadov, Valery, b.

(selected) Who Is Going to Truskavets? (f) (1975), Family Secrets (f) (1983), Viewpoint (f) (198?), with Saido Kurbanov.

Akhmadov, Pulat, b.

(selected) First-hand (d) (1988), Wolves in Town (d) (198?).

Artikov, Gennady, b.

(selected) Stalinabad (d) (1989).

Beketov, Denis, b. 1980

(selected) My Angel (s,v) (2001)

Chakdodov, Safar, b.

(selected) Day-Dream (f) (1991).

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